Saturday, June 8, 2013

Need a FATHER's Day Present that he will LOVE - GET him a GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILL

This Pellet Grill is AMAZING!!!!!  

Green Mountain Grills can do so many things and I swear the food tastes like it was cooked in a gourmet chef's kitchen.    We smoked/grilled our first salmon and the flavor was out of this world and the meat was so moist!!!

Many who own this top of the line grill say that it is the best on the market.  The variety of foods you can cook on this grill is over the top.

You can make a pizza that tastes like it came right out of a wood burning oven.

A slab of ribs smoked or grilled will melt in your mouth.

LADIES... you can even bake a dessert or pie in this amazing machine!

Here's how it works!

Your Father, Grandfather... partner will not be disappointed!!!  Celebrate DAD and give him something everyone will enjoy!!!

We have a Green Mountain Grill and it has been Mom Tested and Mom Approved!!!

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