Thursday, November 8, 2012


This the CHEAPEST Therapy you will FIND!!!  Share and PAY IT FORWARD!

Let's help each other out!!

I want to HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Your tips and secrets into maintaining a happy home, happy mommy, happy daddy and happy life!

Any advice to share regarding...


(tips strategies tackling laundry... organization... housekeeping... etc... etc...)
(Who is in charge of what?   Inside versus the outside)
(How do you Address if someone is not doing "their Job" with home maintaining)

BATTLES with your kiddos

(The terrible twos, way terrible threes.. and so on and so on)

(Discussions on dealing with peers and friends at school)

(Setting boundaries...curfew, establishing the friends list.... etc... )


(THE financial Talk.. how to approach it delicately.. do you have a system in place for managing those pesky bills, gifts purchases, kids clothing.. etc.....)

(THE sex talk.. who wants it... who is not getting it.. how to keep it hot... EVERYONE loves this topic!!!  Want to hear how you maintain the fire!)

(THE Talk... how do you communicate with your significant other?... do you go at each other?  

Are you passive aggressive communicator... (for those who don't understand this concept.. Example:  You are angry.. and you are slamming doors.. you are completely ignoring your significant other.. AND ... when your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend asks "Is there something wrong?"  you respond "Nope.. everything is fine!"  ... that is a clear cut example of Passive Aggressive-ness)

Do you bottle it up and until you are ready to explode?

Do you sink it down deep?

Or are you SO awesome at Communicating that you need to share your method?????

(THE friend Debate - how to establish couple friends.. I hear this all the time.. my husband doesn't like hanging out with my best friend's husband... etc.... etc... etc... ) How do you overcome these ridiculous debates???

BATTLES with the IN laws or Extended Families

(tips on managing the holiday swap or HOLIDAY party debacle)
(Are you newly married and trying to blend into the family dynamic.. what are you struggles or triumphs.. WOULD BE Great to hear from MOTHER in LAWS or FATHER in LAWS on how to have a welcoming and loving family dynamic)

(Cultural differences or social differences - Marrying into a different race? YOUR experiences!!  LOVE LOVE TO HEAR!

Social Differences - Marrying Same Sex?  Your obstacles and how did you overcome gaining acceptance.  LOVE THESE STORIES from both sides!  Please PLEASE share!

IF you want to make it anonymous.. please send me your story to share at my email:

(BATTLES with MAMA or PAPA Bear. (the head honcho of the family) ... do you set boundaries .. do you fight tooth and nail on everything?  )

BATTLES with the Grandkids.. how to spread the love or up the ante on giving more of your time and love.  HOW to make it count?  Are you a gift giver or a time giver with the grandbabies?

LOVE any feedback besides.. you won't find this type of info on PINTEREST!

PAY it forward.. besides you may help someone out who is looking for answers or comfort in knowing that he or she isn't the only one dealing with these HOT TOPICS!!!

Keep it simple but keep it FABULOUS!!!!!


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