Friday, November 30, 2012

Holistic Versus the Wholly Medicated - Part 2 - Must Read

The "Ah-HA's" and "Go To's" and Beyond!!

My recent visit to my OB-GYN and a first visit to a newly established local M.D.  gave me an 
Ah Ha moment.

Let me first give you three words that describe my life as a mother of three and a bustling everyday schedule.. exhaustion, sometimes stress and more exhaustion.  I am not alone in my thoughts and I know that others have it way worse.. but IT is what it is!  

I love my job as a stay at home mom (See previous posts on the job we do as stay at home moms) but it is an underpaid, non self serving .. and can be completely exhausting somedays...

AGAIN ... I love it and LOVE being a MOM!

However, when you have sleepless nights, bags under your eyes and you find yourself at the brink of utter exhaustion.  You look for a magic pill to give you that extra kick that you need (NOT taking about the heavy drug stuff).  So in my effort to establishing a new doctor and going through my everyday routine with the nurse.  This is the convo I had...

Nurse                                                     Me 

Sleep Schedule?                                  Any given night a good 4-6 hours 

Appetite Good or Bad?                      Ummm I eat maybe one time a day and it's
                                                              usually standing up and feeding someone else. 

Do you drink water?                          Does Diet Soda and Coffee Count? 

Stress Levels?                                      Does Screaming at your kids in the morning to         
                                                              get ready for school a normal stress or a high 
                                                             stress?  I don't know but trying to beat the clock       
                                                             every morning is a stressful task in our house.

After the awesome Q & A with the nurse and the doctor, the conclusion was a prescription for Anti-Anxiety pills.  Now.. for those who know me.. I am a slightly high strung individual and I could probably use a little help from my pharmaceutical friends. 

However, I don't think the solution should be popping a pill to put me in a comatose state to deal with my temporary crazy life. 

Why is it that Doctors instantly go to a quick fix?

I am not judging those that need some help in this department and I strongly believe that medicines do help those who truly need the help.
And I don't advocate anyone who has a major illness to stop their meds and begin a search for that perfect herbal remedy.  

Which takes me slightly off course in this blog, but I wanted to share a completely fascinating case that relates to those crazipants that go to the extreme of taking matters/health care into their own hands and ended up paying the price...

I heard the CRAZIEST story the other day about a MUMMIFIED Corpse that lived in a home for many years before discovery by the police.   
The Mummified Man, Carl Stevens, was convinced to stop taking his insulin and meds for his severe diabetes, to try a more holistic approach to control his diabetes through herbal supplements.  He died due to complications of diabetes that could have been avoided through medical interventions and his family mummified and staged him in their home for many years.   
Click here for a Case Study on Carl Stevens, Mummified Corpse Died due to Holistic Practices

CRAZY right.. This is an extremely ODD case but the point is .. take your meds for major illnesses and don't go the holistic approach unless you have had consultations with physicians that have had success in managing major illnesses.  

Getting back on track.....

As far as those moms and dads that are exhausted, tired and stressed from everyday life .. there are so many ways to control stress levels through diet, herbal supplements and different types of breathing and exercise techniques.

This is an amazing book that discusses - The Amino Acid Diet

Take a questionaire to learn about how chemical receptors in your brain make cause you to have surges of high aniexty and depression

Click here to determine what is affecting your mood! - Questionnaire

For many women who have experienced childbirth.  There are many changes in our bodies and in our brains.  What we put in our bodies affects everything on the cellular level.  We regenerate our cells daily and as our bodies heal from such an rigorous energy burning process of bearing and birthing a child.  We need to heal from the inside out.

A wonderful natural product on the market that aides in cellular regeneration and helps with mood modulating activity is Neuro-5-HTP Plus

Click here Biotics Research Neuro 5 HTP Plus

In addition to Biological Supplements, there are techniques to help with re-directing and focusing on the stressors in our lives.

Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig provides healing techniques that uses your body's natural stress reduction points to produce rapid change.

Tapping methods are a quick and healing method to channel stressors and have helped in areas such as pain, fears, addictions and cravings, weight issues, insomnia and emotional stress.

For Local Central Illinoisans looking for  a Naturopathic or Integrative Health Practices Physicians.  I strongly recommend a FABULOUS highly experienced practitioner in the Chicagoland Area.

Dr. Judy Fulop

She works with her patients to mend at the cellular level.  I have had experience with her practices and can strongly recommend her services.

A lot of great information for those who would love to find an alternative solution to our everyday Western medicine practices.

Good luck in your path of healing and remember to stay healthy and Live FABULOUSLY!!!

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