Thursday, January 19, 2012

FABULOUS Idea for Kids' Art Work

LOVE LOVE all the  little finger paint works... space ship battle scenes with colored pencils... marker drawings of circles, dots and attempts to write words with all the letters of the alphabet.

I have collected and collected all my kids' artwork over the past several years...however, my storage unit is not going to hold up with all these bins of collected paper!  I have a glitter trail that trickles it's way up the stairs from the storage closet.

OK... if you are like me... YOU have this EXTREME Mommy GUILT to throw any of it away.

My husband said we need to let some stuff go!  In the back of my head.... each little painting is a sweet reminder of how fast our little guys and girls are growing up.

Letting go is especially hard when.... My Son would say "Here you go, Mommy... I drew you a present .... a pirate ship attacking a Star Wars Stormtrooper. "   Of course, I would immediately get tape and tape that sucker front and center on our refrigerator.   It took my little guy a good 20 minutes to get the pirate ship sail just right.  NO WAY was I going to turn around and throw it out.

Or when I watch my little guy focus so intently on writing his name on a colored piece of paper.  With the effort that they put towards making their letters just perfect... why on earth would I want to throw something like that out!

Well.... I found a wonderful solution!  My son's 5th birthday was coming up and I had planned to put together a photo album of the past 5 years.  I love my Mac and of course use IPhoto.  I produce the best photo albums from this program.  (In my opinion)... however, I began to research online other options for cool photo albums and ran across a great website.


A beautiful way to keep your Kid's artwork organized and displayed

My plan of attack is to take pics of 20 or 30 pieces of his artwork and use these photos as backdrops to each photo page.  

That way .... I can put his artwork in sequence with his age over the course of 4 + years.  I will definitely incorporate his baby footprints... (because that truly is his first interaction with ink and paper).  

However for those of you FABULOUS Mother's out there who want solely a book to display their little art work... I think the aforementioned website is a great place to start.  You can make album for every year... and it's great to see how they progress in their artistic ability.  


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