Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Lone Ranger/Zorro Masked Invitations

Having a "Masked" Celebration?

Create a Fun Invitation on your Silhouette Cameo Cutter

Download A Mask Shape on the Silhouette Cameo Website.  

Duplicate Image and Rotate 180
Create a Compound Image
First - Insert your Silhouette Sketch Pens (Mask Text are done in Silver Glitter)
Insert Text Information
***Remember to Uncut Mask Image and Make Sure to SKETCH Pen Cut your Text***
Send to Silhouette and Sketch the text
Replace the Sketch Pen for the Cutting Tool
Cut Mask
***Remember to Uncut the Text Information before sending to Silhouette***
I used 65lb CardStock in Solid Black on Both Sides
(Shown is an example of Black Card Stock with a White Underside)

Remove your Cut Image from the Cutting Mat 

Fold the Mask at the Midsection

Tie Thin Stretch Cord from One Hole to another (Roughly 13-15 inches in Length)

The Mask is fully functional and fun for the Invited Guest to wear!

I used Sketch Pens to Decorate the Outside of the Envelope

The Pens add a little sparkle and the text is fun and fitting for A 'Lone Ranger' Birthday Event! 

I LOVE Multi-functional invitations!  Kiddos can cut the mask away from the invitation and use for Cowboy Dress or Fun Pretend Play.  

Receiving a "MASKED" invitation will set the tone for any birthday celebration or Masked Event!  

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