Monday, November 5, 2012

FABULOUS Onion Trick!!!

So.. My FABULOUS FABULOUS Fellow Housewife.. Beth Kleckler... shared an awesome idea regarding keeping the flu bugs at bay!!!

Such a Pretty and Awesome Mommy and Housewife!!!  

"Have you ever heard of the onion trick?  You take not peeled onions stick them in bowls around your house or by your bed.  If you are sick they supposedly absorb all the germs and bacteria around the house.   Cut the ends off and it will be black in the morning from all the germs."   

Ok for all those sickies or sickly kiddos with the nasty flu bugs ... flying around... try it and tell me if it works.  

Here is a great referral website talking about this oldie but goodie trick!

Veggies and their Profound Homeopathic Remedies- Click here!


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