Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fabulous DIY Fairy Outfit

Love making little outfits, hairbows and tutu's for my little princess... As from a previous posts we are attending a Local outing that the proceeds will benefit our local Peoria County Junior League.

In the spirit of preparing our little Fairies ... Ensemble.. I skipped purchasing from Etsy and decided to Do It Myself.

I am pretty pleased with the results!

The Entire Fairy Package

The Tutu

There are many ways to make a Tutu.. from sewing to no sew instructions.
I went the No SEW Route due to time constraints

Here is a great tutorial on line that will help you with your TuTu Making


There is a couple additional ways to make your fairy wand 

My technique is

1.  Pick up some wooden skewers from Kroger
2.  Purchase White Spray Paint or White Acrylic
3.  Add Glitter to a freshly painted Skewer
4. Purchase Adorable Butterfly Accents in the Spring Time Floral Section of Michaels
5.  Wrap Curling Ribbon Tip of Skewer

(Here is how to Make Curling Ribbon)

Wrap ColorFul Ribbon around a Dowel Rod 
Secure Both Ends with Clothes Pins
Bake In Oven for 10 Minutes at 200 Degree Fahrenheit 

6.  Hot Glue Ribbon and Butterfly Accent 

Here is a Finished Example


So easy to do!

Grab some Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve Onesies 
Purchase Iron On Appliques 
(The Ones shown are glitter Iron Ons available at Michaels)


Here is a DIY Tutorial on Making Fairy Wings 

However, I found purchasing a simple set of Fairy Wings can also do the trick... 
Just add some fabulous Accents to your simple Wings


1.  Grab Glitter Glue
Accent areas that need some bling
2.  Purchase a Large Gerber Daisy
Remove Stem and Center 
3.  Make Curling Ribbon as explained earlier
4.  Add Crystal Accents onto your Fairy Wings
5.  Hot Glue Large Flower and Curling Ribbon onto your Center 

....VOILA ...

I am super excited to dress my little girl in this adorable Fairy Outfit for the FROLIC WITH THE FAIRIES... who knows.. maybe I will want to match!

I can't wait to make her .. her 1st Birthday Fairy/Princess Outfit!

I will post pics of that FABULOUS BIRTHDAY (Which I have been planning since she was 4 months old... A bit ridiculous, right?) event!


Saturday, January 28, 2012


What a cute way to change up your dreary Winter Wardrobe!  WEATHER.. your going to the grocery store... or WEATHER your going on a Fabulous Date night with your hubby....

Change up your boring boots with a nice set of Fur Boot Toppers!

If you are in the Tazewell County Area... stop in at LuLu's On Main in Morton or order online at


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fabulous MY GAIL!!!

Ok... When you think of a great splurge on yourself what comes to mind...

1.  Getting your nails done
2.  Getting a massage
3.  Purchasing a New Pair of Frye Boots

Mine... is CLEANLINESS!!

Yes, I am a clean freak... I didn't say Organizational NUT... a clean freak... dirty toilets, hairy floors, sticky countertops... drive me nutty!

One of the best gifts ... I have ever been given MY GAIL!!!

Yes, she is the wind beneath my wings!  I get soooo excited when she comes into town!  She is a beautiful lady that cleans the guck and yuck that my fabulous family collects throughout the week.

So here goes...

.......MY fabulous housewife tip of the week...



My husband hates to clean... and I will clean until the house shines like the top of the Chrysler building... so instead of bickering over who is going to dust, sweep or clean toilets on Saturday Morning.. save yourself the fight and ask for a monthly allowance to incorporate a cleaning service for those areas you both dread to do.  Plus, you will get to spend more time with your beautiful family and less time worrying about the house.

I am not saying you must have someone there every week not even every two weeks... but .. I recommend having someone come over and clean the most hated chore you have to do in your regimen.  It will be the most rewarding experience in your week.  

Here is my recommendations

1.  Ask around... ask your friends if they know of someone who is trustworthy, reasonable and cleans houses

2.  Ask for the going rate

(Some housekeepers charge by the hour) ... (some charge by service) and (some charge a set fee)

3.  Get your TO Do list together

What are your top concerns 


4.  Set your time table

(Clean during the 8am-Noon Hour On Fridays in order to avoid Nap Time)
(Once a Week, Once a Month or Once in a While)

5.  Interview and Determine What is the best fit for you and your family

FORGET your NAIL APPOINTMENT ... Spend the $50 on a FABULOUSLY Clean House and You will be thanking me in the end!

FaBulous, Sleek, and FIt!!!

Why on Earth don't we have these in our Community!

I was in Chicago this past weekend and my Chicago native sister loves going to The Bar Method for her workouts.   They are available in the Chicagoland area.

There are many DVD's you can purchase from her website.  We are in the process of adding a ballet bar to our Daughters nursery ... I hope to make good use of our new purchase and utilize the BAR Method!

.....  ALSO ......

We have an upcoming City Dance Studio that is looking for donations to help promote their services...

They are on Facebook Check them out at ...

City Dance

Happy Dancing and STAY Fabulously FIT!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabulous Kid's Valentine's Day Card Idea

Valentines is vastly approaching.... there are so many cute ideas out there for adorabell... Vday Cards!  This is one I found to be exceptionally adorable and super easy to do!

1. Take a pic of your kiddo similar to pic shown
2.  Utilize an online editing service (I use Picnik Photo Editing Services) or Photoshop
You can also Use letter stickers or Markers and write the text on
3. Print on Textured Card Stock (65 +)
4. Glue the photo on Red Cardstock 
5. Purchase or make Chocolate Hearts on a stick or a lollipop
6. Make slits and insert stick


FABulous Personalized Valentine's Day Card

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FABULOUS Idea for Kids' Art Work

LOVE LOVE all the  little finger paint works... space ship battle scenes with colored pencils... marker drawings of circles, dots and attempts to write words with all the letters of the alphabet.

I have collected and collected all my kids' artwork over the past several years...however, my storage unit is not going to hold up with all these bins of collected paper!  I have a glitter trail that trickles it's way up the stairs from the storage closet.

OK... if you are like me... YOU have this EXTREME Mommy GUILT to throw any of it away.

My husband said we need to let some stuff go!  In the back of my head.... each little painting is a sweet reminder of how fast our little guys and girls are growing up.

Letting go is especially hard when.... My Son would say "Here you go, Mommy... I drew you a present .... a pirate ship attacking a Star Wars Stormtrooper. "   Of course, I would immediately get tape and tape that sucker front and center on our refrigerator.   It took my little guy a good 20 minutes to get the pirate ship sail just right.  NO WAY was I going to turn around and throw it out.

Or when I watch my little guy focus so intently on writing his name on a colored piece of paper.  With the effort that they put towards making their letters just perfect... why on earth would I want to throw something like that out!

Well.... I found a wonderful solution!  My son's 5th birthday was coming up and I had planned to put together a photo album of the past 5 years.  I love my Mac and of course use IPhoto.  I produce the best photo albums from this program.  (In my opinion)... however, I began to research online other options for cool photo albums and ran across a great website.


A beautiful way to keep your Kid's artwork organized and displayed

My plan of attack is to take pics of 20 or 30 pieces of his artwork and use these photos as backdrops to each photo page.  

That way .... I can put his artwork in sequence with his age over the course of 4 + years.  I will definitely incorporate his baby footprints... (because that truly is his first interaction with ink and paper).  

However for those of you FABULOUS Mother's out there who want solely a book to display their little art work... I think the aforementioned website is a great place to start.  You can make album for every year... and it's great to see how they progress in their artistic ability.  


FABULOUS Hosting a GRAND Dinner Party

OK... I spent hours in the Formal Dinnerware Section of  Bergners picking out the perfect Fine China (VW Place Settings, Flutes, Wine Goblets, and beautiful Towle Fine Silver) for my Bridal Registry ....only to have it collecting Dust in our Hutch.

All that effort and 5 years later I am still using paper plates for Entertaining our guests!  WHAT A WASTE, RIGHT?

OK .. here is how to throw a FABULOUS... 8-10 guest Formal Dinner Party!

5.  BUY LINEN NAPKINS and BEAUTIFUL NAPKIN RINGS (Start Universal go for a basic Silver or Gold Ring)... (GO to BERGNERS in PEKIN.. or even scour your local BOUTIQUES ... Like ACKERMANS or LULU's ON MAIN in MORTON) as well as BEAUTIFUL TABLE LINENS (Including LINEN PLACEMATS)


OK Once you have done all the dirty work... here comes the fun part!


Yah.. we know it's formal... but what are you going to have for Color Scheme  and/or type of formality.

 I love BLACK WHITE EVENTS... (Everyone Must dress in Black or White) or have a great Valentine's Day Formal Party (Everyone incorporate Red, Silver or White into their Ensemble)

Get creative with your Invites... DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY ... with the cost ... just keep it simple but make sure it's Elegant and conveys.... what your theme is!

Table Decor is a must... simple, elegant, with pops of your themed colors.  Add flowers & candles!  Create Ambiance!

... Also... You can plan around a certain event .. Like a Kentucky Derby Party.  Request that everyone comes dressed in formal attire with a fancy Derby Hat.    Hook up with your local Cable Company and subscribe for one day... the Sports Stations that covers each race.

Have some fun and place bets!  But make sure you plan to serve dinner at a time that doesn't interfere with the race times.  Nothing like your money hungry Male Guests... breaking their necks at the table to watch the race..!!! THAT WOULD BE WASTE OF EFFORT!

OK... here's where the fun part... learning how to set the table.  I found a great website that teaches us how to set a formal place setting.

Formal Place Setting Tips

These are just some of the wonderful diagrams that you will find to help you with your place settings.

Ok don't worry if you don't have everything here... use what you have to start.


"Every year.. I go to an Antique Store and find great little table ware pieces to give as gifts to my grandchildren... Last year I found a beautiful Victorian set of Grapefruit spoons and Butter Knives to give to my 4 year old and 10 year old granddaughters.  I know they won't appreciate it now.. but when they are in their own homes and are wanting to throw lavish dinner parties....  These unique pieces will not only be great pieces to have but wonderful conversation starters around the table."

What a great idea!!!!  I love it... she knows that Fabulousness has to be learned and it starts at a very early age!

Start Planning your FABULOUS FORMAL DINNER PARTY.. and for GOD'S SAKE... THROW OUT YOUR PLASTIC FORKS, SPOONS and PLATES... and use those beautiful pieces you have displayed in your dusty old hutch!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Who doesn't have a COOKIE JAR?

Ok... I am not referring to a Ceramic Bear in the Corner of your Kitchen that Literally stores stale cookie creme sandwiches.

I am talking about the stash of cash that you hide in a shoe box in the back of your closet. 

However you get the cash... selling your body after you put the kids down for bed...(usually I am making a mad dash to Kroger or Walmart for toliet paper and Milk)... skipping your monthly hair appointment or clipping coupons to save those extra cents to justify your shoe purchase... You DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE THAT SHOE BOX SHAKE WITH COINS & BILLS!

I am the type of Housewife that will sell products (Hair Bows, Jewelry ...etc...) just to have a little extra to put in a cookie jar of my own.  He can't complain... it's my hard earned dollars that I worked for outside of my every day duties.

I have a neighbor that has garage sales about every week of the summer to fill up her cookie jar.  GOD Bless her... she gets rid of junk, hangs out outside in the sun, gets a tan, hangs out with her girlfriends, and sells a ton and makes over $1,000.  She works hard... gets paid... and lets her husband know... HANDS OFF!  I earned it and I am going to spend it however I want to spend it!

I know some Housewives rely heavily on their husbands to give the OK (For purchases)!  Those are the types that are due diligent in making sure their husband's are happy in more ways than one... even when they are absolutely exhausted they will give it up knowing that laying on the table the next day will be a stack of bills for their taking or the Visa credit card!  GOD BLESS THEM!  

I know some Housewives do the sneak purchases.. the BUY and HIDE!  I can admit that I have pulled the BUY and HIDE a few times in our marriage.  The guilt that comes over me can be somewhat hard to take ... but the moment I put on that shiny new bangle from Nordstroms or slip my tired and weary feet in a comfy Pair of Cole Haan Air Soled Shoe... the guilt feelings somehow melt away!

The other joke my husband and I have in our marriage is "WHERE'S MY CHANGE?" Anytime I go into the gas station or on a McDonald's Run... asking for a $20 bill somehow magically disappears when I return home.  
"Honey, the Big Mac Meal prices have gone up tremendously... It cost us $18.75 for you and I to eat.  You don't want the change it's just a few quarters and dimes." Meanwhile, I pocketed roughly $14.00!

Trust Me... he pulls those fast ones on me too!  My husband said the other day "I  borrowed $10 out of your bill fold the other day for milk at the grocery store."  When I checked to see if there was a Gallon of Milk in our refrigerator.. I see a 6 pack of Coors Light... and NO CHANGE.  FORTUNATELY FOR US.. there is no ill will or struggle there.. just plain fun banter!

Let's be honest.... EVERYONE NEEDS A COOKIE JAR!  WE DESERVE A COOKIE JAR!  We are in the most underpaid.. somedays unappreciated... non-self serving positions on the planet!  YES... I LOVE MY JOB AS A STAY AT HOME MOM... But.. BUT... where are my bonuses for cleaning up that spilled milk mess that I didn't make... or laundering my husbands stinky underwear pants???

I don't recommend being one of those Housewives that can't resist and they have little bags, tags sticking out of every crevice in their house... (that's a problem)!  Our husband's don't need to be surprised with every Credit Card statement that comes in the mail ... but come on... a purchase a time or two isn't going to break the bank.

Keep It IN Check... 

Get a COOKIE JAR.. and you will BE A FABULOUS HOUSEWIFE on the inside and out!



OK...This may not be oh so fabulous... but you anyway you can save $$$$ and put that towards your COOKIE FUND (I'll explain later) ... is fabulous in my book!

I buy Green Onions every time I go to the grocery store (they are a staple for my gourmet cooking (cough cough)

I learned the most fabulous trick to making most any rooted plant stay alive and vibrant for your meals in minutes.

Take a Mason Jar filled about Half Full of Filtered Tap Water ... I stick my green onion roots into the water and Place them in the refrigerator.

Magically.. not only did they survive longer than they would in my crisper but they rerooted and have began to grow offspring onions!

So... I have my own mini garden container in my refrigerator!

Keep it simple

Check out these amazing ideas at


What Fabulous Housewife doesn't want to take their little princess to a Fairy Tea Party???


Check Out the Jr. League of Peoria Upcoming Event at

Anyone interested in Fairy Tutu's and Hair Accessories 
Check Out 

There you will find an assortment of Goodies to Make Your Little Fairy Princess

 The Belle of the Ball
You One Fabulous Proud Mommy!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I love giving personalized gifts and what better way than making adorable DIY Wooden Monogram Blocks for baby rooms, holidays, special occasions... etc.

What you will need..

Wood Blocks - Blain's Farm & Fleet, Michaels (Sells 3 1/2" Wood Blocks) 
Scrap Book Paper (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, ScrapADoodle)
Wood Letters (Michaels & Hobby Lobby)
Scrapbook Letters
Mod Podge AND Wood Glue
Extra Fine or Super Fine SandPaper
Paint (Acrylic)
Embellishments (See Scrapbook area for 3 Dimensional Pieces, Ornaments..etc)

1. Sand your wood block
2. Paint Base Color on Block and Wood Letters
3. Cut Scrap Book Paper to fit each side of your block (You can even use Photo's printed on Card Stock)
4. Mod Podge Paper on Each Side
5. Wood Glue Painted Letters on the Side you want Visible

...VOILA ..
 a Fabulous Personalized Gift to Match any New Nursery Decor, Home Decor ... or any fun Special Occasion

Extra Tip... 

Staple Fabulous Satin Ribbon to the Top of the Block for An Additional Hanging Option

FABULOUS Easy Decadent Caramel Sauce

Decadent Caramel Sauce for Any Fabulous Dessert... Drink/Libation Garnish

1/2 Stick of melted Salted Butter
1 c. of Brown Sugar
1 scoop of Rich Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Mix and Drizzle... Serve Warm

Here is how you garnish your FAB Libation

Courtesy of

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A FABULOUS Hostess with the Mostess

Treat Your Guest as if they arrived at the Hilton!

If you have the luxury of having a guest bedroom and/or bath, create an environment for your guest that is inviting and fabulous.

We have a guest bedroom and bath in our home ... we add personal touches to our guest bedroom and bath. For example, I will put pictures of our guest (family pictures, pictures of outings with our guest, their kids... etc...) in beautiful picture frames and hang them on the wall or place them on a nightstand next to the bed.

I always always lay out fresh folded towels, hand towels and face cloths.  In addition, to the towels.. I have placed chocolates or mints on the pillows.

It is really sweet to place baskets with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion.  Anyone can snag travel size containers at your local Walmart or grab a few extra soaps, shampoos, and conditioners at your next hotel stay.

In your guest bedroom closet... hang extra hangers for your guest's pressed shirts, coats, jackets... etc.
Even add a suitcase/luggage holder.

If your guest has smaller children... make it fun!  Pull out an old crib mattress, dress it up and add a few character pillows and some fun books to get them settled in.  To ease the childs fears of sleeping in a strange place... provide him/her with a little flashlight.  They will feel more in control and will help with transitioning into the evening... so you and the adult guests can have some fun, libations and catching up on adult conversations.


A REAL Housewife tip to weightloss

I am not a size 4... yet!

All those days of my youth... running around in Black Hot pants.. tight sleeveless ribbed shirts and large garish jewelry without worry of muffin tops and cottage cheese legs.. are unfortunately over!

HOWEVER... 3 pregnancies of enormous weight gain later... I discovered a wonderful solution to post pregnancy belly bulge!

Introducing The BAMBOO Belly Band

Wear it around the house ... wear it under your sweatshirts and feel like everything is snug and in place.

I know that it is not guaranteed weight loss but everyday you can synch it tighter and tighter you know that you are getting smaller and smaller.

When I wear the Belly Band I focus more on what I eat and how much I eat.  I also know it takes time and the better you manage your daily intake with the use of the Belly Band you are one step closer to that FABULOUS pre baby bod!


A FABULOUS Real Housewife Beauty Secret

OK... my new Addiction... 


No event I attend (minus grocery shopping or pumpkin chucking) is without my False Eyelashes.  You never know when there will be a photo moment.  

All FABULOUS HOUSEWIVES MUST HAVE A PACKAGE OF FALSE INDIVIDUAL EYELASHES in their makeup bag.  (Purchase anywhere... I get mine from Sally Beauty in East Peoria)

I also purchase Strip CLEAR Adhesive to use on my individual eyelashes. 

It gets confusing.  I know
My Fabulous Housewife Starters Kit recommendations are:

1 Package of Medium Black Individual Eyelashes
1 Package of Long Black Individual Eyelashes
1 Angled Pair of Tweezers
Makeup Remover or Eyelash Adhesive Remover
1 Tube of your favorite mascara (mines Lancome Black Definicils NOT Waterproof) 

I am going to give you some warnings.  It is very tricky to put individual eyelashes on yourself.  I am left handed and I have a hard time doing it.  The secret is squirting a little dab on the top of your non dominant hand hold the tip of the eyelash with your tweezer and dip the end of the eyelash into the adhesive and carefully set the eyelash on your top lash ridge.  

OTHER Recommendations... there are a million ways to do it.  I would start with putting all your makeup on including eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, eyebrow shadow, etc.... 


Your mascara is the perfect wand to create additional dimension to your eyelashes.  It will also guide your eyelashes to do exactly what you want.

Start with Your Long Black Individual Lashes on the Outer Edge of Your eye and work your way in with the Mediums.

Take your time... don't get frustrated!  

Even if you get only 5 to stick and stay in place... trust me... your eyelashes will be on a whole different level of fullness and drama!

One last warning...

They will feel heavy at first but overtime you won't even notice. 
And if your like outfit night look is complete without a few falsies!

All the Fabulous Hollywood Actresses and Housewives don't even go to the grocery store with a set of Bambi's on!

What are you waiting for ... go get some falsies and get FABULOUS!


In no means am I endorsing any products.  However, since living in Tazewell County... I look for new and exciting ways to keep it FABULOUS!  One little idea I came across is Horseback riding lessons.  Growing up watching the "Stopping of the Divots" on Pretty Woman.. I always wanted to go to Polo Match Games and learn how to ride horses.

What a better way to learn and make it a family event.  I decided to take the reigns and sign up our lil cowboys and my "scared ***less" husband and I for horseback riding lessons at

Rocking P Ranch in Pekin, Illinois

Then you and your little FABULOUS offsprings can go to the Weaver Polo Fields to watch the Annual Easter Seals Polo Matches on Koener Road in Edwards and be able to appreciate those beautiful steads.

Check out the information at

You are one step closer to being a REAL Housewife of Tazewell County!

Post Baby Hair Revive!!!

Ok... for all those REAL Housewives... with babies... you must try.  I have been oh so envious of our fellow beautiful African American Housewives that don't forget about hair care once their little bundle of joy arrives.  I swear... thank god for the cuteness factor in our newborn babies... because they wreak havoc on our bodies and hair.  I can speak from experience.

After my second baby... my hair began to fall flat.  Curls from the undergrowth began to surface and all that beautiful luster and shine went to dull and drab.  I thought do I give up or go straight to the store and resuscitate.  The white hair section wasn't cutting it!  I  perused on over to the African American Section (besides.. they have this trick mastered) ... and discovered the most amazing product!  OLIVE OIL!

Who knew a common kitchen essential would do the trick!  I grabbed a few packets of this product and began the process.   (Which by the way... we have this amazing product up at our local Walmart)

Who thought there were boundaries between hair care lines.  Come on ladies share your secrets!  You are Beautiful and YOU know what it takes to make this REAL Housewife shine.

If you are reluctant..a bit gun shy.. start with your kitchen Olive Oil... extra virgin.  Lather ... slap on one of those shower caps (or get adventurous and get one of the experts in the African American Section) allow to set in and then rinse.  VA VA VOOM! You have rejuvenated your hair in a matter of minutes.

COME ON All you REAL Housewives... don't be afraid ... reach out and ask our fellow REAL Housewives their trade secrets.  You may be surprised with the results!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello All you FABULOUS Housewives out there!  Yes.. I am highly addicted to all the hit Bravo Reality TV Series Housewives of  OC, Beverly Hills, New York.

I watch and think... OMG... I am fabulous and can throw a party just as well as they and maybe a bit better without all the drama and crazy cash!  Although hustling three crazy kids on a daily basis doesn't give me a lot of freedom to throw lavish parties every weekend... however, when there is an event coming my way... I put a little extra va va voom in my planning.  As I have grown to accept that the kind of lifestyle that I aspire to achieve may not be in my immediate future.. I can daydream and still pretend to live the fabulous life!!! Hey... why not!

First things first... party planning is not hard to do... anyone can buy elmo decorations from the store... blow up some balloons.... order a cake from Kroger and call it a day!  The devil is in the details.

My idea of a fabulous Elmo Party

Instead of Cake-  Try Elmo Cake Pops with Red Hots for Elmo's nose
Instead of Capri Suns with the standard Straw... buy a package of colorful straws to use.
Decor- Screw spending $8 for a elmo banner... make one with red construction paper, a hole paper puncher ... and add pics of your baby on each month of his/her first year.
Decor - Make Elmo's TV or Mr. Window with a Card Board Box... black sharpie and a few old sheets of fabric stapled onto the box for curtains.  I know it sounds ridiculous... but this is what the kid sees every time you turn on Elmo. You might as well make it as real as you can get it!

Have a Red Balloon Drop from the Ceiling.

1. Encase your balloons in a large black or clear garbage bag on a ceiling wall
2. Tape around the outside to seal the balloons but leave a little length of tape for your little one to pull on
3.  Pull the tape and watch the balloons drop and the fun begin

Always incorporate music (any children's CD) would work.

I guarantee the party will be more rewarding for all if you add just a few personal touches.

Where in the hell is Tazewell County?

For those of you who are wondering ... where in the hell is Tazewell County.. check it out!

And that is where my blog begins!