Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Idea EVER - Forget Baby Books - Photo Display Important Milestones

I saw the best idea on Pinterest for capturing each year of your child's lives.  Simple photography but completely out of this world ridiculously cute!!!   Check out The Jobling Family Blog Website.... Every pic on her site is just precious and captures each and every delicate and fleeting moment of her kiddos lives!   

Forget... recording every detailed memory in your child's baby book (besides... most mom's fret about completing the baby book and then... it sits on a shelf never to be seen or heard from again!)... Display each year and photoshop a few highlighted memories about your child for that year.

I have already started my kiddos years and plan to display them along the walls of the hallway outside their rooms.  

 If you have photoshop or Lightroom,  tweek your pic and add text.  I have Lightroom but enjoy using a few online photo/imaging editors such as 

Many of these sites have free photo editing however the upgrade is worth it when wanting the extra photo editing features such as unique fonts, special effects and advanced photo editing features.

As you can see ...I had some fun with the fonts!  Make it as playful as you want it to be and choose which ever photo that represents your little guy/girl's personality.

I enjoyed looking through old photos and reminiscing on the days when they were so little and wide eyed.  IT is a great reminder that time goes so fast but you can create lasting memories and wonderful wall art for your child!

My next project is to create a "BUDDY Wall" that captures these two playing, hugging or having a quiet exchange.  To remind them the importance of brotherhood!

Stay Tuned for future Buddy Photo Project Ideas!


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  1. what a great idea! professional photographers out there will be doing this next. it would be so cute on on engagement, wedding, even senior pics. thanks for sharing julie!


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