Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Everyone likes vacation ... am I right?  I just returned from vacation and as we roll into the summer vacation time... I have vacation on the brain.

What is vacation?  Vacation to some means... no work... 

Relaxation.. Relaxation!  

Are you the type of person that your definition of vacation is spending time around the home .... relaxing... catching up on sleep and extra home maintenance?

Or are you the type of vacationer that jumps at the chance to go somewhere warm and tropical and relax on a beach?

Or DO you seek adventure and cooler climates?

Or perhaps a world traveler ... logging air time and international currency exchanging?

How we spend our vacation and where our vacation is spent ... has endless opportunities.

If you are thinking that you've seen all there is to see in the United States of America...Think AGAIN!

Let me share with you some ideas on FABULOUS stateside vacation spots.

Austin, Texas

Best Resort Option in Austin, Texas

Barton Creek Resort and Spa has amazing amenities and accommodations.  They are nestled in a beautiful hilly area of Austin with manicured hillsides and beautiful views of green golf courses.  The rooms are beautiful with big spa type bathrooms.  Large showers and stone tile.  The ceilings are high and vaulted.  You instantly begin to unwind when you check into your hotel room.  

The picture below is a view of the Palmer Golf Course at Barton Creek Resort and Spa.  

Rent a car and go out and see the sites in Austin, Texas.  If you like to shop and see what the locals wear ... here is a great outdoor shopping area.

 Shops vary from Michael Kors, Abercrombie and Fitch, Francesca's Collections... to Local Popular Shops where you can find... the latest in Austin Fashions.

The Downtown Nite Life is Awesome!  Jazz... Blues... Great Restaurants....

Bar Hopping is KEY!

Here is a list of over 130 Bars to check out!

Austin Downtown Bar and Restaurant Listing

My Favorite Restaurant in Austin is the

The Trulucks

Seafood  (STONE CRAB) ... great fine dining .....and wonderful top liquor options!

If you are wanting some outdoor recreation... I strongly recommend fishing and boating on Travis Lake....

OK... sign up for a fisherman outdoor trip on the lake... you will catch a variety of fish!  The best part and the lakes insider secrets are what's sunbathing on the beautiful docks all around the lake...

Check out the WILDLIFE... all the naked sunbathers!!

YES.... Naked Sunbathing is what the locals do at Hippy Hollow on Travis Lake.

Here is a just one vacation spot that I strongly recommend for a


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