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Etiquette and Formality is something lost in recent generations including my own generation.  Gone are the days of men opening doors for ladies (including car doors) ...and addressing elders as Mr, Mrs, Miss.

It saddens me to think of what will it be like for our children.  Kids will have very little respect for each other and especially for our aging population. 

I remember when I was dating ... the boys that lasted longer than one or two dates were the ones that opened my car door, opened the door to the movie theater for me, or offered to pay for my dinner or movie ticket.  I knew the minute when my husband opened my car door, took my coat off for me, and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers... he had me hooked.

Even still.... on our weekly date nights.. he opens my car door for me when we leave the house and always leads me into a room and pulls my chair out for me to sit.  He was raised to have a great respect for women & always be chivalrous.   

My second concern for our young ones, is the lack of concern and care of manners at meal time.  I know kids will be kids... and it is extremely hard work to go out to dinner with our crazy offspring... but manners and table etiquette have to start somewhere.

I am not saying ... I am the QUEEN of ETIQUETTE... absolutely NOT!  I need lots of help in this department... however,

HOWEVER, I have been painfully taking my crazy boys and newbie daughter out to weekly lunches on my own since my oldest was One Years Old.  I put myself into these crazy situations .. not only to have quality time with my children... but to teach them the importance of table etiquette in a restaurant.  SO in the hopes that my husband and I don't have the type of children that we tend to see... running around the table while the parents are trying to eat... or they are embarrassingly eating their meals with their hands.  I don't want to have anxiety knowing that it is a free for all at dinner.  That is why we work regularly on boundaries and etiquette at meal time. 

1.  My children are not allowed to eat or touch their dinner until our meal time prayer as been said.
2.  My children are not allowed to eat with their hands (My two year old has a hard time.. but we are working on proper fork and spoon handling)
3.  My oldest is learning how to cut with his knife and use his fork to position his meat
4.  We always use our napkins.. not our shirt sleeves!
5.  THANK YOUS and PLEASE PASS THE... is a must!
6.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES... are any of them allowed to get up from the table unless they are asked to be excused.. with a "please" at the end.  It is absolutely adorable when my 2 year old says... "MOMMY, may I be EXCUEEESED PEAZZ."

There are many areas that we have yet to un tap regarding table manners... but I have found these 6 top boundaries/rules that I have instilled in my children at dinner time have made my weekly outings with the boys enjoyable and something that we all look forward to doing each week.

FIRST .. for all those ... "I don't want to spend the energy to discipline to my children... so we will avoid going out to dinner .. and swing thru McDonalds." parents... PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE and GO OUT TO A SIT DOWN RESTAURANT and BEGIN WORKING ON THESE LIFE LESSONS.

I know it will be difficult at first to begin implementing these basic rules at dinner time...but trust me... 

You will have people... coming up to your table and complimenting on how well behaved your children will be at meal time.    (Ok... a little .. TOOT TOOT.. of my horn) 

I know that this is hard to think about. ...but... one day... our kids will be in the business world... having business dinners and they will be thanking you for teaching them about the proper etiquette when conducting a business dinner with a prospective client.  There is actually classes that teach adults proper business dining etiquette... 


For those Ladies that want to begin FABULOUS FORMALITY with our little ones now... there are some great etiquette programs in the Peoria Area... such as 

Check these out... and for GOD SAKES... FORMALITY starts somewhere... We are their teachers and if you can lead by example... start basic...

1. Ask your child to open the door for you!
2.  Address other fellow Mommy by... "Joey... this is Mrs. Little.. she is Tommy's Mommy"
3.  When you ask your child to do something.. ask them nicely.. "Please pick up your toys, Brianna."


Thank YOU!!

(Wink Wink)

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