Monday, August 19, 2013

Watch Out Brown Recluse Spiders Could be Where Your Child Plays!

Ok - FULL DISCLOSURE.... There will be images shown that may frighten you or make you a bit squeamish.



My husband would describe them as looking like Daddy Long Legs but on steroids and mean looking.  

DO YOU LIVE in these areas?

I am located out of the Central Illinois area and never would I ever imagine that I one of these poisonous creatures live, eat, sleep and attack within feet of where my children play.

My husband found a brown recluse spider within a few feet from my children's bikes, outdoor toys etc in a garage.   

If your residential home is located within yards from a wooded area or have play systems/structures that are located at the edge of your yard and a wooded lot, please be aware of the dangers of the brown recluse spider.

It attacks when it feels threatened and will secret poisonous toxins into the skin.  BE AWARE that these images may frighten you however this what can happen to your skin within hours of being bitten.

Brown Recluse Spider Bites have immediate symptoms.

The key is to remain calm in order to reduce the flow of venom pumping through your blood stream.  Get IMMEDIATE attention.  These bites are not be ignored or messed with.

Do NOT apply pressure to the bite.  However, get an ice pack to help with swelling and itching.  


WAYS to avoid a Brown Recluse Spider

1.  STAY away from them (Although there hasn't been a case that these bites cause death.  However, they do lead to some scarring of the body.)

2.  Avoid piling wood near or around your play system or areas where children play.

3.  Set spider sticky traps

4.  Spray semi annually or more frequently depending upon where you are located.

5.  Kill and find the nest and spray immediately

I met a man who said his wife had been bitten in the face by a brown recluse spider.  Her face became an ulcerated mess.  She was pretty uncomfortable for several weeks.  She had a visible scar after the wounds healed.  

Stay safe and take safety precautions to make sure your kid's play zones are safe.  BECAUSE Brown Recluse Spiders are out there and within a few feet from where your offspring play!

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  1. There have been cases of deaths by Brown Recluse bites. 5 year old boy in Alabama 2014 and a 10 year old boy in Montana 2014. Very sad...


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