Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cowboy/Lone Ranger Kids Birthday Party

My little guy decided after seeing the previews to the new Lone Ranger Movie starring Johnny Depp (Yummy!!!) that he wanted a Cowboy themed Birthday Party!  I had 1 week and 1/2 to pull it all off.  Let me share with you ... that this is quickest I have ever put a party together and I had an amazing (at some points slightly stressful) time doing it!!!

The Invites we sent were completely general... because we were not sure if he wanted a certain theme or change is mind at least 20x (he is 3 years old turning 4... what do you expect)
So if you don't have a theme in mind... send a very cute but simple invite out that screams... 'IT's A BIRTHDAY PARTY ... LET's CELEBRATE'!!!

The Party Invite 

I used the Silhouette Cameo Cutter to Cut the Shapes for the Boxes

(Use adorable Birthday Party Scrapbook Paper that you can find at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Any Scrapbook Store)

 I used Avery label Brown Circle 22808 to create a Label with Party Info 


Add Packaging Material of Your Choice
Include a Fun Treat for your Special Guest

 Let's Start with the Decor....

These adorable Posters are available at the Party Store Online.  I printed 8x10 Photo Sheets of the Birthday Boy in his Cowboy Attire making "Tough Guy" Faces.

I burnt the edges and Roughed up the Paper to create a Worn Look.

I used my Silhouette Cameo Cutter to cut shapes that I could tape around the house.  I loved having fun little mustache shapes on the mirrors.  I think little surprises for your guest are fun and unexpected!  

 Direct Your Guests with great cowboy signs using Cowboy Slang.  Show them the way to the Kitchen (Watering Hole) and the Indoor Outhouses (Bathroom)...

A great website that I used to find cowboy slang is ...

I put up some posters around the house.. to incorporate some fun facts and to get the kiddos to use Cowboy Slang during the party.

The Graphics I used were downloaded from the internet.  You can also purchase clip art cowboy graphics online. 

Since I didn't have a lot of time to scour the internet for some great cowboy party finds... I borrowed Cowboy boots from a wonderful fellow housewife and put them in places where they made a statement.

I found this amazing statement piece at a local party shop.  As you can see it is a Saloon Door Curtain.
You can purchase this Saloon Door Curtain at 

  The parents and the kids enjoyed walking through this fun curtain into the 'Water hole" for Food and Drinks. 

You can also find Great hanging Cowboy Party Decorations to hang from light fixtures and ceiling fixtures.

My suggestions for throwing together a last minute birthday bash.. USE what you have!!!  We had some fun horse riding toys to use.   Make them into a fun ride!!!  The kids won't know that its a dusty old toy in your storage closet... make it into a fun ride!

The kiddos named the Big Horse and were convinced it was a super new fun ride that I purchased for the party.  However, it was a toy that they hadn't played with for a while and was put away due to inactivity.  NOW.. we fight over it!  

We are lucky to have an Art Room with an Actual School Chalk board.  I wrote a sweet message to the kids and parents letting them know of all that we have available for them to do at the party.  My suggestions would be to have a variety of options for those kids who shy away from the crowds and those that like a little more hands on play.  

I collected paper grocery bags throughout the week.  The parents helped make Sheriff Vests with the kids.  

Just cut some Cowboy Themed Shapes such as Sheriff Badges - Add Holes for the Head and Arms - Give them Coloring tools to color their adorable Cowboy Vests.

He loved decorating his vest and it was a nice break from all the playing activity in the playroom.

The Cowboy Dessert Table

My sister in law gave me the best idea to have Cowboy Chow.  It is a super easy recipe ... many people refer to it as Muddy Buddies or People Puppy Chow.  Here is a link to the traditional Muddy Buddy Recipe you can find on any Chex Cereal Box.

S'More Pops are the best.  I tweeked my recipe a bit.  Here is what I did to make the S'more Pops

1 Package of Extra Large Marshmallows

2 Bags of Light Cocoa Melting Chocolates

2 TBL Spoons of Shortening

1 Package of Graham Crackers

4 TBL Spoons of Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar

2 Packages of White Lollipop Sticks
(24 Total)

Crush 4-5 Graham Crackers in a Ziplock Bag.  Add 2 TBL Spoons of the Turbinado Sugar and Shake.
Melt a Handful of Chocolate in a Glass Bowl with 1TBL Spoon of Vegetable Shortening.  WATCH the chocolate and Stir about every 20 seconds on High in the microwave.  Be careful NOT to Burn.  Dip end of stick into the chocolate and then stick the chocolate end into the marshmallow.  Dip the top part of your marshmallow into the chocolate ... then before it hardens dip it into the Graham Cracker/Sugar Mixture.  Let stand.  Wrap with Candy Wrapping Bags and Tie Tightly.  Marshmallows will harden up if not sealed appropriately.

I love my Cake Pops .. because they are similar to the Push Up Pops that we had as a kid.  However, the Jars require a small cupcake (NOT a Standard Size Cupcake).   They are alot of work to put together but soooooo much fun!!!!  

Create your choice of small cupcakes.  Cut into 4's.  Create royal icing using Jess' Butter Cream Recipe.

Jess' Butter Cream Recipe

2 Sticks of UN Salted Butter
3 Tbsp Meringue Pwder
2 LB of Powdered Sugar - SIFTED
4 TBSP Clear Vanilla Extract
1 TBSP Clear Almond Extract 
Pinch of Salt
Water as need to thin (1 tsp at a time)

Mix all wet ingredients until well blended.  Add in dry ingredients a little at a time- mixing in between.  Use 1 tsp of water if the frosting is too thick.

Layer the icing in between the cupcake.

Last but not least the favors to give away!!!


The favors were my FAVE!!!

Red bandanas, Lone Ranger Black Mask, Squirt Guns, Sheriff Badges and Chocolate Rolos and Nuggets.  Tootsie Roll Pops and Lots of Bag Filler.  All can be purchased at Party City.

My most favorite Sign was the Lone Ranger Creed. 

It has an amazing message to all kids and I love that I could incorporate it into the party!

I hope you have an amazing Cowboy themed bday party .. and please send me your pics!!!


  1. Where did you find the cowboy cutouts and paper? Thank you :) Doing a Lone Ranger party for my soon to be 8 year old

    1. Cowboy Cutouts were made on a Silhouette Cutting Machine. I highly recommend. Download Cowboy Images from the Silhouette Image Website and use Scrapbook Paper purchased from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Super fun cutouts and a great way to extend your party decorations throughout the house. Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much for the ideas! Just did a Lone Ranger party for 7, and your ideas were a big help


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