Friday, May 30, 2014

WEN is a WIN for POSTPartum Hair or That MID Thirties Hormone Mess of Hair

For those mommies who know what I am talking about when I say....

BOOBs need a lift
Everything Hangs a little lower these days
Bags Under the eyes - SLEEP deprivation!!!

So I went through about 2 years after my 3rd Pregnancy of Hormonal HAIR Hell!!!

HOW would I describe my hair pre-babies...

(Me aka The RHoTC) The goofball waving at the camera at Post Grad Commencement

Check out the sheen, the straight thick manageable locks that lay beautifully next to my melon.  Can you believe I used to complain about how hard it was to take care of... or that I just wanted a cute short bob like the lead singer of Wilson Phillips back in the 80's.  I pictured myself looking like BOZ from Some Kind of Wonderful .... short messy and multicolored.  (Insert Child of the 80's)  I laugh about it now... but .. WOW.. how I wish I could turn back time and slap myself in the face and say.....

"SNAP out of It"  (Classic Quote from Moonstruck) 

Now... Mid Thirties... 3 Babies later... this was my hair prior to using WEN:

Weird random curl, fuzzy strands, breakage, dry brittle hair.  It is amazing how hormones just reck havoc on hair, body and skin.

I had seen all these late night infomercials about Chaz Dean and his Wen Products.  I saw before and after results and I was desperate to try something to restore my old lifeless hair.

(Photo Image Courtesy of Wen Hair Care online)

I began with the Sweet Almond Mint Intensive Cream Conditioning Shampoo and LOVED it!!  

NOW.... It took me a weeks worth of using to get used to the NON-Lathering of this shampoo.  IT cleans despite clear evidence of a sudsy lather.  TRY it for a week and you will notice how WONDERFUL this product actually is.

Besides all the research I have found on soaps that lather and create intense bubbles are not good for the skin or the body.  

I recently went to a Girl Night Out and was delighted when a friend walked up to me and said....."YOU are a WEN girl, aren't you???"  You can spot them in a room.  

Healthy, full of life and a beautiful sheen!! That is how I can tell if someone is faithfully using WEN products by Chaz Dean.  

Ridiculous duck face pic - Me on the left -
Most recent pic I have of my WEN investment and I hope it shows that its paying off.

NOW... I am never going to have what I had in my 20's but I can work with what I got!!!  

Enjoy what you got today cause it could be gone tomorrow!!! 

Meanwhile USE WEN ....its a WIN!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Congratulations goes out to Second Betty for being the Featured Cover Story in Arts & Society!

Congratulations goes out to Second Betty on a wonderful article in this Month's Arts and Society Magazine.

What a wonderful article that details such a fabulous store in Morton and Peoria Heights!
I had the priviledge of learning how to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Cindy Davis (owner of Second Betty).  She has two locations and offers various workshops and classes to learn how to use this paint.

In recent posts, I have posted my experiences with using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The paint can be applied to a number of surfaces and can be used to create numerous types of finishes.

It is a great time to stop in and learn how to use this paint due to the influx of garage sales and the start of Second Sunday in Bloomington/Normal.  You can find some great wood pieces and create a completely new piece of furniture with this paint.  Check her store out and ALSO check out their featured article in Arts & Society (Second Betty's Cover Story in May - June edition).

Our first Published Article In IBI Magazine

Ok... ever thought about starting a blog to be heard?  Have interesting ideas, topics to discuss, and great experiences?  Do you think your voice won't be heard or there will be no interest?  THINK again!

I started this blog about 2 years ago and my goal was to share my ideas and experiences on products related to motherhood and to help new parents on their journey.  I always said that I needed a manuel from those experienced moms who knew how to navigate through the ups and downs of parenting.

2 Years later.... and some interesting stats on viewership and emails from individuals all around the world .. led me to believe my voice does matter.  This blog was recently featured in the InterBusiness Issues Magazine (IBI Magazine Publication).  The RHoTC blog had a featured article from February in the April's edition of IBI.

Check it out:

I was sooo excited to see that what I had written was noteworthy and published in a very prominent magazine in Central Illinois.

SOOO with that being said... I encourage you to take the leap of faith and create a blog!!!  I love it and would love to hear from you!!!! Post your blog here and I will do my best to promote and create a platform to be heard!!!