Friday, March 9, 2012

ATTENTION All RHOTC with Teen Drivers

Steer Straight Program To Encourage Safe Teen Driving

A great program for parents of newly licensed teenagers.  This program is based out in Massachusetts and parents decided to keep their kids in check by creating a hotline to call if you see a teenage driver who is driving unsafe.  I think this is a great idea.. since the percentage of teenage drivers killed yearly has steadily increased.


Click here to read some alarming statistics on Teenage Driving

Great bumper stickers to keep your kids in check behind the wheel!

Great idea for moms that want to report other unsafe teenage drivers.

This one is just for fun!

Reminder Frolic with The Fairies

Thursday, March 8, 2012

FABULOUS - Resume Examples and Tips for Back to Work Moms

RHOTC Amy ..."Tommy is entering high School... Sarah is in middle school and I am thinking about going back to work.  My resume is filed away and I am not sure how to make it shiny and new.  What do  I do?"

RHOTC Dawn... "First thing is first... you need to update your resume."

RHOTC Amy.... "How?... I have been out of the working world for so long... where do I go to update my resume and how do I word being a Stay at home mom, PTO President.. and Volunteer for the Red Cross to make it sound professional?"

2nd Case Scenerio.....

RHOTC Tina... "My husband and I are getting divorced.  I have been a stay at home mom for several years now and need to get back out and look for a job."

RHOTC Sandy... "Oh No!  Weren't you a professional sales person before Johnny and Susie were born?  Why not go back into sales or marketing?  Do you have a resume?"

RHOTC Tina... "Yes I was... I hope I can use my background to get back into this professional arena... how do I put my resume together since it has been so long?"

These are very realistic case scenerios and it can be very overwhelming getting back into the working world after being a stay at home mom for so long.

Here are some great websites for tips on resume building and entering back into the working world as a Stay at home Mom.

Click her for Monster Career Advice for Moms Returning to Work

Examples of Resumes for Moms going back to work

Best advice is to stay active while being a stay at home mom.  Get involved in your community, church and schools.  This will help with resume building as well as talking points with your prospective employment.  

In addition, being involved will aid in your children's social and community development!  You will be an example for your children as well as be involved in their everyday activities.

BE FABULOUS and BE Ready when you are Ready!


OK...  big news for a Local Tazewell Community!  Some RHOTC have collaborated on a great upcoming Arts Academy to be located in the heart of Morton.

The Inspired Art Academy will have many services offered..  such as 

Unique Dance Instruction Services with a developmental emphasis on early education children also they will be offering Mommy and Me Dance Classes.

Music Together with Julie K - will also be collaborating with this academy.  She is expanding her academy to engage the Tazewell Community.  Julie K is a local artist whom has a growing audience and following throughout Central Illinois.

An Art Celebration Program with instruction in a broad spectrum of art genres.  Their art curriculum will target children of all ages.  Stay tuned for an art class schedule.

Skies the limits for this studio!  They hope to add more opportunities to explore all FABULOUS areas of the arts!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DO Your kids get Motion/Car Sickness?

Do you or your little ones get motion sickness?

Riding in cars with little ones can be draining but .. what's causes the MOST anxiety is the unexplainable projectile vomiting that comes from your little one every time you accelerate onto the interstate.  

Stop dosing with dramamine and consider a Motion Sickness Wrist Band.  

Here is a great NATURAL product that has proven to help with car sickness.

Even consider SEA BANDS for those early first trimester Preggos that can't shake the morning sickies.


Helpful tips from One Exhausted Puked on RHOTC to another!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FABULOUS Face and Butt Towels!

Ok... we all have our shower rituals and hygiene techniques..

Let me share mine... I have a Norwex face cloth... obviously for my face... and a loofah/body sponge for the remainder.  My husband on the other hand.. finds a loofah... does ALL the body good.  (Insert laugh here)

 Let me explain that I keep my cleaning tools separate for a reason.  (There is a reason why we don't wash the dishes with the toilet bowl brush.... am I right???!!!)  YOU follow'in me?

SO... as I am surfing the deals on the internet I came across a great website that actually sells FACE and BUTT towels and soap bars.  AMAZING, right?!

Some RHOTC have even got creative and embroidered Butt and Face on hand towels just to keep it all straight!

Tells us your tail!  What do you do to keep you man's giblet gunk off your junk?


FABULOUS Brilliant Anniversary Present Idea for our Fellow RHOTC Husbands

Let me just say DIAMONDS Are a girls best friend!

This idea is genius!  For all you husbands that struggle finding the perfect anniversary or Valentine's gift...

Go to Roger at Roger Burke Jewelers in the Shoppes at Grand Prairie in Peoria  (Click here for Roger Burke Jewelers Information)... and ask for a tennis bracelet.. and talk to him about the genius idea of adding a diamond or precious stone to each link for every year that you and your beautiful wife have been married.  

It is never too late to start this beautiful gift! 

2 Reasons why this is a WIN WIN 

1.  Ya GET A DIAMOND every YEAR! (Also A great heirloom to pass down to your children)

2.  YOU - MY fellow Husband- ARE OFF the HOOK searching for the perfect gift to give to your deserving RHOTC

There are many styles to choose from and if your wife prefers a necklace .. Well... look into a beautiful tennis necklace! 

COME on HUSBANDS... take a tip from my RHOTC Husband.. this ideas is genius and it will save you your time and energy looking for that perfect present!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 Simple Health and Weightloss Tips for My RHOTC!

Take a tip from our fellow Vegan Housewives!

I have been consciousness of what I eat these days... Between gluten free meals... sugar free.. fat free.. probiotic enriched... etc etc... this RHOTC's head is about ready to spin right off!

I have found by limiting the amount of red meat and dairy I eat a week reduce the amount of sugar I put in my body...

I have more energy, less achy joints.. and less belly fat!

I have found a great substitute to most dairy products....

Check out a Great Dairy Alternative SO Delicious Coconut Milk

I also recommend to substitute your Sweetners.. and high Caloric Sugars to a wonderful natural alternative ...

You will see great benefits from these simple replacements in your daily diet!

This is a great Vegan website that has delicious vegan recipes and ideas...

The Hungry VEGAN

Happy Spring Dieting!