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Fun Ways to Surprise Your Child and Make Homework FUN!!!

Is this YOUR kid???  

Are you like most parents where you pick up your child from school.. head home ... once arrived you start to plan or begin the dinner process.   Your kiddos are settling in, starting homework and beginning evening routine.  Does it feel like everyday is ground hog day up until Friday?

Well... let me tell ya.. it feels like that to your kid/kiddos too!   (check out the picture above)

 Don't get me wrong..

Routine is Wonderful for children however if your child is anything like mine... complacency stirs mischievous behavior.  (i.e.... unwanted attacks on baby brother/sister.. boredom.. more television watching).  Homework is important and so is any school related after school activity.  However, sometimes it's OK to break from the norm.  Homework doesn't have to be a chore ..incorporate it into the fun.

So... change things up a bit.

For example, incorporate "special nights"  (i.e.  Game Nights, Adventure Reading Nights,  etc.....) and reward them for working hard and sticking to the routine each week.  The kids will be eager to please and they have something that they can look forward to each week to break up the monotony.



I love the look on my oldest face the other day when we surprised him with a Treasure Hunt Map as soon as he got into the car.  My middle Preschool aged child helped all after noon preparing the Treasure Hunt and aided in creating the map to find the treasure.  He used colors, shapes and drew pictures on to the map.  When gathering "Pirate" Props I drew pictures of the items I needed and he went on a search to find these items in the toy room.   My middle boy couldn't wait to surprise his big brother with a treasure hunt.   He worked hard and loved the hunt!

Incorporating Homework for School Aged Children into the Hunt...

Make each discovery be a Homework Problem - In order to get to the treasure (The next clue) they must solve the problem on the homework sheet.  Now a days many parents have access to the school classroom website with information on homework, lessons etc...  You can prepare in advance.  If not, just take a quick glance at the homework sheet and make each problem a "CLUE".

In the end we had a fun sword fight to battle it out for the treasure chest located in the art room.  My kids were so exhausted and couldn't believe how much fun it was!

What you would need for a Fun Treasure Hunt

Grocery Paper Sack  (Treasure Map)
Gold Coins (Chocolate or Plastic)
Toys for Props 
(for example .. we had a rubber snake pit in the bath tub .. they had to get coins out without getting bit)
Treasure Chest (or a cardboard box)
Candy or Treats to put into the box

Dinosaur Excavation

Do you have a freshly plowed planting area?  Or even a small portable pool?  Fill with sand or dirt.  
Surprise your guy/girl with a Paleontologist Dinosaur Kit upon pick up from school.

What to put into the Dinosaur Box Kit

2" Paint Brush
Gardening Gloves
Q tips

Extras *** create a plaster mold of a small plastic dinosaur to show an excavated dinosaur found in the dirt box.

Extra Extras**** Make molds of what you find in the sand or dirt
Extra Extra Extras **** Cut Drawer Liner Rolls (The mesh kind) or Construction Paper and make Dinosaur Feet that can be placed on the ground to led them to the excavation plot.

I would add easter eggs to represent Dinosaur Eggs - With each Dinosaur Egg Found they must do one Problem on their homework sheet.  Inside hide treasure treats such as Hersey Kisses to reward them for each homework problem.

Fairy Tea Party

Hand your little fairy princess an invitation to a formal tea party as soon as she gets off the bus.  Be dressed and ready for a tea party as well.  Ask her politely to Please wear her prettiest fairy dress.  NO helping with this one!  Let her choose what she wants to wear.  Greet her with curtsy and pull her chair out for her to sit at the Fairy Tea Party table.  

What you will need for a Fairy Tea Party

Table Cloth
Tea Set (Plastic Cups will also do)
Cookies, Petit Fors, Shortbread or Any Cracker
Napkins (Paper or Cloth)
Fancy Hat

Create a Pretty Beaded Necklace or a Fun Fancy Flower Wand.  During this time Ask questions from the Homework sheet and create an atmosphere where it is fun to learn.  Take tea breaks and remember the goal is to make the homework fun no matter how long it takes. 


Get your Partner/Husband/Wife Involved by Incorporating them into the 'Bad Guy' Role.
Upon pick up or Bus drop off...

Hand your child some spy glasses, a mustache, a fun Black hat and walkie talkies.  Hand out the first clue (each card could have a different colored thumb print on it)


1.  Go Find the location where you put your shoes (hide the next clue in Daddy's Shoes)
(Ask them to bring back the clue to you.. and before they can hear the clue .. they must ANSWER ONE HOMEWORK PROBLEM)

2.  Go to the location where books are stored (Find Daddy's Favorite Book and place clue there)

So on and So On

3.  You could even have the clues be letters that they need to find to spell out Daddy's Name or Mommy's Name

The last clue should be a location where Daddy comes in from Work and they wait to have a Spy Battle

After school routine doesn't have to be mundane and boring!  Create a fun learning environment for your children and enjoy their joys of childhood make believe and play!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Idea EVER - Forget Baby Books - Photo Display Important Milestones

I saw the best idea on Pinterest for capturing each year of your child's lives.  Simple photography but completely out of this world ridiculously cute!!!   Check out The Jobling Family Blog Website.... Every pic on her site is just precious and captures each and every delicate and fleeting moment of her kiddos lives!   

Forget... recording every detailed memory in your child's baby book (besides... most mom's fret about completing the baby book and then... it sits on a shelf never to be seen or heard from again!)... Display each year and photoshop a few highlighted memories about your child for that year.

I have already started my kiddos years and plan to display them along the walls of the hallway outside their rooms.  

 If you have photoshop or Lightroom,  tweek your pic and add text.  I have Lightroom but enjoy using a few online photo/imaging editors such as 

Many of these sites have free photo editing however the upgrade is worth it when wanting the extra photo editing features such as unique fonts, special effects and advanced photo editing features.

As you can see ...I had some fun with the fonts!  Make it as playful as you want it to be and choose which ever photo that represents your little guy/girl's personality.

I enjoyed looking through old photos and reminiscing on the days when they were so little and wide eyed.  IT is a great reminder that time goes so fast but you can create lasting memories and wonderful wall art for your child!

My next project is to create a "BUDDY Wall" that captures these two playing, hugging or having a quiet exchange.  To remind them the importance of brotherhood!

Stay Tuned for future Buddy Photo Project Ideas!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Upcoming Local Events for Your Little Fairy Princess!

DO you Love Fairies or have a little girl/boy who loves anything with the word Fairy or tea party????

Sandra McCone, Local Author of 

"Three Little Lasses" Book Series 

"Three Little Lasses" Book Series is absolutely adorable!! The Pages are perfectly well written with a beautiful message.  The illustration are breathtaking and beautifully crafted.  This series is the perfect gift for any child or grandchild.

Sandra McCone, the author, will be making local appearances and bringing her beautiful stories to share at the following locations:

April 6th  2pm at the Galesburg, Illinois Public Library in Galesburg, Il....Tea party and program .... call and sign up for an afternoon of magical fun!  This is filling up fast so call as soon as possible to reserve your spot! 

April 20th  9am - 3pm  

Craft Fair at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 400 NE Perry St. Peoria, Il

New fairy items for fairy gardens, fairy havens (pre-made gardens) and much more....But! don't forget her book series.

Also, coming May 5th......Tea Party time at the Harp and Thistle ...
        Bring your little fairy princess and enjoy entertainment, tea and food 

      Information will come soon and where to purchase tickets 

Sandra McCone Book Series is available at any of the following locations:

      Harp and Thistle   - Prospect rd, Peoria Hts. Ill
      Moondancers     - Grand Prairie Mall, Peoria, Ill
      Inner Wisdom    - Seminary st, Galesburg, Ill
      Galesburg Flower Shop  - Broad st., Galesburg, Il

      Stone Alley book store  -  Seminary st. Galesburg, Ill
      Book World    - Galena, Ill
      Brighter Life Book store -  Simmons St. Galesburg, Ill


Pink Workout for Moms In Training!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Where's Our Sense of Community? THE WAVE REVOLUTION!

I love it when I hear the expression..

"This is the just the world we live in." Or "It didn't used to be like this ... What ever happened to the good ole' days when the world was such a better place?"

Because "PEOPLE" are the ONLY contributing factors in WHY the world is the way it is.

Let me explain.

In reading the Happiness Project ... I have skipped around a bit.  First off my quest for a full nights sleep is not going to plan ... however, majority of the past few nights- I have gone to bed before 11pm.. which for me is a BIG Deal.  Not to give excuses .. I came down with a fierce cold at the start and sleeping upright hasn't been ideal in pursuing the perfect bedtime routine.  HOWEVER, I am trying and will not give up.

Ok so... this past week I decided I am going to read the Happiness Project in accordance with what I observe as well as my happiness list of priorities as stated a few blog post ago.  (To simplify - I am skipping around a bit)

I decided to combine a few of her Project Ideas such as Mindfulness and Attitude and apply that towards this topic.  SENSE OF Community.  I wish she would have had a chapter to discuss how her happiness impacts community.  

I grew up in a town about 50 plus miles west of where I live now.   It is a small farming community with hard working families that take great pride in their community.

To give you an example,  football games are a big deal.  Generations of families come to watch the local teams battle it out.  People proudly wear their school colors in the local grocery store.   Moms, Dads, Grandparents proudly wear buttons of local athletes.  You truly get that sense of community support for the athletics and in addition to all that my community has to offer.

My hometown is a town of roughly 3,000-5,000 people.  Homogenize, quiet, clean and very little crime.  

I remember growing up and perfecting the wave while driving.  My hand was usually engaged ready to go at the first sign of a familiar passing driver.  I waved even if I didn't even know the person passing me.. it was just what I was taught to do.  

I remember thinking if my car or tire blew out on the side of the road driving back and forth from my summer job ... I didn't worry about being stranded or stuck because someone would come along and help without any hesitations.  (This was before cellphones being readily available - I had an emergency BAT phone in my console - INSERT... OMG she is old)

I felt safe and comfortable knowing that I could rely on fellow community members to help in a time of need.  TO this day, when I go home to visit my family, people still wave, people still pull over to help a stranded vehicle and I still see lots of buttons and blue and gold.

Recently my husband and I took a quick trip out West.  We found ourselves up in the South Dakota area .. along the desolate stretch of I90 East.  Where the Badlands begin following the Custard Forest area.  All that was between our truck and the next town was a stretch of endless tundra.  However, what little we saw of vehicles passing us on the highway.. each and every driver waved and reassured us that people help one another in this neck of woods.  There is truly still a sense of community out there.  People rely on helping each other in order to survive the rough conditions and terrain.

To get to my point, after returning home from my trip out West, I decided to make a valid effort and simple as it sounds.. I began waving.  I know I know it sounds weird and crazy.  I live in town of roughly 15,000 people similar to what I grew up.  (Safe, Quiet, Little Crime and Pretty Homogenize)

However, the difference I have found is that people do NOT wave at one another.  My neighborhood has a good 200 plus homes and I see the same people on my street every day... NO ONE waves (let me give credit to those that do wave)... I will rephrase... 95% of people that live in my neighborhood do not wave.

It is funny because I was explaining to my husband at the end of the week... my attempt to start a WAVE REVOLUTION and how well it turned out.  I told him I made a point to wave at most every person that passed with my vehicle coming in or out of my subdivision as well as along busy two lane roads..  Here are just some of the funny reactions I had to my Wave Revolution attempt.

1.  The first lady that I see about the same time every day ... usually makes eye contact but quickly turns her head, never waves... that day I saw her... I smiled raised my hand and gave her a nice solid wave.  Her reaction was amazing... she squinted her eyes as if she was trying to figure out who I was.. and why I am waving at her... she quickly raised her hand - a flat hand, fingers tightly webbed together type of a wave.  I smiled and drove past her.  I think she was left feeling slightly confused and wondering who I was.

2.  Another attempt that I can laugh about .. is a guy that drives a nice vehicle... looks very important and studious behind the wheel.. I see him a few times a week... seems serious (wears driving gloves, has his hands at 10 and 2).... I was turning a corner and saw him approaching the stop sign... I slowed and reached my hand up high and gave a very energetic wave and smile.  He looked somewhat puzzled and wondering why I was waving at him.  I noticed in a brief glance that the side of his mouth gave me a half smile .. and he lifted his leather gloved finger up and pointed at me.  As if to say... I see you and I this all that I am going to give ya.

3.  I found that Most people didn't wave and many only waved after I waved at them first.  I think I can recount only 5 people that I did or didn't know wave first.  The ones that have an idea of who I am or know that I at least live somewhere close and see them usually every day on the same route... I think .. were on a mission to get to their destination and I can only assume that waving is more of an effort versus apart of their everyday travels.

Now... here is my question.. is this really the type of community/world I live in ... or do people get so caught up in driving with blinders on that waving is the furthest thing from their mind?

It's interesting because where I live .. and with the amount of people that live in my community .. I feel that if EVER my vehicle were to break down or a tire needed to be changed.. I am pretty much on my own until my husband or one of my friends arrive.

DON'T get me wrong... there are many wonderful individuals in my neighborhood and in my community and I believe that it is a great place to live and raise my children.  In addition,  I AM NOT A PERFECT COMMUNITY MEMBER... I drive many days completely in a zoned state of mind!  Thinking about my final destination or dealing with crazy kid drama in the backseat.. and there has been many times that I haven't waved when I should have.  I have drove past people on the interstate struggling to change a tire.  I am COMPLETELY GUILTY!!!  

So my goal in my life is to make sure my children learn how to make the right decisions in life, are happy and do their best to be a "good person"in life.  So I am trying to lead by example and teach them that sense of community is important.  I am starting a wave revolution in my own car.  Just the other day... I shouted to the back seat... "Hey boys... here comes "So and So" wave and say hello".  The Boys loved it!  They waved like crazy and it was fun attempt to get them to be more mindful and aware of the people around them.

I guess ... if the world is going to get worse and that's "JUST the Way it is"... my thought is doesn't have to be and I can at least do something to make it right.  Bring back the sense of community and start a Wave Revolution!!!

BTW... Motorcyclist actually have articles and blogs out there about the Etiquette of waving at other Motorcyclist on the road... this amazing ... why isn't there anything out there about Etiquette of Car Drivers!!

This article is awesome "HOW not to look like a Dork when you wave." Click here

Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Lone Ranger/Zorro Masked Invitations

Having a "Masked" Celebration?

Create a Fun Invitation on your Silhouette Cameo Cutter

Download A Mask Shape on the Silhouette Cameo Website.  

Duplicate Image and Rotate 180
Create a Compound Image
First - Insert your Silhouette Sketch Pens (Mask Text are done in Silver Glitter)
Insert Text Information
***Remember to Uncut Mask Image and Make Sure to SKETCH Pen Cut your Text***
Send to Silhouette and Sketch the text
Replace the Sketch Pen for the Cutting Tool
Cut Mask
***Remember to Uncut the Text Information before sending to Silhouette***
I used 65lb CardStock in Solid Black on Both Sides
(Shown is an example of Black Card Stock with a White Underside)

Remove your Cut Image from the Cutting Mat 

Fold the Mask at the Midsection

Tie Thin Stretch Cord from One Hole to another (Roughly 13-15 inches in Length)

The Mask is fully functional and fun for the Invited Guest to wear!

I used Sketch Pens to Decorate the Outside of the Envelope

The Pens add a little sparkle and the text is fun and fitting for A 'Lone Ranger' Birthday Event! 

I LOVE Multi-functional invitations!  Kiddos can cut the mask away from the invitation and use for Cowboy Dress or Fun Pretend Play.  

Receiving a "MASKED" invitation will set the tone for any birthday celebration or Masked Event!  

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Happiness Project - Vitality - SLEEP -21 Days and Counting

My Quest for Inner Calm and A Higher Level of Happiness

Month 1 - Vitality (Boosting Mental and Physical Energy)


Sleep is a BIG issue in our house!  My husband could sleep through a tornado, could nap 8-10 hours a day, and takes night time very seriously.  I, however, am a night owl!  I play catch up at night (dishes, laundry etc...) and watch all my recorded programs that I miss throughout the week or work on a project (sewing, craft stuff, photography or artsy type stuff).  

Our Children's Sleep Regimen

In our house, my husband and I from the beginning enforced early bedtime and strict nap schedules.  My husband felt that it is one of the most important things that we needed to give our children.  

I have been asked a time or two... "How do you get your kids to go to bed so easily?  or I love when our babysitter tells us... "the kids wanted to go to bed and went up to bed without any arguments and were asleep by 7:30 pm." 

I read somewhere that sleep aides in intellect in children.  Their little brains are in overdrive, working a thousands times faster than an average adult.  Absorbing everything around them, learning to communicate, learning everything for the first time of their lives.   Their brains are running a marathon everyday and it is important for them to shut it down and recharge their brain batteries frequently.

So I have made it a point to develop good healthy sleep patterns early on.  We had nap schedules and they begin the night time process at around 6:30 and are in bed no later than 7:00-7:30.  There is no getting out of bed unless to go the bathroom.  We didn't encourage any co sleeping nor allowed for them to come into our bedroom at night for bad dreams.  

I know it sounds harsh however, I have heard nightmares from parents that have developed terrible sleep habits early on and are paying a hefty price of sleepless nights and no privacy.  I want my children to learn healthy sleep patterns as well as be able to operate to their fullest on a fully charged brain.  (ADD a similar equation to cell phone battery life) 

NOW... as far as my sleep goes.  I need lots and lots of help.  I stay up way past my husband.  After I finish up picking up and settling down from the days events... I begin watching television programs roughly around 9:30.  I don't officially begin my descent until around 11:30.  I know that I am the type of person that I cannot watch any high action or suspense type of movie prior to bed time because my brain goes into overdrive.  Restless sleep or insomnia til at least 2 am.

Forget crawling into bed and watching television.  MY husband is adamant that when it is bedtime... lights are out, the room is completely dark, it's cold and very minimal clothing.   We have had some heated arguments over television watching in bed.  He encourages me to go to bed when he goes and he says that I NEED a good nights sleep and my bedtime routine is completely wrong.

SO after reading the first few pages of "The Happiness Project" By Gretchen Rubin... she details her first few nights of early bedtime, establishing a new bed time routine... it was rough at first but she realized after the first few weeks ..she felt more energized and got up early to incorporate exercise.


Bedtime:  9:00- 9:30 pm
No television after 9:00 pm
Reading a Book 1 Hour Prior to Bed
Shower/Bath prior to bed to relax and begin shutting down


Obtain new healthy sleep routine
Feel more energy
Get up early to exercise

Wish me lots of luck!!!!  First step is admitting "I have a problem!"  Second Step ... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Third step:  One step closer to a higher level of happiness and inner calm!

Courtesy of Happy Mommy Blog

The HAPPINESS Project ~ My Quest for the Inner Calm

Ok.. I have read some interesting books lately and one of which is the "Happiness Project"

The "Happiness Project" is written by Gretchen Rubin and is #1 New York Times Bestseller

Her premises in writing this book was

Gretchen Rubin had an epiphany on a city bus, "The Days are long, the years are short... time is passing and I am not focused enough on the things that REALLY Matter."

Gretchen has a great life, wonderful husband and children, writes and has a great career but felt that she   wasn't the happiest she could be.  She had moments of sheer bliss but most of the time her life felt like she was on a conveyor belt ... shuffling through everyday with the same momentum and same gusto.
She wanted to look at life differently and wanted to achieve a higher level of happiness.

Are you a happy person but question whether you are the happiest you can be?????

Do you teeter between happy moments through out the day but mostly frustration and complacency?

Do you have an inner calm or do you feel like most days you are on the verge of bursting apart?

This book is a great way at examining every component of your life.  Taking a look at simple aspects or principles in your life and changing it up... develop a routine of change over a period of a month and deciding whether the change boost happiness and/or strengthened your inner calm.

She breaks down happiness into 12 groups and over a course of 12 Months.

1.  Vitality - Boost Energy
2.  Marriage - Remember Love Everyday
3.  Work - Aim Higher
4.  Parenthood - Lighten Up
5.  Leisure - Be Serious About Play
6.  Friendship - Make Time for Friends
7.  Money - Buy Some Happiness
8.  Eternity - Contemplate the Heavens
9.  Books - Pursue a Passion
10.  Mindfulness - Pay Attention
11.  Attitude - Keep A Contented Heart
12.  Happiness - Boot Camp Perfect

How she decided what she wanted to focus on first and second etc etc.. .. was strictly based on her prioritizing what she wanted to be the most satisfied and most content with.

In addition, why did she decide to tackle each subject per month?  Well, I discovered that if you want to change a behavior or develop a new habit... scientifically it takes 21 days to create a behavioral change or develop a new human habit.

(This includes redirecting bad habits such as trying to quit smoking, chewing on the side of cheeks, biting finger nails, midnight eating ... etc... etc...)

SO since I am a stay at home mom and my priorities are slightly different than the authors
 (Gretchen Rubin) 

Here is my list..

1.  Vitality - Boost Energy, Exercise, and SLEEP
2.  Marriage - Remember Love Everyday, Stop Nagging, and Accept Responsibility
3.  Parenthood - Lighten Up, Learn that My behavior is teaching my kiddos about what's important, virtue and overall happiness
4.  Attitude - Keep a Contented Heart with Every Aspect of my life, Stop Complaining!
5.  Leisure - Be Serious About Play, put down the vacuum and make a fort!
6.  Mindfulness - Pay Attention, Smile More, Wave and Say Hello More etc...
7.  Friendship - Welcome friendship with open arms, Create opportunities to have friendship 
8.  Work - My home is my job.. how to keep everything in check without going overboard
9.  Money - Buy Some Happiness, Simply my life, Put in perspective
10.  Books - Pursue a Passion - Get excited about it and explore what's out there beyond my everyday interests - Force myself to learn something new and different
11.  Eternity - Contemplate the Heavens ... Look ahead...Looking at Life in Perspective
12.  Happiness - Boot Camp Perfect

It is interesting to read online about researchers who study happiness .. many believe that happiness is about relationship and attitude .. but I found that many many people compare their happiness to others.

This is an excerpt taken from the link above:

Think about this sentence:
How will you ever be happy with what you are doing if you compare it to something you like more?
Seriously, think about it. Don’t read anything else for at least 30 seconds.
......................10 seconds...................20 seconds.................................30 seconds.... GO! 
When you start to do something that you don’t enjoy, let’s say taking out the trash, why do you not enjoy that activity? It’s because in your head you are saying, “instead of taking out the trash, I could be watching television/reading/talking to my friend/reading Progress Driven Life.” Now I will absolutely agree with you that all of those things are much more enjoyable than taking out the trash, that is not the point here.
The point that will change your life, and ultimately lead you to happiness, is to stop comparing apples to oranges, or trashcans to televisions. Of course you will hate something when you compare it to the best experience you have ever had, even if you did enjoy the activity before you made the comparison. Let’s take an example that is a little more potent.
Many of us don’t mind a nice day spent reading a book we picked up, or a magazine we ordered. Maybe you have a slow Saturday and you decide to sit down and relax with your literature of choice. You are content with your decision. Then your friend calls you and tells you all about how they are going to this awesome amusement park with some really cool people. You are excited for them, and as soon as you hang up the phone and pick up your book, something feels different. Why?
Instead of comparing your day of relaxed reading to other similar days, you are now comparing it to going on an incredible day at an amusement park with your friends. What used to be nice and relaxing now appears dull. Instead of feeling liberated that you are able to spend a day by yourself, now you feel confined in your own home wishing you could go out and do something more exciting.
We do this with EVERYTHING. When someone asks you how your meal was, you might say, “It was good, but not as good as (insert your favorite restaurant).” This causes us to view our own lives through a lens of negative comparison. Instead of being content with the wonderful experiences we are currently enjoying, we compare them to what others are doing. In doing so we miss out on everything that we would value about our own experience in the first place.
This has become such a huge problem with the rise of social media in the past decade. We all stay connected every moment so that we don’t “miss something”. We are always concerned that our Facebook friends are doing something more exciting than us, and in this constant state of observation, we miss all of the incredible experiences that could be occurring in our own lives, if only we would take the time to appreciate them.
So how can we do this? How can we achieve happiness in this crazy mess that is our society?
Written By:  Progress Driven Life Author 
It is interesting because this article makes a very valid point... examining the word "Appreciate" and "enjoying the moment" or "always wishing for something else or something better".    Gretchen Rubin "The Happiness Project" focuses on behavior and actions and in turn will change your attitude towards the world and your life.  Once you attain a true sense of happiness... facebook or any social media will seem less important and irrelevant.

To give credit to my husband....
My husband has a phenomenal view on life.  Despite a few bad habits here and there, he is a pretty content appreciative person.  He puts life into perspective and does his best to look at the good in people and understands that there are just some that can't be "fixed"  (Insert Happy).   He has an inner calm to him that gives him an edge of confidence that I haven't seen in many men.  One of the most magnificent things about my husband is that he truly lives in the moment.  He reminds me everyday in either his words or actions that you can't change what you can't change and you only have control over your behavior and how you react to others.  I guess that's why his inner calm is a balance to my crazy state of mind.

I have decided that my "Inner Calm" needs a little lift!  So, I have put the "Happiness Project" to the test and begun my first venture on newly formed bedtime habits and exercise habits.  
My first 21 days of early bedtime have begun.  See the next post for month 1 (BOOSTING ENERGY)