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EAT Kale the SUPER VEG to help maintain your VAG!!! !

How many of you have gone to the produce aisle and thought ... what the heck is that strange plant their selling and how on earth would I use it in a recipe.  

How many try to do their best and eat salads?
DO you head towards the prepackaged section and grab a bucket of spring mix ?

Or do you like to make a big bowl of salad with a giant head of lettuce and a few parsley pieces sprinkled throughout?

If you are like me ... I rarely ever go out of my comfort zone when it comes to spending $$$$ on produce ... However, I had heard of Kale and wondered what was all the hype about it.  Here is the amazing things I found about Kale and why it is SOOOOOOO important to add it to our daily diet.

What is Kale and where in the heck does it come from????

Kale is a form of cabbage with green and purple leaves.  It is considered closer to wild cabbage then domesticated cabbage.  Hence the texture is a little more meatier and stiff.  

Kale can be found near the cabbage and lettuce section in your local produce department.  Curly Kale is most commonly found in grocery markets because it is sweet and mild flavored

(Note:  If you are trying Kale for the first time.. experiment take a handful and try it in a salad and decide if the taste is what you would like)

What is Kale's nutritional Value?

Kale is very high in beta carotenevitamin Kvitamin Cluteinzeaxanthin, and unreasonably rich in calcium. Kale, as with broccoli and other brassicas, contains sulforaphane (particularly when chopped or minced), a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties.[1] Boiling decreases the level of sulforaphane; however, steamingmicrowaving, or stir frying do not result in significant loss.[2] Along with other brassica vegetables, kale is also a source of indole-3-carbinol, a chemical which boosts DNA repair in cells and appears to block the growth of cancer cells.[3][4] Kale is also a good source of carotenoids.[5]


Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Kale

Kale is being called “the new beef”, “the queen of greens” and “a nutritional powerhouse.” Here are ten great benefits of adding more kale to your diet:

1. Kale is low in calorie, high in fiber and has zero fat. One cup of kale has only 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 0 grams of fat. It is great for aiding in digestion and elimination with its great fiber content. It’s also filled with so many nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium as well as those listed below.

2. Kale is high in iron. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef. Iron is essential for good health, such as the formation of hemoglobin and enzymes, transporting oxygen to various parts of the body, cell growth, proper liver function and more.

3. Kale is high in Vitamin K. Eating a diet high in Vitamin K can help protect against various cancers. It is also necessary for a wide variety of bodily functions including normal bone health and the prevention of blood clotting. Also increased levels of vitamin K can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Kale is filled with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids help protect against various cancers.

5. Kale is a great anti-inflammatory food. One cup of kale is filled with 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids, which help, fight against arthritis, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

6. Kale is great for cardiovascular support. Eating more kale can help lower cholesterol levels.

7. Kale is high in Vitamin A.Vitamin A is great for your vision, your skin as well as helping to prevent lung and oral cavity cancers.

8. Kale is high in Vitamin C. This is very helpful for your immune system, your metabolism and your hydration.

9. Kale is high in calcium. Per calorie, kale has more calcium than milk, which aids in preventing bone loss, preventing osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Vitamin C is also helpful to maintain cartilage and joint flexibility

10. Kale is a great detox food. Kale is filled with fiber and sulfur, both great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy.

Additional Health Benefits for Women
Kale helps with Vaginal Atrophy (especially after pregnancy) and the balancing of hormones and collagen. 
Reduces Hot Flashes during Menopause.   
Lowers Cholesterol and helps with processing fats. 
Helps fight against bacterial, viral or parasitic infections in the uterus.  
Believe it or not .. it helps with Vaginal Dryness!!  

Eat your greens and your vagina will feel so clean!!!  LOL

WAYS to EAT Kale and Recipes Provided

Kale tastes great as an additive or stand alone salad

Kale is an excellent green for your morning shakes.  Add a little Kale in a blender with ice, strawberries, yogurt.   You have a FABULOUS Healthy Morning Shake

Kale tastes superb steamed with a little chopped walnuts or nut of choice as wonderful side to any meat dish

A Kale and Onion Egg Bake is an amazing solution for any breakfast debacle.
Find additional Kale Recipes here at

Get out of your comfort zone and try new and "exotic" fruits and veggies ... You may surprise yourself and find delicious options and great health benefits.  

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