Friday, October 25, 2013

Thank you for all the emails and responses to my 200 Blogs over the past ALMOST two years in January!!!

I have received the most amazing emails from all over lately.  I didn't realize that my posts had any impact on folks.  Just the other day, someone mentioned that they enjoyed pinning THE REAL HOUSEWIFE OF TAZEWELL pins on their pinterest page and I got a little giddy inside cause they didn't know I was the RHOTC.   Man, the world is small and the more I pin and share the smaller and more exciting it gets.

 I wanted to share with you a wonderful blogger's (fellow mommy) blog site.  She contacted me to show me how she utilized my ideas from my blog REGARDING HOW TO THROW A COWBOY/LONE RANGER BIRTHDAY PARTY.   I checked out her blog and was so impressed by her talents and baking abilities that I had to share her blog with you.  Her Marshmallow fondant figurines are to DIE for!!! Such talent and amazing ideas for creating birthday party masterpieces.

Just an example of how this blogger creates fondant masterpieces

Check her out at  

I have some exciting new guest bloggers in the works as well as some exciting news to share regarding the direction of this MOM blog.

 I cannot wait to share ideas and learn more from other MOMs and DADs how they make their everyday fun and fabulous!!!

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Love all the BLOG views and my growing pinterest followers!  

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Many thanks!!!

MOMMY IS a Shop-a-holic ... SO let me share my fave DAILY DEAL shopping websites!!

photo courtesy of

For those mommies who have a nap time hour or two to kill .. wanting to buzz the internet for your favorite home addictions or add to your ever growing wardrobe....

Here are my recommendations and opinions (*keep in mind this is one person's experiences with these types of websites - send me your thoughts)

For those fashionista's focused on expanding their wardrobe but BUDGET CONSCIOUS - Great deals on everyday brands including designer brand names, couture and new and upcoming designers (* Deals last only a day and will need to be purchased within time limit that they set for your checkout) - If you want DESIGNER knock offs - made in China and shipped to you for virtually nothing.. Aliexpress is the way to shop.  (*Items have been known to have variation in color versus what the picture shows - I have also heard the Tory Burch Shoes are amazing and have been a great knock off to the real deal) - Great Deals and Wonderful Fashionable options  AMAZING shoes, accessories, clothing, bags etc...... 60% and Up Off Deals of the day  Want really niche items like Designers that only the rich and famous know of....???? You have to become a member of the site (No charge just a little wait for approval). There is a time limit upon clicking for purchase soooo don't forget to click and buy otherwise your find will be in another man's cart to buy!!!

Clip art courtesy of  - this site has been featured on some of the primetime talk shows such as THE VIEW.  They offer up to 80% off of designer duds, home decor items, cook ware etc.... shoes are always featured and have an excellent selection.  Check it out... but you have to join to get the deals!  LOVE LOVE LOVE shoe selection - great handbags, watches, jewelry!! ONE perk ... you get the deals and you also get great deals on shipping your items.  ALOT of very classic looks for your wardrobe.  The men's selection is small but great for those deals for dad! - Not only is this a great place to shop for kids clothes, toys and home decor.  BUT you can find some fabulous shoes, sweaters, undergarments and unique handbags.  I have ordered several times from this website.  They are great at crediting your account if you are not satisfied with an item.  Keep in Mind... shipping the item can take weeks to send.  HOWEVER... they will give you customer referral credit that adds additional $10 off your next purchase!!

FOR Those MOMMIES with GALA to attend - why spend the money when you can rent a designer gown!!!

Check out

Here's how it works... check out their latest fashions including Halloween Costumes, jewelry, shoes, clothing and accessories. 

Order and receive within 2 days of your event.  

Book for a 4 day or 8 day rental

Return in envelope a day after event - THEY WILL DRY CLEAN the Rented Items



FOR Those Moms on a Budget wanting to RE-decorate their home - Here are some great home websites to consider - Excellent website for great finds for home decor.  I have had a few items sent that broke however, their customer service is excellent in getting a new one sent out. -  VERY UPSCALE home decor!!  You will find everything high quality, well known brands with a significant discounts.  This is a more higher end furniture website however, they do discount 60% on many items.  Lots of styles and different looks to choose from. - Daily Deals on Lighting, Bedroom Furniture, Home Decor, Rugs and Even Kids Bed and Bathrooms.  Easy to Navigate through and up to 65% off of Patio Sets    MY NEW FAVE is this site!  VERY UNIQUE FINDS... Daily deals under $150 for your home decor budget.  I love that they are trying to be different and have different items to choose from versus seeing similar items on all these home sites.  CHECK THEM OUT!!  They have fountains, table top decor, outdoor items for decoration outside the home.

These are just some of the "Daily DEAL" websites that I have encountered and enjoyed using.  Get ready for the upcoming holiday season and enjoy the daily deals!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prep.Freeze.Cook - A Great Business and a Wonderful Time Saver for Moms/Dads with Hungry Mouths to Feed

I have to share the most amazing idea for families on the run!

I recently went with my two sister in laws to a Prep. Freeze. Cook Party.  It was sooooo easy, fast and ridiculously affordable.

Here's how it works:

1.   You pick from her EXTENSIVE menu  (I was interested in the GLUTEN free Menu options)
Includes 50 Easy Made Meals

2.  Gather friends and family or have families in mind that you would like to donate or gift meals to.

3.  Set up the time and place

4.  The owner will buy all the ingredients and will arrange the assembly

SHOW up, ASSEMBLE and you are ready to make 10-12 delicious meals for a family of 4-5.

I was so impressed by this amazing idea that I had to share with all my blog readers.

IF you are interested in PREP.FREEZE.COOK Meals Made Easy ... please contact the owner through her facebook page at



(309) 657-9990

A wonderful way to make meals in a snap and within a 

terrific affordable way!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Toddler Time Art Class - Amazing Art Studio in the Heart of Peoria!!!

Central Illinois is becoming the hot spot for the arts and stirring up inspiration!  Not only are we blessed to have an art academy in our own backyard with semester classes to stir up our young creative minds with the Inspired Arts Academy.

In addition to this wonderful academy for our young artists in Central Illinois.  A great place to check out is the 


The amazing variety of classes such as 

Check out this amazing studio in the Sunbeam Building off of Main and Sheridan in Peoria.  


Are Experiencing Nausea from Pregnancy, Motion Sickness, Side Effects from Medications???

In my most recent experiences of Nausea (Unfortunately) I discovered something that can help with easing certain smells that create nausea, calming the central nervous system and is a holistic approach to fighting nausea one vomit spell at a time (Insert Smile here - if ya can!)

For those newly preggo folk out there.  Pregnancy can be rough the first few months especially if you have severe nausea.  Some of the tricks of the trade that I experienced and followed to help ease these very rough few months of upset stomach are

1.  POP some Preggo Pops

Click here to Order the Assortment of Goodies to Combat Nausea

The makers of Preggo Pops and Queasy Drops have created a great little candy to help in combating the nausea sensations.

2.  AIR and Lots of AIR - Blow a fan whenever you can!!!  Go for a Brisk Cold walk to keep your oxygen levels high and moving throughout your body.

3.  Mediation- Mediation is a great way to calm your central nervous system and promote slow breathing to help with settling down your stomach.  I would try mediation early in the morning to kick start your day and then as needed to help with fighting the nausea.

A great website or App to link to ... is

4.  A great item to have in your purse in the event of an emergency to help with any child or adult who is experiencing the awful sensations of nausea is ...

I came upon this little gem after my procedure at the Mayo Clinic.  It was a wonderful way of relaxing my stomach and giving me something to keep my mind off of getting sick.  You can purchase Quease Ease at any pharmacy or drug store.  Here is the link to Quease Ease for product information or where to purchase.

I know how difficult it can be to perform daily functions/tasks when your belly is screaming and you need some relief.  I found another great blog/website that gives additional tips on combatting the everyday nausea.  

Take of yourself and get lots of water!!!! 

Fight the Quease and Get some Ease!!!