Saturday, April 21, 2012


I had to share with you an amazing new find for baby monitors on the market.    

It is compact and has such a range of capabilities that other leading baby monitors on the market lack such as detecting humidity in your baby's room.  Let me share with you some of the features of the SMART BABY MONITOR.

ANYWHERE MONITORING from your smart phone- This is probably my favorite feature of this monitor.  You can be in China and check in on your little one.  Withings provides you with 10 minutes free access to your child through your provided network.  If you are in a wifi hot spot you can have unlimited access/viewing to your child.   This is AMAZING!  No more staying with in range of your home to see what your little ones are doing.  

Humidity Detection -   This is a feature that some mommies appreciate due to allergens and upper respiratory issues that their child might have.

Room Temperature Detection - Great for keeping those little ones warm or cool on winter or summer nights.

Crystal Clear Monitoring - The monitor will move with the touch of your finger on your smart phone.  You can zoom in on your little ones face or keep a wide view.  It is exactly like zooming in on your photos on your smart phone.  

Activity Log - Keeps track of your child's movement.  If you have a child that needs special attention and consistent monitoring this is great because it will detect movement and keep track of activity inside your child's crib or bed.  This SMART MONITOR will monitor and log sounds or alerts from medical instrument that your child has in his or her room.

Alert Detection - Keeping you aware of noises and movements.   All settings can be adjusted on your Withings App.  If you are like me... I want to know if my little one wakes up or cries for me... not every single sound.  It is very user friendly and adjusts to your needs.

Music and Light Capabilities - Does your child fall asleep to music?  Do you like to have a beautiful soft light for your baby to see at night?  The Smart Monitor has many music options and several choices of lighting to choose from.

INTERACTIVE SOUND- OK... seriously of my other faves about this monitor.  I can talk to my child through my Smart phone.  With the touch of a button .. I can tell my child goodnight while my husband and I are on date night at a restaurant.  I LOVE .. how I CAN catch my older two in the act of doing something mischievous and I can instantly correct their behavior through this monitor.  

The SMART BABY MONITOR is available on the market for about $300.00 per monitor.  However, 
you can monitor your child from any Smart Phone.  My husband and I's Smart Phones have monitoring capabilities from both of our phones.  NOW... if Grandma comes over to watch your little ones ... all you would need to do is make sure you upload the Withings Smart BABY app onto her smart phone so she has monitoring capabilities.  


CHECK It out and you will not be disappointed!

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