Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY Dr. Suess Burlap Framed Wood Art

How to Make a Dr. Suess Burlap Framed Wood Art

What you will need:

Cameo Silhouette Cutting Machine (or Circuit)
Vinyl Wall Adhesives on a Roll (Solid Black)
Silhouette Scraper Tool
Tacky Glue (In case you have trouble with the letters not sticking to the Burlap)
A sheet of Burlap Paper - You can find at any Hobby Lobby or Michaels (Scrapbook Section)
A Frame of your Choice

Download Dr. Soos Font Type or I used Marker Felt in Silhouette Font Section

Make sure to make the first letter of Each Sentence a slightly larger font.

Cut the Font out on the Vinyl Adhesive using your Cameo.  
Carefully position the letters onto the burlap using the scraping tool.

Use the glass inside the frame as a guide to centering your words and letters.  

Cut your excess edges and place into frame.

I found a 8x10 print with exact same font type and wording for $20.  The print cost me around $5.00 to make.  The frame can be purchased at Michaels.  It is an adorable addition to any nursery or can be used for any Dr. Suess themed party.

DIY Truffula Trees or Truffula Flowers (Dr. Suess' The Lorax)

Making Truffula Trees from Dr. Suess' THE LORAX ... is super easy and SUUUPPPER CUTE!!

First things first

Purchase List

1.  Spanish Moss
2. One Large Clay Flower Pot
3.  Floral Foam Topiary with Wooden Dowel and Base
4.  Floral Tape - Brown and White
5.  Clear Tacky Glue
6.  Scissors
7.  (2) Long Boa Strands

 First wrap the wooden dowel with the White Floral Tape

The tape will stick to the dowel and there will be no need for Tacky Glue

Wrap the brown tape over the white tape leaving a gap between each wrap.

Glue along crease of the topiary foam sphere and begin wrapping your boa around the seam of the sphere.

Wrap the boa til the end finishes in the middle of the sphere.  Secure the end with tacky glue and begin wrapping the other side of the sphere.  You will have a full fuzzy top that resembles a Truffula Tree or Truffula Flower.