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Ok a little personal but with lots of humor. Many of you that know me or are sweet enough to tune into reading a least the first paragraph of my blog know that I do a lot of making fun of myself. For example, I am the first to admit that I have dabbled in about every trade known to man minus stripping and prostitution (despite the rumors), will start a project and most of the time never finish it, embrace having a slightly larger noggin for my petite frame and will admit to being slightly dense a time or two.

However the one thing that has taken somewhat of personal toll on me is my ever deflating balloons that I once had on my chest.   Let me just give you the run down of the personal war that my body has engaged in Over the past 5 1/2 years. My first pregnancy brought an additional 70 plus weight gain.   My body took on a whole new persona of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.  Bed rest, toxemia.. and lots of indulging made it a rough start into post part "Uh- um" weight loss.

My boobs looked like two 15 lbs hams laid across the top of my chest.  Fifty pounds, many weight watchers meetings later, and one child that I am trying to keep alive through my Breast milk, my breast began to take on a whole new life form. A lot less perk and a lot more loose skin.  My breast feeding bras could cloth a medium sized child.  Great visual huh?

Now .. 3 kids later ...yo yo pregnancy weight to almost back to my Size 2/4.  My breasts went from a DD to a slightly sad "B-ish" cup.  NOW.. many who have small breasts would say... Embrace your new body.. you can fit into more tops and your body will appreciate less weight to have to lug around.

Here is my reply..."As a person who had large breasts with a nice long cleavage line.. to now .. a lifeless mound of skin draped across the top of my stomach, I miss them and I want them back.  It's NOT the same and for my body type.. larger slightly perky breasts are what my body needs.  I have a very short torso and am vertically challenged.. so perky boobs are my only saving grace."

 Women don't talk about the insecurities of boob loss!


I am an open book and have no problem talking about boob loss.  It sucks!  

Boobs are apart of every day American Culture!  Boobs can make or break a body type!  Let's look at Celebrities.. shall we?

Pamela Anderson 
(Her Boobs were her only saving grace)

Victoria Beckham
(Petite Figure and the boobs gave her a little something extra to fill out her tiny little wardrobe)

One of the Williams Sisters
(A wonderful lift along with a breast implant made a HUGE difference in how her clothes fit on her and how she carries herself - CASE in point... her tennis outfits became a lot more revealing up top)

Going in for a Breast Lift and/or Implant for Celebrities is like going in for Dental Work.  It is maintenance and apart of the norm in their everyday lives.

Sooo why is this not the norm for your everyday housewife whom mass produced the next generation? 
I say.... include it into our benefits package of being a Mom of Multiple Children.  

This is a fun topic to discuss with other Moms.. because many would LOVE LOVE to have new boobs!!  Some... have even stashed cash in their Secret COOKIE Jar FUND.. to save up for that day when they grow some balls and make an appointment to get them done.  

AND A FEW... (shhhhhhhh...) secretly celebrate every day in the mirror jiggling their shiny new boobs!  

CHEERS!!!  Cheers to those brave mommies and women who say "F@#% it, I'm done feeling like every bra I put on I have to scoop them up and shape them to look like a boob or I'm done walking around with my shoulders slumped forward and arms crossed across my chest because my boobies are embarrassing to look at."

I understand ... judgement is such a harsh reality and that is what women worry about.  The judgment of why they chose to get their breast done.. why they decided to take it to the next level for vanity sake. 

UMMMMM I say let them judge!!

It's my body and it is something that I decided for me!  

If I've paid $6,000-$8,000 for shiny new boobs... I would be walking up to strangers on the street asking them if they want to feel or look.  My excitement of getting a new pair would be bursting from my ear drums.  Friends who speculate... staring ...trying to "Clark Kent" (Xray Vision) through my shirt...

I would exclaim...."Yes, YES... they are fake, perky, round and fully worth the price and pain!"

No SHAME in wanting change something about yourself to make you feel better about you!

That goes for any cosmetic surgery etc.

Quick Story:  (I was in a well known makeup boutique a few weeks ago and I was discussing with the sales lady about the ads that they had in their mailer regarding Botox.  There were a few other patrons in the store.. so our conversation was resonating throughout the building like a loud speaker.  Women were tuned in ready to hear the next sentences out of my mouth.  I explained to the lady that I was interested and wanted to know the details.   She quietly said to me...."You know once you start botox you will need to invest in it for a lifetime for up keep." She explained quietly that she had done it before and that it is definitely something she wasn't prepared to keep up with.  She was probably in her late 50's.  Discreetly trying to keep our conversation  between her and I.  I responded.. "HEY, whatever I need to do prepare myself for inevitable signs of aging... I am going to do it with momentum."  I guess I could buy the most expensive creams but if I really want to be serious about it... botox sounds to be a hard hitting attack against wrinkles."  Women began taking interest in the conversation and a few came up to  talk to the lady about anti aging options.  I found it interesting because as soon as a few others were listening some of the 20 year old sales ladies were excitedly explaining how they started BOTOX early to get a jump on it.  The whole store seemed interested in wanting to talk about it by the time I was leaving but initially were on egg shells when the conversation was brought up)

I don't understand how BOTOX, Cosmetic Surgery and Breast Augmentation can be such a taboo topic of conversation?

Breast Surgery is a major thing to think about for women!  It is something that many are reluctant to have done because of the botched jobs out there as well as the pain!  

I have found that there are also many misconceptions as to how breast surgeries are performed as well as the up keep.  



Top 5 Breast Augmentation Myths
Breast augmentation today is much more commonplace than it was even just a decade ago. However, as common as breast enhancement has become, there are many myths and misconceptions that still surround the procedure. Many of the myths are born from rare, isolated instances, sensationalistic journalism, or simply outdated information. With this in mind, here are the top five breast augmentation myths:
Myth #1: Breast Implants Cause Cancer
This myth is untrue. Breast implants have never been scientifically linked to cancer. While some have said that implants lead to cancer, years of studies have failed to validate the theory. The implants on the market today are FDA approved safe, including the much publicized silicone gel implants.
Myth #2: Older Women Should Not Get Breast Implants
The truth is that women of any age are candidates for breast implants. Any prospective patient should consider their options in detail with a plastic surgeon first, but there is no reason that a 40 year-old woman would be an inferior candidate for implants than a 20 year-old.
Myth #3: Mammography is Not Possible with Breast Implants
The truth is quite often the opposite. Patients with silicone breast implants tend to get better results because of the use of the displacement technique, which involves x-ray rather than the traditional compression method.
Myth #4: Breast Implants Need to be Replaced Every Decade
The amount of time between breast implant replacements varies widely based on each individual patient. Some patients need to have their implants replaced after just a few years, while others will go a lifetime without replacing their implants. It depends on the patient and a host of medical variables.
Myth #5: Underwire Bras Cannot be Worn with Breast Implants
The truth is that breast implants will sag if they are not properly supported overtime. Breast implants, as with naturally large breasts, experience the best support with an underwire bra. This myth most likely developed from women not wanting to wear underwire due to the discomfort of doing so too soon after surgery. However, if you wait until you are properly and fully healed from your breast augmentation surgery you should not experience any discomfort.
Breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure, but as with any procedure there are risks involved. Taking time to speak with a local breast augmentation surgeon so you can separate facts from myths will help you prepare for your surgery. The more prepared you are going in the better your expected outcome will be.

I have learned the more you know and have been informed regarding Breast Augmentation .. the more you can decide if it is the right decision for you.

If you are at a crossroads and are serious about changing your physique... talk with someone who's been through it.  Get their experiences!!  WOMEN... Please don't be ashamed.. because there are many of us out there that just need the comfort in knowing that they have been through it and most of the time the result outweighs the pain.

I love to throw parties and once I take the plunge.. and get my SHINY New Pair!  

You better believe... I am throwing the biggest 

"I love MY NEW BOOBIES" A BOOBWARMING/ Coming Out Party!

Love to hear your experiences!!  Send me your story and/or thoughts!

(Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional and all information provided is purely opinion.  Please consult a doctor for any information regarding any medical procedure.  All images are pictures are googled search and provided by various websites.)

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Easter Mom and Daughter Style!!

Easter Mom and Daughter Style!!

Adorable Easter Outfits for the Kiddos