Thursday, February 9, 2012


I found the most FABULOUS and Adorable Golden Egg to use in this year's Easter Egg Hunt.  The picture above is what the egg looks like and on the bottom is a capped hole to store "Special" Easter treats or money for your little Easter Egg Hunters.

I bought mine from the Fresh Market but I found a great little website that sells these.


On this website it explains that there is a story that goes with the Egg based on the Aesop Fable "The Goose who laid The Golden Egg".  So I found a great little website that goes along with the egg at 

It will be the prized Egg for the hunt but with a twist on the inside.  Money and Coins to be counted and shared amongst all who participate in the Easter Egg Hunt.

I do have a few suggestions for those that want to change things up a bit from your standard Easter Egg Hunt. 

....TRY THESE...

1.  Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt at Dusk

2.  Secret Clues and Notes Egg Hunt

Put little notes in plastic eggs. Things like “You have to give Aunt Mary a big hug” or 
“You get to take a piece of candy out of Andys basket” or 
“You must do one favor for uncle Tom”. Have some prize eggs too that have numbers inside 
which match a gift.

3.  I love the Idea of  Treasure Map Easter Egg Hunt

Make A Map on a Paper Grocery Bag and Give them clues on where to find the eggs .. the GOLDEN EGG could 
be where the "X" Marks the Spot

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