Thursday, February 26, 2015

Type 3 Diabetes -EVER heard of this? Type 3 will become the next big medical issue.

DO you hear more and more stories about people developing diabetes earlier in life or children becoming Insulin Resistant and developing diabetes in their early years of life?

Well, the sad news is.. our country has approximately 80 million people and researchers are finding that  1 in 4 has some form of diabetes.  If you are a family of 4 …. at least one of you has a genetic component that could one day develop into diabetes.

Click here for statistical data on the rise of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

The steady rise in drug prescriptions given to adults over the age of 50 has dramatically increased.  Many people are taking statins for cholestrol, various combinations of high blood pressure cocktails, daily pain medications for inflammation or arthritis.  The ability to keep it all straight is alarming.

One of the scariest piece of informaiton I have come across is the use of statins.  They found that some statins that are used to treat elevated cholestrol have been linked to some cancers and alzheimers.

People are trading one type of disease for another.  It's a battle everyday.

Diabetes has become one of the top 10 diseases of annual deaths world wide.  Research has found that there is a new form of diabetes.   TYPE 3 Diabetes or other wise known as ALZHEIMERS Disease.

In addition, the US has a very high number of patients who will die of Alzheimer related complications.  

Alzheimers is steadily increasing each year as the population grows.  

DO you know of someone who suffers from this disease?  

I had a grandmother who suffered from ALZHEIMERs.  It was an awful thing to watch.  She was a very intelligent talented woman and began to do silly things.  She was a gifted pianist and we began to notice her forgetfulness of melodies or notes she had played time and time again.  

I was a preteen and I would stay with her to help on occasion.  She would sometimes get dressed and forget how to dress.  For example, my grandmother would put her bra on over her dress.  To watch this  as a child was quite funny.  However, as an adult to watch another adult forget daily meaningless tasks was very heart wrenching.  

Here is a video of a heartwarmning interaction between an alzheimers patient and her daughter.
This is gives you an understanding of how emotionally taxing it is on love ones.

Websites have polled individuals about the most feared illnesses to die from and ALZHEIMERS ranked as one of the top contenders. 

Research has found that reduced levels of proteins and insulin in the brain is directly correlated to Alzheimers Disease.  These are important to the survival of brain cells.  

Start a dialogue now and make changes in your everyday to prevent this horrible disease.  

Here is a TYPE 3 Diabetes Food Plan

Coconut Oil and a Low Carb Diet can aid in the prevention of Alzheimers. 

An additional link for foods and prevention for TYPE 3 Diabetes

Awareness is the key to Prevention

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