Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's YOUR Calling? Share your FABULOUS Services here!

OK... ALL HOUSEWIVES, Stay At Home Moms/Dads, Grandmothers/Grandfathers.. or anyone out there..... If you are New to the Central Illinois area and/or are looking for specific services that are not offered in the phone book... or are wanting to share your services...

I am compiling a great reference site where locals can go for contact information and references for any of the following services and/or not limited to...

(IF you or anyone you know is looking to share their skills, brain power, expertise or artistic expression with others while making some extra $$$$ for their cookie jars (see previous post - titled COOKIE JAR)... email me ... or post your information in the comment sections below..)

Besides.. you might find... your CALLING.. or BETTER pricing than those offered in a phone book!


1.  Tutors  (attention all you former teachers..  wanting to tutor those students needing additional assistance in math, english... etc.. just a few hours a week.)

2.  Photographers (Amateur or Professional  (looking for a few sessions to do... on an as needed basis))

3.   Interior Designers (Professional or Amateur) - Offer interior Design advice and consultations

4.  Housekeeping Services (Laundry, Ironing, Cleaning House services.. )

5.  Piano Lesson Teachers

6.   In home or Private Personal Trainers for Stay at Home Moms

7.  GrandMOMMies.. or Stay at home Mommies (who are offering part time child care services on a as needed basis)
*** Must Offer References***

8.  Students/College Students (offering Child care services on a as needed basis)
***Must Offer References***

9.  In home Chef Assistance (Great for women who love to cook and want to share their tips and cooking secrets in the kitchen... have a cooking party....and hire a great stay at home mom.. that has the culinary skills to boot!)

10.  Are you an organizer... and have great ideas for Stay at home Moms/Dads that need some help in this department.. offer your services here!

11.  Dance Teachers... (Mommy and Me classes... private lessons... etc... ) Get the word out here!

12.  Private Yoga Instructors

13.  Music Lesson teachers - (Singing or Musical Instrument)

14.  Muralist.. (great for Moms that love to paint.. and are great at mural painting)

15.   TuTu Makers

16.  Hair Bow Makers

17.  Makeup Artists

18.  Sport Lesson Teachers  (Tennis Instructors, Swim Instructors, Golf Instructors... etc...)

19.  Financial Specialists  (Great with Budgets/Taxes/Organization of Finances... offer services for those in need)

20.  Needing something refurbished.. or upholstered .. (Mommies who love doing these type of projects can make some $$$ offering your services here)

21.  Landscape Artists... offer consultations and/or services in creating beautiful landscapes

22.  Party Planning Services

23.  Getting back into the work force soon.. needing help with your Resume... or have a great template to share for Resume Building .. offer your services here!

24.   Professional Shoppers (Fashion)

25.  Seamstress (Clothing, Curtains etc...)

26.  Graphic Design Artists  (Birthday Party Invitations/Paper Goods - Tags...etc...)

27.  Estheticians

28.  Massage Therapists

29.  Handy Man Help (CALLING ALL GRANDDADDIES FOR Basic Household fixes)

30.   Sign Language Teachers

32.  Private In Home Professional Licensed Counselors

33.  Carpenters  (Great Toy box makers ...etc...)

34.  Grocery Shoppers for those elderly.. or those in need

35.  Cupcake Makers/Birthday Cake Makers... etc..

35. Add your business Name Here (Unique Service offered, Mary Kay Consultations, Uppercase Living... etc...)

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