Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Have you ever experienced or know of someone who has experienced something similar to these (If so you are not alone):

Scenerio #1:

Susie (recent divorcee):  "I just can't stand logging on to Facebook anymore.  Everytime I do I have to hear about how "wonderful" Pam's marriage is to Steve.  She posts pics all the time of them at dinner laughing and doing selfies.  It just depresses me."

Scenerio #2:

Mary:  "I am consistently checking to see how many likes I get for a recent post and I feel upset when some of my closest friends don't even like my post… but yet… I like 'EVERYTHING' they post.  It's just not right."

Scenerio #3:

Biff (unemployed):  "I see all these people going on vacations posting pics of them sipping MaiTai's by the pool and looking like they do that for a living.  I haven't been on vacation for years… I'll post a pic of my beer sitting on the bar to make it look like I am somewhere "cool". "

Scenerio #4:

Tammy:  "Everytime I refresh my feed… I see Kimberely posting one of her famous selfies again."
Penny (MOM of 4 all under 4):  "I look like a mess most days.. and she looks like she wakes up fresh faced and full of energy.  I need a facelift."


Some Ecards and Your Ecard are uncovering a very big truth in a funny cynical way.  The reality is people are becoming more depressed and anxious due to their daily fix of being on facebook.

According to the Huffington Post… A series of articles have been written about the effects of facebook,  a handbook on how to withdrawal from Facebook,  and how facebook affects your work performance and interpersonal relationships.

I have had convos with friends and family who have decided that facebook was causing mild depression, sadness and self doubt.  Many decided to either get off facebook all together or limit their exposure and amount of friends who have access to their facebook profile.

You (Facebooker) are comparing your everyday lows to the highs of someone else's day.  

For example, I have a friend who is unmarried, early 40's and is longing to have a child of her own.  Everytime she pulls her facebook feed up she sees pictures of friend's newborn babies propped up on their tiny little arms fast a sleep.  She sees the parents (her age) looking lovingly at their little bundle of joy.  She begins to wonder "WILL it EVER HAPPEN FOR ME."

We are all human and it is easy to compare our lives.  In addition, people have a tendency to focus on what we don't have versuses what we do have.  

FACEBOOK is actually causing DEPRESSION.  Medical experts are treating and defining this condition as FACEBOOK DEPRESSION.



2.  Keep a journal to help you focus on what's important and positive in your life.  They say actually writing down goals and putting them on paper makes them more tangible.  In addition, daily affirmations help anyone who is going through a bought of depression or anxiety.
3.  Don't put too much into Facebook.  LIMIT your time and the amount of feed or posts your read.  
(I love facebook however, I limit my amount of feed and how many posts I read.)

4.  BLOCK posts from users that create feelings of  doubt or depression. 
(I know there is a lot of debate on "TO BLOCK, UNFRIEND or TO TOLERATE".. why tolerate abuse if you don't have to … or why bang your head against a wall if you have a headache… just end the pain and once you have a handle on what is bothering you… then decide if it's worth the request of online social friendship.)

5.  Remember … facebook is a wonderful way to reach out to old friends.. how about actually using facebook as an opportunity to make connections and arrange opportunities to get together with old friends or new ones.  

6.  DON'T post anything.. posting pics or status causes undue stress .. you are waiting or logging on to see who likes.. who didn't like… who needs all that pressure.  JUST don't do it.

7.  DON'T take facebook too seriously… life is not a popularity contest… manifest real relationships and enjoy what you have.  

Remember …. depression is a real disease and needs to be treated.  Don't let it get out of control.  

Take emotional health seriously!!!!

(***I am not a mental health nor a medical expert.  Seek professional help and treatment in dealing with depression or any emotional disorder.***)

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