Thursday, November 28, 2013

Creative Chicks in Central Illinois- Featured Female who Lives fabulously and is in touch with her creative soul!

SOOOO Excited to Annouce this weeks First Featured Creative Chick!!!

An amazing artist and designer .....

Angey Leaf

Owner and Designer of Right * Hand * Projects!

Angey's Gauged Hoops and Clay Earrings are available in Local Galleries throughout the Peoria/Central Illinois area.  

The detail and artistry is in the design of her one of a kind pieces.  

For those of you who have beautifully pierced ears that are a work of art and are in need of an amazing jewelry adornment.. check her out at 

Looking for a Graphic Design Artist who can create amazing Logos for your business or organization? Angey Leaf has worked with businesses and well known organizations throughout Central Illinois.

Some of work includes Graphic Design for One World Restaurant in Peoria, Illinois as well Cj's Cafe in Pekin.

To add to her list of talents... she is an amazing Artist with Beautiful pieces of Art to Display in anyone's home or work.

Contact Angey Leaf today owner and designer of Right * Hand * Projects at

Angey Leaf - 309 - 750 - 4822

Thank you Angey for being our First Fabulous Creative Chick!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BIG ANNOUCEMENT - Annie Sloan Stockist Contest!!!! $1500 in Prizes

For those of you familiar with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Product line... IT IS AMAZE-BALLS!!

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT.... Again it is amazeballs!!  Let me share with you info about the product line.

It is a paint product that can be used on virtually any and everything.  Do you have an old hutch, console, bedroom headboard, end table, picture frame... that you just can't part with but loathe the scratched up wood or faded color?  This paint is an easy to use... NO Sanding required ... and the finished product will make you want to paint more and more things around your house.

Annie Sloan has also expanded on their product line with amazing stencils, paint rollers, finishing products to accent carved designs as well as beautiful fabric.

You can see the variety of colors to work with.  Apply clear and dark wax and the color takes on a whole other look.

I am super excited to Announce that Annie Sloan is having a contest for her most treasured customers... YOU COULD BE ONE!!!!

Head to your local Annie Sloan Stockist and snap a pic of yourself in front of their Annie Sloan Display.  Upload your pic to Annie Sloan's Facebook Page (AnnieSloanUnloaded) .... get as many likes as you can to win....

$1500 in Annie Sloan Products!!!

Hey Central Illinois Your Stockist is 

Second Betty 
318 S. Main Street
Morton, Illinois 61550
(309) 321-8417

Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Saturday 

Sign up to FOLLOW me and Comment Below Your Facebook Page and THE RHOTC will Like your Facebook Pic to help with your Campaign to Win $1500 in Annie Sloan Products!!!

Best of Luck and Happy Painting!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A How to Host a Baby (BABEE) Bee Shower for your little Mommy of a Baby to Bee

A BaBee Shower...

French BA' BEE Shower 

Ideas.... I D E A S ....

Having a BEE themed Baby Shower.... go the distance .. host a French themed bee shower.

First thing is first... Start shopping for French Bee Themed Items.

French Bee Design

1.  Utilize a Clip art or Design like you see above.

2.  Pick Soft Yellows, Browns, Dark Greys, Off Whites Tones in Fabrics and Ribbons

3.  Burlap - Burlap Wide Ribbon for Table Runners, Potato Sack Material, Burlap String and Burlap Fabric can be purchased at any local fabric store.

4.  Clear Vases and Jars for Displaying brightly colored candy

5. Topiaries and Yellow Sunflowers, Daisies and wispy grass for centerpieces

6.  Wooden Baskets

7. Focal Points for Your Guests to Admire the Expectant Mommy to Bee

Greenery Purchased at Walmart for $5.99 per sunflower

Banner and Paper Items can be purchased as a bundle which includes

1. Mommy Advice Cards
2. Thank You notes
3. Bottle Wrappers
4.  Banners 
5. Bee Table Tags
6.  Candy Wrapper 

Wooden Baskets to Display Gifts or Use for Housing Diapers for the Mommy to Bee

Purchase This Basket at your Local HomeGoods

Yellow Puffs and Yellow Paper Laterns accented with Bee (Jolee's Scrapbook Stickers) Stickers from Michaels Hobby Store

Purchase at Your Local Party Store


TO Create adorable Bee Accents....

Grab some foam balls, Use acrylic Paint and create bee stripes in Yellow and Black, Add Thick Black Jewelry Wire, Shape into Wings and Antennas and Voila' ... Decorate your Bee Figures

GO BEE Crazy Over the Dessert Table

Candies in Yellow Wrappers 
Lemon Heads
Yellow Sugar Pops
Carmel and Chocolate Wrappers
Yellow and White Candy Sticks
Yellow Wrapped Saltwater Taffy

Add Lemon and Chocolate Macaroons

Idea for a BEE Hive Cupcake came from

We had a local Chicago Baker Create 

Chocolate Cupcakes
Hexagon Sugar Cookies with Raw Sugar Topping
Caramel Frosting
Caramel Glaze in a Bag and added as accents in the corners of Sugar Cookies
Created Chocolate Melts French Bee Shapes

(Print out a French Bee on a piece of paper, lay your wax over the paper, melt chocolate and trace shape, Allow to Dry, remove cooled chocolate bee shape and place around dessert items)

This Cake WAS BEE- UTIFUL!!!

Contact Your Local Baker for  an Amazing Bee Themed Cake ........

Here is our Bee -UTIFUL Mommy to Bee in Full Bloom!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Patty M Clothing in Morton!!! A LOCAL Treasure for your little fashionista!!

NOT only do we have an amazing Local Photographer in Central Illinois that has a super fun studio with amazing backgrounds and outdoor scenic options for your next family photo shoot... BUT she has an amazing line of children's clothing that is completely affordable and unique.

All photos are courtesy of Patty M Children's clothing collection

Her hours are limited due to her busy photography schedule..


Her Studio is located 330 South Main Street in Morton

Like her on Facebook to get the deals and the special store hours throughout the week.

Patty M Clothing also sells these amazing wraps that you or your child could wear. 

Here you can see wraps that your child can wear around the waist or has statement hair pieces.

In addition, they have women's scarves available as well as totes for the fabulous hard working everyday mommy!

Go check out Patty M Clothing in Morton and you will find treasures as well as where to get your next family photo shoot!!