Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hip Kits College Care Packages & Gifts for Your College Bound Cuties

Hip Kits College Care Packages & Gifts

Photo courtesy of Hip Kits Website

This is amazing!!  When I was in college my parents would send care packages throughout the year with all the essentials such as granola bars, gatorade, funny little knick knacks to keep my head in the game near exam times, inspirational cards or anything that she thought that I needed throughout the year.  I was OVER the MOON when I would find that little green tag in my college mailbox indicating care package pickup!!  LOVED IT!

Now, they have the coolest services available online for those important milestones throughout the year such as BIG exam days, birthdays, when your little offspring gets the nasty flu bug and you can't be there to hug and support ... but you want them to know that you are thinking about them.

I wish I would have been smart and on top of it to come up with this genius COLLEGE CARE PACKAGE business idea.

For those mommies and daddies this fall, who don't have the time to put a care package together but want their college bound kiddo to know that they are thinking about them...

Check out this Freshman Survival Kit Care Package

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