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Personal Assistant and Errand Services
*Regular hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

*Weekends by appointment

*General service area: Greater Peoria area.
*Services outside of the General Service Area will be considered as scheduling permits.

****Service Rates****

*Regular Errand and Household Services
$20 per hour with a one-hour minimum. Billing in 15-minute increments thereafter. No charge for mileage up to 20 miles per errand session; $.40 for each additional mile. Rates do not include cost of third party goods and services obtained on behalf of client.

*House or Pet Sitting
$15 for each 30-minute visit. Regular Errand Rate applies if longer visit is desired, or if both house and pet sitting duties are performed.

*Waiting Services - Home & Vehicle
$20 for first hour with a one-hour minimum. Billed in 15-minute increments thereafter at a rate of $15 per hour. Total waiting period of four hours. Regular Errand Rate applies if other errand duties are performed while waiting.

*Acceptable forms of payment
include cash, check, or money order. A fee of $30 will be assessed on all returned checks. Sorry, but Credit Cards can not be accepted at this time.

A variety of services are available to assist you.
They can be tailored to meet your needs, and scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as a one-time deal.

Groceries - will even put away if you wish
Supplies - household/pet/office/party
Gifts - can wrap and deliver as well

*General Errands
Trips to the Bank or Post Office
Auto Registration Renewal
Deliver Bill Payments
Making Reservations and Appointments

Dry Cleaning
Event Tickets

*House Sitting
Collect Mail and Newspapers
Adjust Lights and Blinds
Verify Doors and Windows Are Secure
Water Plants and Yard If Needed

*Pet Sitting
Ensure Plenty of Food and Water
Accident and Litter Box Clean-up
Lots of Attention

*Waiting for Service Providers/Deliveries/Contractors
Will wait at your home to direct repairs, installations, and deliveries.
Bring Vehicle In For Service
Oil Change
Tire Rotation

*Light Cleaning
Vacuum/Sweep Floors

*Need help with something else? Just ask!

*Due to insurance restrictions, transportation for people is not available.

All information regarding clients of Go 2 Girl is held in the strictest confidence and is not shared with anyone.

A 24-hour notice is requested on all services; same-day requests will be accepted if scheduling allows.

Services outside the General Service Area are subject to rate surcharges.

All services will be performed by Go 2 Girl as efficiently and safely as possible.

Go 2 Girl reserves the right of refusal to participate in activities deemed dangerous, illegal, or unethical.

****ALL CONTENT copyright 2011 GO2GIRLl****

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