Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Who doesn't have a COOKIE JAR?

Ok... I am not referring to a Ceramic Bear in the Corner of your Kitchen that Literally stores stale cookie creme sandwiches.

I am talking about the stash of cash that you hide in a shoe box in the back of your closet. 

However you get the cash... selling your body after you put the kids down for bed...(usually I am making a mad dash to Kroger or Walmart for toliet paper and Milk)... skipping your monthly hair appointment or clipping coupons to save those extra cents to justify your shoe purchase... You DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE THAT SHOE BOX SHAKE WITH COINS & BILLS!

I am the type of Housewife that will sell products (Hair Bows, Jewelry ...etc...) just to have a little extra to put in a cookie jar of my own.  He can't complain... it's my hard earned dollars that I worked for outside of my every day duties.

I have a neighbor that has garage sales about every week of the summer to fill up her cookie jar.  GOD Bless her... she gets rid of junk, hangs out outside in the sun, gets a tan, hangs out with her girlfriends, and sells a ton and makes over $1,000.  She works hard... gets paid... and lets her husband know... HANDS OFF!  I earned it and I am going to spend it however I want to spend it!

I know some Housewives rely heavily on their husbands to give the OK (For purchases)!  Those are the types that are due diligent in making sure their husband's are happy in more ways than one... even when they are absolutely exhausted they will give it up knowing that laying on the table the next day will be a stack of bills for their taking or the Visa credit card!  GOD BLESS THEM!  

I know some Housewives do the sneak purchases.. the BUY and HIDE!  I can admit that I have pulled the BUY and HIDE a few times in our marriage.  The guilt that comes over me can be somewhat hard to take ... but the moment I put on that shiny new bangle from Nordstroms or slip my tired and weary feet in a comfy Pair of Cole Haan Air Soled Shoe... the guilt feelings somehow melt away!

The other joke my husband and I have in our marriage is "WHERE'S MY CHANGE?" Anytime I go into the gas station or on a McDonald's Run... asking for a $20 bill somehow magically disappears when I return home.  
"Honey, the Big Mac Meal prices have gone up tremendously... It cost us $18.75 for you and I to eat.  You don't want the change it's just a few quarters and dimes." Meanwhile, I pocketed roughly $14.00!

Trust Me... he pulls those fast ones on me too!  My husband said the other day "I  borrowed $10 out of your bill fold the other day for milk at the grocery store."  When I checked to see if there was a Gallon of Milk in our refrigerator.. I see a 6 pack of Coors Light... and NO CHANGE.  FORTUNATELY FOR US.. there is no ill will or struggle there.. just plain fun banter!

Let's be honest.... EVERYONE NEEDS A COOKIE JAR!  WE DESERVE A COOKIE JAR!  We are in the most underpaid.. somedays unappreciated... non-self serving positions on the planet!  YES... I LOVE MY JOB AS A STAY AT HOME MOM... But.. BUT... where are my bonuses for cleaning up that spilled milk mess that I didn't make... or laundering my husbands stinky underwear pants???

I don't recommend being one of those Housewives that can't resist and they have little bags, tags sticking out of every crevice in their house... (that's a problem)!  Our husband's don't need to be surprised with every Credit Card statement that comes in the mail ... but come on... a purchase a time or two isn't going to break the bank.

Keep It IN Check... 

Get a COOKIE JAR.. and you will BE A FABULOUS HOUSEWIFE on the inside and out!


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