Monday, October 22, 2012

Looking at Life in Minutes! A great way to re prioritize your life!

Many of us, go through life taking each day one at a time.  

Some of us, wish that certain days would end.  

Too many of us, wonder where the day went.  

Some hold the last few minutes and seconds close to their heart.  

Have you ever considered your life in hours, minutes or seconds?

There is a website that I found that calculates your life in seconds, minutes, hours and days

The average life span of a human is 67.2 years old

 So a 67 year old person would have approximately spent 

23,000 days
552,000 hours
33,000,000 minutes

on this earth.

Now I am 34 years old

I have blown through roughly 

12,500 days
logged 300,000 hours
18,000,000 minutes

If I were to live to be close to 67 years old.

Then that means I have about 

10,500 days remaining
252,000 hours
15,000,000 minutes left

Pretty POWERFUL, huh?  Go ahead and try it!  
It makes you start thinking and re prioritizing your life.

I recently attended a fun Mom's Organizational Seminar/Talk with my fun fellow housewife Beth.  It was great to hear a very delightful speaker/fellow housewife of 3 talk about improving upon the inefficiencies in our lives and how to organize our homes.  If you are interested in more home and office organization techniques check out Kate Varness (A Local Housewife Organizational Expert) website at

Kate Varness of Green Light Organizing and Coaching -Click here

Well with that being said, it opened my mind up about inefficiencies in our lives and how to focus on those valuable seconds, minutes and hours.

I started thinking about when my kids were born .. their lives tickers began ticking the minute they took their first breath.  Hence, why we have stats on each one such as 7lbs 3 oz and born at 8:22 pm.  Their lives began when the clock started.  I look back at the past few years with my kids and realize... time is not slowing down and my kids are growing by the minute.

Have you ever thought to yourself....

How have I prioritized their days? ... how have I spent each of those fleeting moments with each?

  I have to be honest ...some days ... seem like they never end.. and some days just fly.  I find that more now that my kiddos are in school.

Some days I look at them and think how will I remember how they looked (the closeup details) and smelled when they were little.  The smell for my kiddos was always so sweet and to me they smelled like toasted marshmallows (weird, right????)

Ok Moms... they all had a smell..share what yours smelled like!!!

With my oldest, I forget that I used to sit in the rocker and stare at him trying to lock in those baby features in my brain.  NOW it is hard to remember what he looked like unless I pull out a few snapshots.

It overwhelms me to think that one day they won't want me to kiss on them or grab their chubby little faces and play nosey nosey.   So at night.. I try to think about how I can slow or freeze time?

Impossible or Possible?

Death Sentences - Time is Almost UP! 

When you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness or know of someone who is diagnosed with an illness ... these numbers become real.

A great speaker that had terminal cancer had excellent views on life and the end

Randy Pausch- "Words to Live By" Click here

For people that have been terminal (like Randy Pausch) and have written their lives stories.. every second counted.  They disregarded most everything they know and re prioritized.  When you are given a time frame to work within .. you start making lists and decide what's important and what isn't.

WHY does it take a death sentence to re prioritize?

We should learn to live like we have expiration dates.

Wouldn't that be so Interesting to see.... if everyone walked around with a shirt that said..
"Fresh Until... 1/12/2024"

I bet you the sales in Armpit Deodorant or Body spray would go up!  LOL
Mission Statements

I feel that we all should have a mission statement in life.
With that, it will give you the foundation on how to prioritize our days, hours and minutes

I found a couple great websites that help people with developing a life's mission statement and finding purpose from there.

Bill Baren Prioritize What's Important - Click here

I also found that their are little inefficiencies in our everyday that can easily be remedied.

For example

Time spent towards cleaning

It is wonderful to devote to cleanliness but to what extent?

Break down your everyday in terms of cleaning and determine how much time are you willing to lose on devoting to your home.

Consider each minute like money.. how much money are you willing to spend towards housework?  $25 dollars aka 25 minutes 

Time spent with your children, dog or loved ones

Would you give up your whole life savings to be with your loved one or child?

Of course you would!!!

Realistically.. you need to consider during your day how much time/money are you spending on them (Kids, Loved Ones) versus housework, trivial projects, internet surfing (WRITING THIS BLOG ....LOL) etc...

Is it more or less?

If it's more.. you have some re prioritizing to do!

For those working women and men, I understand that time is money and money pays the electricity.  However, what about the moments away from the desk or driving.  How do you make the most of your time?  

When driving do you think to call someone you love or someone you haven't talk to in a long time?

As you create your mission statement and determine your purpose... you will look at the lull moments as moments wasted.  

TV watching is such a waste of time.  Think about it.. you have some fun shows to watch.. how much would you pay to watch them?  $50 - Shows typically run anywhere between 30-50 minutes... when you think about it... TV is such a waste of time and money.

Try to look at your days in terms of Money.. I know that money doesn't buy happiness but if you look at time as money then how much time do you want to spend doing something that makes you happy or being with someone that makes you happy?


Secondly, I believe people need to learn the Circles of Friends Concept

This is an idea from a person who is very near to my heart  (MY LOVELY LOVELY, talented and beautiful Sister).  She developed this concept to determine her complex circle of friends.  

The Circle of Friends Concept

The Inner Inner (Center White Circle) -   Is the position of the center of bulls eye where your most trusted, most important, closest to your heart friends are positioned.

They are the ones you can tell virtually anything and everything (deepest darkest secrets) to without judgement.   Usually there are very few of these .. hence the center is not very big to accommodate many.   My thoughts and my husband make up the Inner Inner. 

The Inner Outer (Blue Circle) -  This is the position where friends and family that you regularly talk to are positioned.  They are usually great confidants.  Reliable, fun and bring light to your day when it seems dull, boring or dreary.

The Outer Inner (White Circle) -  This is the position which is quite roomy.  Friends that you see and talk to occasionally.  The ones that come and go.  You enjoy talking to them.  Maybe some that you can only take in small amounts of time.  The ones that are not a permanent fixture in your world because of varying differences such as personality, position in life, values etc....

The Outer Outer (Black Circle) -  This is the biggest and most likely the most amount of people that float in and out of your world.  Usually acquaintances or friends of friends.  

FACEBOOK ... is a great one to determine your circles.  

The people you frequently chat with on facebook.. the ones that respond to posts or show that they care about what you have to say, .. I would say .. they potentially fall.. in the Outer Inner to Outer Outer.  Most likely teetering between the two.  

The friends that you have through facebook.. that send messages in private or direct.  Are usually also the ones that go in between Inner Outer and Outer Inner.  
They are the ones that you most likely talk to on the phone versus talk through facebook on a daily or weekly basis.  I would hope that in order for that friend to be within that circle.. you have more contact then just via internet.  Otherwise the friendship becomes one dimensional.

The Circle of Friends Concept will help you determine where your Time/Money should be spent.  I value friendship and enjoy spending time and/or catching up with old and new friends.  My circles could get bigger as time goes.  But most likely and hopefully my center will always stay the same.

Lastly .....Conflict and Resolution within your circles. This is great determine as far as time spent resolving conflict.  First I believe you need to determine where this person falls within the circle chart.  Then determine if it is worth the time to spend towards resolving conflict or create an opening for another person to exist within that circle.

Like I said, every minute should be looked at as valuable money or gold.  How much money would you spend on battling out a certain issue?  Is it worth it to throw away minutes of your day or take away from the valuable minutes you could spend with a loved one?

I am not a counselor, therapist or life coach.. and I am learning as I go!  But I do like to put things in perspective!  My husband and my sister are excellent examples of people who look at life with purpose.  They know time is very valuable and they prioritize accordingly.

When I can provide some insight and share the knowledge that has been given to me.. then I hope to at least say I have grasped at least one component of my purpose in life.

GO enjoy the moment and 
Spend your minutes WISELY!!!!!


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