Tuesday, January 17, 2012


OK...This may not be oh so fabulous... but you anyway you can save $$$$ and put that towards your COOKIE FUND (I'll explain later) ... is fabulous in my book!

I buy Green Onions every time I go to the grocery store (they are a staple for my gourmet cooking (cough cough)

I learned the most fabulous trick to making most any rooted plant stay alive and vibrant for your meals in minutes.

Take a Mason Jar filled about Half Full of Filtered Tap Water ... I stick my green onion roots into the water and Place them in the refrigerator.

Magically.. not only did they survive longer than they would in my crisper but they rerooted and have began to grow offspring onions!

So... I have my own mini garden container in my refrigerator!

Keep it simple

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