Monday, January 28, 2013

MOMvice- Tip of the Week - Dad Go TO Outfit


How many moms can nod their heads at this one..

Scenerio:  You have a Mom's Day out... You leave your first born child in the hands of your Wildly Aloof Husband.  He tells you ..."He's got this .. he KNOWS how to Babysit the kid."  (Keep in mind... you are seething at his comment of ... HE considers it babysitting versus parenting his child)   You give him advice on what the baby eats... when he/she sleeps.. and what to avoid!  YOU leave with hesitation ... you know you call at least 3 times on the way to meet your friends ... your husband tells you .. 

"Stop calling ... I've got it under control."

Here is what is really GOING on while you are away..

Mismatched Outfits - Hair NOT combed unlike the picture

Room is COMPLETE Chaos

This is really what is going on while you are not there!!!

Ok... a couple tips for those New Mommy's to deal with the stress of leaving 
HIM with the kiddos!!

1.   REMIND him that he is Parenting NOT babysitting

2.  HAVE a Special GO To Outfit just for Dad.  Which means... pick something that is special to your husband/boyfriend and that he would enjoy putting on your child.   Put it on a special hanger and let him know it's HIS Special Outfit for his little mini me.

A Comfy Sports Themed Two Piece Outfit for boys 

A Fun Lounge Hunting Themed Outfit

Available on Squidoo - Photo taken from this website

A special Comfortable Look for your daughter and easy to also put on.

Provide him with a comb and a headband or additional head gear. 

3.   Food preparation - You need to lay out specifics on food.  Create a makeshift plate.  Give options and make sure there are specific instruction on food preparation - cutting small pieces of food, avoiding certain types of food, food portions....

REMIND him that he must pay attention at all times while the child eats (TURN THE TV off ... cell phones, internet etc..... )and A CHOKING child does not make sounds ... only gasp.  Be prepared and have emergency numbers available.

4.  Provide special games for your husband to play with your child.  Keeps the toy scatter to a minimum and the less mess.

5. RELAX and Know that he is a parent... NOT a babysitter... he will take good care of your child and don't stress about the mess or the mismatched of clothing.  Keep it in perspective and give him LOTS of Praise for taking SUCH great care of your child.

This is a Fellow Funny Mom Blogger that gives 10 Reasons why Fathers can be referred to as Babysitters

Enjoy your day out and remember this MOMvice and You will be stress free and fancy free!

DONCASTER COLLECTION - Private Clothing Collection - Must SEE

The Colors are Bright and Fierce and are SOOOOO IN for Spring!!  As you can see the colors are so bold and beautiful and is a perfect transition from the grays and creams of winter.

This outfit is amazing .. for any upcoming Spring event!  I love the design and white looks GREAT on ANYONE!

The Jewelry is SOOOO unique with different textures, colors and designs.  YOU will be a standout in any crowd while wearing a DONCASTER Jewelry Piece.

Doncaster Accessories are a One of A Kind

If you are interested in checking out this amazing collection in person... please contact a local DONCASTER Host.  We are lucky to have one in Central Illinois...

Her name is Jamie and she has many of the pieces available for a limited time viewing.  Jamie is a fellow FABULOUS Housewife with a very distinctive style.  If you want tips and tricks on how to be a FABULOUSLY DRESSED, fit and fierce MOM of two ... contact Jamie at 

The Collection is only available for viewing and purchasing directly from Jamie through February 8th.  


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faith Inspired Mom - Rock the Cross!

Faith Inspired Mom - Rock the Cross!

Shopping Plaza Momma - Black and Tan and Gorgeous

Shopping Plaza Momma - Black and Tan and Gorgeous