Sunday, January 15, 2012

A REAL Housewife tip to weightloss

I am not a size 4... yet!

All those days of my youth... running around in Black Hot pants.. tight sleeveless ribbed shirts and large garish jewelry without worry of muffin tops and cottage cheese legs.. are unfortunately over!

HOWEVER... 3 pregnancies of enormous weight gain later... I discovered a wonderful solution to post pregnancy belly bulge!

Introducing The BAMBOO Belly Band

Wear it around the house ... wear it under your sweatshirts and feel like everything is snug and in place.

I know that it is not guaranteed weight loss but everyday you can synch it tighter and tighter you know that you are getting smaller and smaller.

When I wear the Belly Band I focus more on what I eat and how much I eat.  I also know it takes time and the better you manage your daily intake with the use of the Belly Band you are one step closer to that FABULOUS pre baby bod!


Try to not wear your MOM Yoga Pants everyday ... the more you wear tight jeans or a pant with a zip and button .. the more you are motived to make them loose and comfortable just like your beloved MOM Yoga Pants!


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