Tuesday, October 30, 2012

**Parents Be Aware*** JuKe'N Coming Soon to a Dance Floor Near You!

NO One puts baby in the Corner!  Especially if she wants to grind or "JUKE" it out with Johnny on the dance floor!

Grinding on the Dance Floor... Ok Ok ... we all did it!  Remember our School dances after Friday nights football game... where our fellow classmates were sweating it out to C & C Music Factory or  Rob Base "It takes two".   Just to slow things down with a little R Kelly "I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind!" would "Penetrate" through the crowd from the D.J's booth then to see a sea of kids mashing together to do a little groin bumping.

See Below our typical Friday Night Football Dances...

This is a pic out of the early 90's... this is what it "USE" to look like!

However, the groin bumping we did ... is nothing like what the average high school teenager is doing on the dance floor today.

OK... MOMMIES and DADDIES of Central Illinois.. our sweet NON groin bumping kids will be seeing (If they aren't already doing it) a new trend heading down from the Chicagoland area.  It's called "Juke'n" or "Grinding".

Defining "Juke" or Booty Grinding - Click here

It is a lovely visual that our children are performing at our local school's dance parties.  It is something that kids have been doing for a few decades but are taking it to a whole new level of grinding on the dance floor.

I spoke with a wonderful Mom who lives in Barrington (suburb of Chicago) and she has the insiders version on what HAS NOT been reported by our Chicago land News Affiliates.

Read the two articles below to further explain about this trend and how school officials are taking significant steps to ban this type of dancing in the local Suburb schools.  HOWEVER, what you won't see and hear is what is actually going on under their skirts...

 (IF you are a parent.... YOU MAY WANT TO READ further to understand the significance behind this dance and what school officials are not saying.)

Click here to read the Recent Chicago Tribune Article on the Growing Dance Trend

CBS Local News Tells the story of Des Plaines School enacting a new School Policy - Click Here for More Info

A housewife who has a teenaged daughter and a middle aged son.. told me that she has a very open relationship with both children and they told her about what really goes on with this new type of dancing... ... (Let me paraphrase)

"It is nothing like what we saw growing up... The girls that go to these dances wear their shortest skirts or they hike up the ones they are wearing.. Some wear no underwear or a thong under their skirts.  The boys wear a "rubber" and they are getting off while grinding on the dance floor.  Teachers and parents have found the boys flinging their condoms off in the parking lots or out in the bushes.  Almost every dance there are condoms every where outside of where the dances are being held.  There are many parents that have no clue about the "details" that go on at these dances.  There are some parents that think the school administration involvement is infringing upon their right of expressing themselves.  The reality is these kids (14-16 year olds) are screwing or getting off on the dance floor with the teachers and parents watching from the sidelines."

 Ok here is what I have found on the internet regarding ... parties with kids in middle school.  Our kiddos are beginning to take on this new dance ritual.  I don't know to the extent of rubber condoms flying on and off on the dance floor.. but they get it and they are doing it!!!  It is just the first step.

Ok... so here are my questions?

Do we need to implement a nation wide/universal uniform that should be worn at school, dances etc....?
Do we need to begin sexual education earlier than middle school?
Do you think that this type of behavior is something we should get used to because of our highly sexualized society?
How do we educate our children the difference between freedom of expression versus sexual vulgarity?

I am disappointed in our local media outlets for not bringing to attention the real issue ... the real back story behind this type of dancing.  If parents knew the true story behind what goes on under the skirts... maybe they would rethink the whole "Freedom of expression" fight.   Come on ... wake up .. Parents.. our children know about sex a whole lot earlier and they are curious!  

Does this picture frighten you ... it should!!!  Any of these grade school aged children could be your child!  They mimic what they see... think about what type of messages you send to your kids everyday.

Now... this picture is disturbing!  Two 2- 3 years olds "grinding"... knowing the position.. comfortably getting into the stance.   What are the messages we are giving to our kids?  I would be interested to see the ages that children are beginning to have sex..

News Outlet reports 1 in 4 children between ages 11-16 are having Sex - Click here

Which means.. my five year old has about 6 more years until he falls into this statistical range.  Seriously.. I can only imagine that in 10 years the age range will begin even earlier than that.

We need to take matters into our own hands and talk to our children.  There are great resources to help parents with discussing these important LIFE topics.  Do not avoid them.. make sure they are informed. 
 You are their best teacher and most important role model.

Click here for great resources on Teaching Sexuality

Oprah talks about HOW TO TALK TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT SEX - Click here

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