Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love how our world is so wonderful where woman can work from home, work and balance family life, or focus solely on the job of a full time stay at home mother.

I truly believe that women can have their cake and eat it to!

However, as much as I enjoy being the full time stay at home mom.  I often get these urges to want to work.  I have many fellow housewives with highly educated backgrounds, worked high level jobs that decided to leave all that behind to devote their every fleeting brain cell, last leg of energy to their little ones.

Now ... it is amazing to see HOW many women are choosing not to work!  Choosing to raise a family.  I cannot help but wonder is the world swinging in a different direction.  WITH THAT BEING SAID ..

 Are employers taking note?

Although, there are still a fair share of moms that choose to be out there in the trenches bringing home the bacon.  Fully running a household while making ends meet.  God Bless them for doing it with such flair!

It is interesting to see many moms are opting to be full time stay at homers but also little entrepreneurs.

Many of my fellow housewives have side hobbies that pays a little here and there.  For example, with the amazing technological advances in point and shoot photography... becoming a professional photographer is made a little easier.  I love all the fun editing software online and enjoy seeing all the amazing photos that it produces.  So many moms are taking a crack at it.

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There are many crafty housewives that create beautiful hair pieces for little girls and sell them at local hair salons, boutiques etc.  Internet websites such as have made it so easy to run  creative businesses.

There are also the lovely ladies that throw the fun parties such as Lia Sophia, Thirty One, Mary kay etc... Where they get a few extra dollars, have fun hosting events to sell products without the worry of overhead, product creation or distribution.

I recently attended a Mom's morning out where the speaker was a Stay at Home Mom who had a fun Organizational business on the side.  Most all discussions were pertaining to home and family organization NOT Office Organization.

Women who are stay at home moms are really capitalizing on other stay at home moms!  Which is wonderful!

Now as a person who before married life was a professional working person .. wonders..

How will I be able to get back into that world after many years away?

 Are employers looking for highly skilled mothers who haven't touched a computer screen in 5 -10 years?  

Is it better to have a job or at least a part time one while raising your children?

All of this discussion, is important information to consider during your time away from the working world.  Life does happen .... unfortunately things can happen in your marriages and decision have to be made in order to pick up the pieces and move forward.  You have to be able to get back into the working world and pick up where you left off.  OR completely change career paths and start anew.

I was talking with a fellow housewife who has been a stay at home mom for over 10 years.  She was previously in technology sales for a very large corporation.  She left the business to be a stay at home mom after her first daughter was born.  Now that her kids are fully immersed into school she is now worried about how difficult it would be for her to get back into the technology sales industry.

She was concerned how her resume would be received by her prospective employers.  She brought up very valid points to consider...

1.  Do employers value stay at home moms?  Someone's got to do the job ...I am the most qualified!

2.  Do employers value being the President of the PTO committee or Head room coordinator at your child's school?

3.  Is a part time job at a local boutique where you picked up a few hours here and there enough to land an interview?

4.  Does your hobby that pays for your shopping budget enough to convince your potential company that you should be their new employee?

5.  Are the employers going to create a job that has hours between 8-4 or 8-3 so I can pick little Billy up from school to take him to soccer practice?

I know it sounds silly but this is all very real to some people who have to make the leap back into the working world.

MY JOB as a STAY AT HOME MOM.. is something I treasure... no one can take care of my kids the way I can ... no one can raise boys to be gentlemen like me... no one can give the unconditional love and attention like I can!!!  Nannies, baby sitters are wonderful but they ain't me!

I doubt a large corporation is going to value my contribution to society by raising outstanding citizens... but I have to ask... WHY THE HELL NOT!

Interesting read about a person trying to get back into the working world

I have to say.. with more women deciding to focus on family instead of career.. our employers will have to be a bit more understanding otherwise ...  stay at home moms will have to come together and create businesses that employ women that choose to stay at home and are now getting back out there.

If you are a stay at home mom and are preparing to return to the working world...

Here are some great resources to use in order to prepare yourself for the working world

Any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated and I always

pAY it Forward!


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