Saturday, October 6, 2012


Seriously.... I have some amazing ideas that I have saved in my little crazy brain and they are exploding to get out!!!

Where did I go .. 

I had a couple babies that needed full time kissing!   

New hobbies developed  (I will get into that more ... let me just say ... my  FABULOUS friend introduced to me to the most amazing product Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

Traveling Adventures pulled me away

Lots of side writing..

and a Husband that needs and wants (huh hmmmm... sound familiar?????)

Lots to chit chat about and... I was so excited to see that I have had a QUITE a viewing since I have been gone... (hopefully that means ... I am sharing helpful tips (pay it forward)...  I hope to gain even more new friends and hear even more FABULOUS ideas from my fellow housewives and husbands!

This next set of blogs... will be topics that women may or may not want to discuss and lots of ideas on home decor, photography ideas, ways to channel your child's inner artistic abilities and much much more!

I love this blogging stuff and hope that my typos and writing style doesn't throw you off (Like the Fifty Shades of Gray did for me!!!) 

Posts to come!  

BTW... do you want a few good laughs check out my fellow amazing Abroad Housewife and her crazy adventures in 

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