Sunday, January 15, 2012

Post Baby Hair Revive!!!

Ok... for all those REAL Housewives... with babies... you must try.  I have been oh so envious of our fellow beautiful African American Housewives that don't forget about hair care once their little bundle of joy arrives.  I swear... thank god for the cuteness factor in our newborn babies... because they wreak havoc on our bodies and hair.  I can speak from experience.

After my second baby... my hair began to fall flat.  Curls from the undergrowth began to surface and all that beautiful luster and shine went to dull and drab.  I thought do I give up or go straight to the store and resuscitate.  The white hair section wasn't cutting it!  I  perused on over to the African American Section (besides.. they have this trick mastered) ... and discovered the most amazing product!  OLIVE OIL!

Who knew a common kitchen essential would do the trick!  I grabbed a few packets of this product and began the process.   (Which by the way... we have this amazing product up at our local Walmart)

Who thought there were boundaries between hair care lines.  Come on ladies share your secrets!  You are Beautiful and YOU know what it takes to make this REAL Housewife shine.

If you are reluctant..a bit gun shy.. start with your kitchen Olive Oil... extra virgin.  Lather ... slap on one of those shower caps (or get adventurous and get one of the experts in the African American Section) allow to set in and then rinse.  VA VA VOOM! You have rejuvenated your hair in a matter of minutes.

COME ON All you REAL Housewives... don't be afraid ... reach out and ask our fellow REAL Housewives their trade secrets.  You may be surprised with the results!

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