Thursday, November 1, 2012

FABULOUS.. how to capture the AMAZING THINGS KIDS say!!!!

My kiddos say the most RIDICULOUS things some days.  Most of the time they catch me completely off guard!

Take for example....

..  (Here is the back story)...We were driving through a McDonald's drive thru and I had a little Mommy Car Rage.. when another driver decided to not only cut me off but almost hit the front of my car in order to get his #2 without cheese.   SOOOO All three kids are listening to me say NOT so (PG..not R rated) kind words out loud.  My 5 Year Old.. stops me in my tracks and Said..... 
"MOM,  Calm Down... look at me ...MOM.. take a deep breath.. watch me .. watch how I breath (He is puffing slowly)... (((I am of course.. so caught off guard trying not to laugh because he was soooo serious and trying to be so helpful)))  ... THIS NEXT PART IS HILARIOUS... he said
"MOM.. pull up slowly ... JUST talk to the lady in the box... I am hungry and I want a cheeseburger.. NOW Calm down and just talk to her. "

I kid you not.. I almost peed my pants and completely forgot about the jerk pants that cut me off.  I thought.. dear god.. if I had a button on my steering wheel that I could have hit to record this whole conversation.. I would replay it each and every time someone cuts me off.  JUST TO CALM ME DOWN.

My second Example... has to do with My 3 Year Old... He is completely in the age range where everything is a big struggle and I have to fight him tooth and nail on anything ranging from getting his pajamas on at night to getting his seatbelt on in the car... (Somedays in order to keep my sanity.. I quote lines from the Movie "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell - HILARIOUS BTW!)

Tina Fey (Claire) has a breakdown in the car with Steve Carrell and said ... "Every night it's a big struggle with Charlotte to put your pajamas on.. like it's some new thing every night .. "

.. Watch it and you will know what I am talking about.  It's the story of our lives!!

Here is the example of when I need a camera and a tape recorder...

My husband is giving my kiddos a bath and ( my son each and every night decides when HE wants to get out of the bath tub.)  He usually puts up a big fight and ends up getting cold water either splashed on him or we drag him out by his soaking feet.  Anyway my husband is trying the diplomatic approach by reasoning with him on why he needs to get out of the bathtub.  Then in his squeaky three year old voice.... he says to my husband..
"I can't get out of the bathtub because my belly button hurts.. my husband says.. "why does your belly button hurt" three year old says..."It really hurts and I can't get out the tub because my belly button has water in it."

Now.. we both laughed... and I swear ... I had to write this one down because .. it's our new "go to "excuse for everything.  My son has an excuse for everything and I found a way to record these amazing moments.. SQUEAKY VOICE AND ALL.

I hope to play a few of these at his wedding just to remind him of what will be in store for him and his future bride when they have their little squeaky voice offspring.

Click on the link below to get an amazing app for your phone to record and add notes to these fleeting amazing moments in our children's lives.


I love to hear your funny stories and great quotes from your kiddos ... please send them to me or comment below.  I want to start a great kiddo quote page!

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