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Holistic Versus the Wholly Medicated - Part 2 - Must Read

The "Ah-HA's" and "Go To's" and Beyond!!

My recent visit to my OB-GYN and a first visit to a newly established local M.D.  gave me an 
Ah Ha moment.

Let me first give you three words that describe my life as a mother of three and a bustling everyday schedule.. exhaustion, sometimes stress and more exhaustion.  I am not alone in my thoughts and I know that others have it way worse.. but IT is what it is!  

I love my job as a stay at home mom (See previous posts on the job we do as stay at home moms) but it is an underpaid, non self serving .. and can be completely exhausting somedays...

AGAIN ... I love it and LOVE being a MOM!

However, when you have sleepless nights, bags under your eyes and you find yourself at the brink of utter exhaustion.  You look for a magic pill to give you that extra kick that you need (NOT taking about the heavy drug stuff).  So in my effort to establishing a new doctor and going through my everyday routine with the nurse.  This is the convo I had...

Nurse                                                     Me 

Sleep Schedule?                                  Any given night a good 4-6 hours 

Appetite Good or Bad?                      Ummm I eat maybe one time a day and it's
                                                              usually standing up and feeding someone else. 

Do you drink water?                          Does Diet Soda and Coffee Count? 

Stress Levels?                                      Does Screaming at your kids in the morning to         
                                                              get ready for school a normal stress or a high 
                                                             stress?  I don't know but trying to beat the clock       
                                                             every morning is a stressful task in our house.

After the awesome Q & A with the nurse and the doctor, the conclusion was a prescription for Anti-Anxiety pills.  Now.. for those who know me.. I am a slightly high strung individual and I could probably use a little help from my pharmaceutical friends. 

However, I don't think the solution should be popping a pill to put me in a comatose state to deal with my temporary crazy life. 

Why is it that Doctors instantly go to a quick fix?

I am not judging those that need some help in this department and I strongly believe that medicines do help those who truly need the help.
And I don't advocate anyone who has a major illness to stop their meds and begin a search for that perfect herbal remedy.  

Which takes me slightly off course in this blog, but I wanted to share a completely fascinating case that relates to those crazipants that go to the extreme of taking matters/health care into their own hands and ended up paying the price...

I heard the CRAZIEST story the other day about a MUMMIFIED Corpse that lived in a home for many years before discovery by the police.   
The Mummified Man, Carl Stevens, was convinced to stop taking his insulin and meds for his severe diabetes, to try a more holistic approach to control his diabetes through herbal supplements.  He died due to complications of diabetes that could have been avoided through medical interventions and his family mummified and staged him in their home for many years.   
Click here for a Case Study on Carl Stevens, Mummified Corpse Died due to Holistic Practices

CRAZY right.. This is an extremely ODD case but the point is .. take your meds for major illnesses and don't go the holistic approach unless you have had consultations with physicians that have had success in managing major illnesses.  

Getting back on track.....

As far as those moms and dads that are exhausted, tired and stressed from everyday life .. there are so many ways to control stress levels through diet, herbal supplements and different types of breathing and exercise techniques.

This is an amazing book that discusses - The Amino Acid Diet

Take a questionaire to learn about how chemical receptors in your brain make cause you to have surges of high aniexty and depression

Click here to determine what is affecting your mood! - Questionnaire

For many women who have experienced childbirth.  There are many changes in our bodies and in our brains.  What we put in our bodies affects everything on the cellular level.  We regenerate our cells daily and as our bodies heal from such an rigorous energy burning process of bearing and birthing a child.  We need to heal from the inside out.

A wonderful natural product on the market that aides in cellular regeneration and helps with mood modulating activity is Neuro-5-HTP Plus

Click here Biotics Research Neuro 5 HTP Plus

In addition to Biological Supplements, there are techniques to help with re-directing and focusing on the stressors in our lives.

Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig provides healing techniques that uses your body's natural stress reduction points to produce rapid change.

Tapping methods are a quick and healing method to channel stressors and have helped in areas such as pain, fears, addictions and cravings, weight issues, insomnia and emotional stress.

For Local Central Illinoisans looking for  a Naturopathic or Integrative Health Practices Physicians.  I strongly recommend a FABULOUS highly experienced practitioner in the Chicagoland Area.

Dr. Judy Fulop

She works with her patients to mend at the cellular level.  I have had experience with her practices and can strongly recommend her services.

A lot of great information for those who would love to find an alternative solution to our everyday Western medicine practices.

Good luck in your path of healing and remember to stay healthy and Live FABULOUSLY!!!

Holistic versus Wholly Medicated. Part 1 - Great Read!

First of all.. let me start off by saying I am not a doctor nor a person of medical education background.  I am merely a patient and person who has medical frustrations and are looking for alternative solutions

My Background:

I was a pharmaceutical sales representative for a major Pharma/Bio Medical Company.  I sold a range of products for blood pressure, pain, thyroid management, lab testing and instrumentation.  I was trained in the world of pharma and believed the hype of drugs and it's wonders.  However, I also knew of the possible side effects and long term use on major organs.

With that being said..

I will begin with 'The Patient"

As a 30 something adult.. who ever thinks they need medical care other than an occasional Z-pak from your Med Pointe or Prompt Care?  I was that Patient who graduated from my pediatric doctor (like 17 years ago and never looked back) and found myself in the stirrups once a year at my OB-GYN's office.

I think my doctor thought it was crazy that I never had a "primary care" physician.  She didn't ask why and I didn't think to ask for a referral.

Now after 3 kiddos, I find myself "SEARCHING" and hoping that I get taken as a "new patient" before 2015.  The other issue I am running into is knowing ... "WHO are the good ones and how do I get into see the doctor sooner than 2 years from now??"

Websites like

Local Web MD

Give Prospective Patients an idea on local doctors, their specialities, and overrall patient experiences.

If you are new to the area, it can be extremely difficult to know where to go and how to establish a  primary care physician.

My other suggestions would be to contact your local hospitals and ask nurses and staff to provide a list of doctors that you can contact for a potential family practitioner.

The one interesting thing I found ....

Parents .. if your child goes to a pediatrician, keep your visits for your child to a minimum at your established family practitioner.  When there are too many chiefs deciding over the route of health care for your child, the water gets muddy and feet get trampled.  If you are not confident in your pediatric doctors decisions, then ask for a referral to a specialist.  It will make things easier for you and it will keep consistency in the health care for your child.  

My second blog will discuss more about the "GO To's" and the "Ah HA's" in healthcare and taking matters into your own hands!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ELf on a SHelf - Love all his silly tricks and debauchery!!


Getting Cheeky with Barbie!

Tea Time with Mary Cicely Flower Fairy Doll Tea Set and Barbie

I think the higher the places he can be the better!!  Love IT!!!

This was amazing to watch ... when we turned the fan on low.. it really was quite a sight to see "Buddy" our elf.. flying around the fan!!!

Super fun ways to get creative with that elf!  

More elf pictures to come!

New ONE!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fabulous- Santa Has a Message for YOU!!


For those little believers.. Do you want your little one to receive a message directly from Santa?

Here is the best tool on the internet to convince that the NORTH POLE and Santa CLAUS are for REAL!!

CLICK on the Link Below

It's WONDERFUL because IT's Free
It's fun to watch their faces light up when Santa Says there Name

Select Get Started 
Fill Out the Blanks Provided 

If you want to take it a step further, have Santa give your child a call on your cell or Home phone.

Here is a service that charges $2.49 per call 

What wonderful tools that keep your kiddos believing in the 
Spirit of Santa and His Magical Elves!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A PAY it FORWARD thank you to my FIRST Housewife Guest BLOGGER!

Hey I need all the help I can get these days!  It takes a VILLAGE!!  So.. additional blogging topics are always loved, cherished and much MUCH Appreciated!!!

My fellow Housewife Blogger hails from Central Illinois and shares common housewife tips and tricks! 

 Here is just a snippet of what she is all about:

Mary is a Catholic wife and mother to three wonderful children.  She is dedicated to making her chosen vocation of motherhood fun, creative, and ultimately successful, one step at a time.   

Here is the first of her blog offerings for those Mommies who are in search of a great organization to donate those "LOVED and CHERISHED but NEED A NEW HOME".


Pay it Forward Morton and Surrounding Areas
 We have been spending a lot (a whole lot) of time indoors lately.  I have been getting the itch to get rid of a few things before bringing out all of the Christmas decorations.  I normally stop at Goodwill and toss out my castaways and then move on to the next errand, not really giving it a second thought. 
 Recently, I stumbled upon the Face Book Group “Pay it Forward Morton and Surrounding Areas.”  This a group where there are two types of postings INO (in need of) and OFFER.  If you have something that you think others could use more than yourself, make an offer.  No money exchanges hands, people who need your item will make arrangements for pick up.
 Reading just a few of the in need of posts is humbling.  Do you have 3 baby bouncy seats and one baby booty?  That new single mom would love to have a place to rest her baby.  How about the set of drapes that just weren’t your thing anymore?  Maybe someone in need could use them to help slow down the drafts from an old leaky window and save on heating costs this winter.  How about that extra winter coat that you have not worn in 3 years?  Your extras may meet someone’s needs.
 I encourage you to check it out, maybe even get your kids involved in meeting someone’s ‘in need of’ request.  What a great lesson in charity to kick off this holiday season!       


Click here for Pay it Forward Morton and Surrounding Areas Facebook Page   



Pay It Forward Morton and Surrounding Areas

We are so excited to be able to form this group through Facebook! This is 
a group to help one another in our own areas (and this includes Morton and ALL surrounding areas). :) Toms Shoes and ecojot are just two organizations that pay it forward. Now you can make it personal and pay it forward, as well!!

The goal of this group is to help one another. Even if you are the one in need, there is probably something you have, or can do, to help someone else. You aren't "needy" just because someone has something you can use. This can be an item or a service.

We all are in this group for the same purpose; to help one another. We are Christians who believe that we are to LOVE one another... helping one another is such an easy way to show Christ’s love.

Always remember... this is VOLUNTARY... so please:
Be Kind
Be Respectful

You can list your need by placing an INO (In Need Of) OR you can OFFER what service or item you have to give. Please remember to delete your INO when you find it and delete your item or service once you have provided it. This will allow the site to flow more smoothly.

If a problem arises, please try to work it out privately. If you feel it cannot be resolved, feel free to contact an administrator (Kelly Papproth Knepp, Bree Anne Rassi, Randi Kohtz, and Ann Neavor) to try to help resolve the issue.

Personal Messages (PM's) which include your phone number, car make/model and color and/or address are helpful. We do not think posting this information directly to the site is a good idea. And PLEASE do not post time and place of pick up on site. SAFETY needs to be of utmost concern.

Administrators are here to facilitate the site and are not responsible for any personal interactions, either in gains or losses.

God bless you all for becoming a part of this group/team!! What an awesome gift you are giving and hopefully receiving as well :)

NO animals are to be asked for or offered please :)

Tis the Season to Give and Share with those in need of your knowledge, your ideas and

Great IDEAS from a Fellow FABULOUS Housewife!

FABULOUS Christmas Party Invite Idea

 Cookies with Santa 

DIY Holiday Party Invitations

Its that time again where tinsel hangs from the tree, holiday cheer is in the air and holiday parties are underway.  Here is a fabulous idea that I do every year that can easily be done with very little moolah!!!

How to Throw a SANTA Claus ho-ho-ho-down!!

First... Book your Santa !!!  - Choose a willing Santa Claus to play the part. 
Rent a Costume or Purchase at Any local Costume Shop

***Central Illinoisians****

A great Place to Rent a Regal Santa Claus Costume is at 

Decide Date and Time 


For example:

COOKIES with Santa

"Put on Your Pajamas
And Settle In 
Santa Is Making a Stop at 
The JOHNSON's Home Again."

Make it fun and Have the Kids come in Fun Holiday Pajamas

Pajamas Can Be Purchased Through Websites like

Or Places like the Company Store

ADD A Special Note FOR PARENTS:  

Ask Parents to Secretly Bring One Labeled Wrapped Present Per Each Child to be Given to Your Child From Santa 

Don't over DO it!!! Keep it Simple and Follow Theme 

Ask Parents to Partake in a Cookie Exchange by providing a Dozen Homemade Cookies

*Which Saves you on Preparing a Bunch of Food and Snacks*
*Provides a Fun Conversation Between Parents to Talk about Cookie Recipes*
*Great Take Away from Party*

Provide Cookie Boxes

Provide Snack Table for Kids
Great Ideas on Pinterest for Finger Snacks for Kids

Provide a Cookie Plate for Kids and Milk Drinks with Fun Festive Straws 

Provide Entertainment for Kids 

Great Games for Holiday Parties 

I love The Night Before Christmas Musical Chairs Idea

Or Santa Says


Here is a Simple BUT Fun way of Creating an Adorable Ginger Bread Man Ornament

Cork Board Ginger Bread Men Ornaments

Purchase  A roll of Cork Board At Any Local Craft Store

Use a Large Ginger Bread Man Cookie Cutter to Trace Shapes

Decorate Gingerbread Man with Elmers Glitter Glue Sticks
Silver Trim

(Great Project to Do with the Kids)

Use Standard Hole Puncher and String Christmas Gift Trim through for String to Hang Ornament


Create Official Invite 

Purchase Clear Gift Bags

Add Decorative Gift Filler 

Sprinkle Candy Canes
Hersey Kisses 
Any Wrapped Sweet Treat
In the Bag

Add Gingerbread Ornament

The Official Cookies with Santa Christmas Party Invites are Ready to Be Mailed

Another Adorable Option would be to make 
the Old Fashion Gingerbread Men Ornaments 

Made from The Following Ingredients

1 Part AppleSauce

11/2 Parts Cinnamon

A Dash of Ground Jamaican AllSpice

1/2 Part Elmers Glue

Decorate as you would the Cork Gingerbread Ornaments



Holiday Parties Are Upon Us.. Keep it simple but



Friday, November 9, 2012

The Original Real Housewives!! Hilarious!


This blogging stuff has been so much fun and I have had some great ideas from all over the place.  A wonderful Fellow Housewife has offered her ideas to share on topics that I haven't even explored!  

I can't wait to announce and post her very informative and engaging blog ideas.  

She has three beautiful children and has many great ideas to share on parenting, organization of home, thoughts and ideas.  


We can all use a little help these days and I appreciate any offerings or "Pay it forward" of the knowledge that has been giving to you.. to give to the rest of us!!!  

If you are interested in being a guest blog or have a great blog that you enjoy reading... please contact me at


Got a really Great Blog to share with you from a Lovely Housewife!!

Jody Myers a local Tazewellian Housewife.. has great recipe ideas, appetizer ideas to share!

For those ladies and gents, who have requested a sharing of recipes ... I invite you to check out her awesome blog and share the knowledge that you have or "PAY IT FORWARD!"

Thank you for the SHARE!!!  HAPPY BLOGGING!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


This the CHEAPEST Therapy you will FIND!!!  Share and PAY IT FORWARD!

Let's help each other out!!

I want to HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Your tips and secrets into maintaining a happy home, happy mommy, happy daddy and happy life!

Any advice to share regarding...


(tips strategies tackling laundry... organization... housekeeping... etc... etc...)
(Who is in charge of what?   Inside versus the outside)
(How do you Address if someone is not doing "their Job" with home maintaining)

BATTLES with your kiddos

(The terrible twos, way terrible threes.. and so on and so on)

(Discussions on dealing with peers and friends at school)

(Setting boundaries...curfew, establishing the friends list.... etc... )


(THE financial Talk.. how to approach it delicately.. do you have a system in place for managing those pesky bills, gifts purchases, kids clothing.. etc.....)

(THE sex talk.. who wants it... who is not getting it.. how to keep it hot... EVERYONE loves this topic!!!  Want to hear how you maintain the fire!)

(THE Talk... how do you communicate with your significant other?... do you go at each other?  

Are you passive aggressive communicator... (for those who don't understand this concept.. Example:  You are angry.. and you are slamming doors.. you are completely ignoring your significant other.. AND ... when your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend asks "Is there something wrong?"  you respond "Nope.. everything is fine!"  ... that is a clear cut example of Passive Aggressive-ness)

Do you bottle it up and until you are ready to explode?

Do you sink it down deep?

Or are you SO awesome at Communicating that you need to share your method?????

(THE friend Debate - how to establish couple friends.. I hear this all the time.. my husband doesn't like hanging out with my best friend's husband... etc.... etc... etc... ) How do you overcome these ridiculous debates???

BATTLES with the IN laws or Extended Families

(tips on managing the holiday swap or HOLIDAY party debacle)
(Are you newly married and trying to blend into the family dynamic.. what are you struggles or triumphs.. WOULD BE Great to hear from MOTHER in LAWS or FATHER in LAWS on how to have a welcoming and loving family dynamic)

(Cultural differences or social differences - Marrying into a different race? YOUR experiences!!  LOVE LOVE TO HEAR!

Social Differences - Marrying Same Sex?  Your obstacles and how did you overcome gaining acceptance.  LOVE THESE STORIES from both sides!  Please PLEASE share!

IF you want to make it anonymous.. please send me your story to share at my email:

(BATTLES with MAMA or PAPA Bear. (the head honcho of the family) ... do you set boundaries .. do you fight tooth and nail on everything?  )

BATTLES with the Grandkids.. how to spread the love or up the ante on giving more of your time and love.  HOW to make it count?  Are you a gift giver or a time giver with the grandbabies?

LOVE any feedback besides.. you won't find this type of info on PINTEREST!

PAY it forward.. besides you may help someone out who is looking for answers or comfort in knowing that he or she isn't the only one dealing with these HOT TOPICS!!!

Keep it simple but keep it FABULOUS!!!!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!!

  Have you ever looked at that old coffee table and thought.. I need to get rid of it ... it doesn't match any of my living room furniture or decor?

Are YOU Sick to death of those 1980's oak cabinets in your kitchen but just don't have the time or resources to re-finish or replace?

Are you loving the distressed look of furniture these days in big name furniture stores such as Ethan Allan, Hardware Restoration or Ballard Designs?

Thank you to Second Betty Vintage Living Shop  in Morton, Illinois for introducing me to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Product Line .  My eyes are wide open to all the possibilities of refinishing furniture WITHOUT any sanding or priming!!!

The colors are endless and the waxes for finishing are rich and buttery and create beautiful finishes.

Let the PAINT Show BEGIN

Ok so I decided to tackle our Lake Home master bathroom it had a basic oak bathroom cabinet countertop and mirror cabinet.  OK.. I immediately ripped the mirror cabinet out but decided to "Annie Sloan Chalk" Paint the base in the color Old White.    Check out the transformation.

The finished product took less than 4 hours from start to finish and NOW  I love LOVE LOVE the ornate detail on the front of the cabinets.

My second project was the Second Bathroom at the Lake home and I love the Paris Grey Paint but decided to do a light Old White Dry brush top coat.  It's still a work in progress but it is way better than the mission style oak cabinet look.

Skies the limit! -  On the types of finishes and the wonderful techniques to create dimension and the "Distressed" look.  Thanks to Second Betty in Morton, I was able to learn some different types of techniques on how to work with the wood and bring out the uniqueness of our furniture pieces.

I have just begun the process of refinishing the Lake Home Kitchen cabinets to give it a more "Cottage Chic" look.  I think the change in finish from Oak to Old White Ivory in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has given me the confidence that you DON'T have to spend an arm and leg to update a piece of furniture or an entire set of kitchen cabinets.

Here is just a sneak peek of the process ...

(All in all if I were to start and finish my entire kitchen it would take me no longer than 2 days at most.)

YES... it is an amazing product and It cuts out so many steps and creates such beautiful finishes!  

Stay tuned for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the Walls