Thursday, February 23, 2012

FAB Cooking TIPS! Love #15, 20 and #8.

1.  After stewing a chicken for diced meats for a casserole.. let cool in broth before cutting.. it will have twice the flavor

2.  To Slice meat into thin strips for Chinese Dishes... partially freeze and it will slice easier.

3.  A roast with the bone will cook faster than boneless roast - the bone carries the heat to the inside of the roast quicker

4.  Never cook a roast cold- Brush with oil before and during roasting - the oil will seal in the juices.

5.  For juicier hamburger add cold water to the beef before grilling (1/2 c. to a 1 lb of beef)

6.  To freeze meatballs, place them on a cookie sheet until frozen.. place in plastic bags.. and they will separate easily so you can take as you need.

7.   To keep cauliflower white while cooking- add a little milk to the water.

8.  When boiling corn, add sugar to the water instead of salt.  Salt will toughen the corn.

9.  To ripen tomatoes - put them in a brown paper bag in a dark pantry and they will ripen overnight

10.  Do not use soda to keep veggies green ... it destroys Vitamin C.

11.  When cooking cabbage, place a small tin cup or can half full of vinegar on the stove near cabbage ... it will absorb all odor from it.

12.  Potatoes soaked in salt water for 20 minutes before baking will bake more rapidly.

13.  Let raw potatoes stand in cold water for at least half and hour before frying to improve the crispness of a french friend potatoes.

14.  Use greased muffin tins to bake stuffed green peppers.

15.  A few drops of lemon juice in the water will whiten boiled potatoes.

16.  Buy Mushrooms before they "Open". When stems and caps are snugly attached... they will be the most fresh.

17.  Don't use Metal bowls when mixing salads.  Use wooden, glass or china.

18.  Lettuce keeps better if you don't wash it when you get home from the grocery store.. wait til you plan to use it.

19.  To keep celery crisp- stand it up in a cold, SALTED pitcher of water and refrigerate.

20.  Don't despair if you over salt the gravy... stir in some instant mashed potatoes and you will repair the damage.


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