Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello All you FABULOUS Housewives out there!  Yes.. I am highly addicted to all the hit Bravo Reality TV Series Housewives of  OC, Beverly Hills, New York.

I watch and think... OMG... I am fabulous and can throw a party just as well as they and maybe a bit better without all the drama and crazy cash!  Although hustling three crazy kids on a daily basis doesn't give me a lot of freedom to throw lavish parties every weekend... however, when there is an event coming my way... I put a little extra va va voom in my planning.  As I have grown to accept that the kind of lifestyle that I aspire to achieve may not be in my immediate future.. I can daydream and still pretend to live the fabulous life!!! Hey... why not!

First things first... party planning is not hard to do... anyone can buy elmo decorations from the store... blow up some balloons.... order a cake from Kroger and call it a day!  The devil is in the details.

My idea of a fabulous Elmo Party

Instead of Cake-  Try Elmo Cake Pops with Red Hots for Elmo's nose
Instead of Capri Suns with the standard Straw... buy a package of colorful straws to use.
Decor- Screw spending $8 for a elmo banner... make one with red construction paper, a hole paper puncher ... and add pics of your baby on each month of his/her first year.
Decor - Make Elmo's TV or Mr. Window with a Card Board Box... black sharpie and a few old sheets of fabric stapled onto the box for curtains.  I know it sounds ridiculous... but this is what the kid sees every time you turn on Elmo. You might as well make it as real as you can get it!

Have a Red Balloon Drop from the Ceiling.

1. Encase your balloons in a large black or clear garbage bag on a ceiling wall
2. Tape around the outside to seal the balloons but leave a little length of tape for your little one to pull on
3.  Pull the tape and watch the balloons drop and the fun begin

Always incorporate music (any children's CD) would work.

I guarantee the party will be more rewarding for all if you add just a few personal touches.

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