Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A local Celebrity and An AMAZING BAKER and MOM of 3 Boys! - meet Jess Reyling

I met the most amazing Mom the other day at a Mommy Talk.  The MOM/ Guest Speaker was 

Jessica Reyling from Chillicothe she was a contestant competing on TLC's The Next Great Baker.  

Here is the Promo for the show and with a Little Info about Jess

All Pics Copied from TLC The Next Great Baker Internet Search

Jess has an amazing personality and such a sweet genuineness to her that 
made such an impression on me.

She is a mom of three boys and she discovered that her passion was making fun birthday cakes for her boys, friends and family.  She tried out for the show (Was picked out of 10,000 contestants... AMAZING) 

Jess had an amazing story to tell and gave the most amazing tips when sprucing up your Baking Game!

Here are just a few of some Amazing Tips from Jess  

1.  When Baking Pies, Cookies, Cakes Etc.... only use Room Temperature Eggs, Butter, Cream Cheese  unless Recipes ask for other.

2.  Use parchment paper under your cookies ontop of a metal sheet to avoid any burn edges or bottoms.  Cook under the required temperature and only to the time listed on the recipe.  YOU will never have a burnt cookie again.

3.  NEVER substitute baking powder for baking soda or vice versus.

4.  Never open the oven when baking a cake.  The center will dip or fall flat.

5.  When measuring flour .. (most flours are pre-sifted) sift, spoon the flour into your measuring cup and level with a flat knife.  This will make a difference in the amount of flour you put into your recipe and could cause dryness or inconsistencies in your baking.

6.  How can you tell if something needs to be checked or is almost done.. BY your nose.  If you can start to smell your cake, cookie batch etc.. then you need to start checking to see if it's done.

7.  You can freeze or make butter cream frosting up to 2 weeks before a party and creating a frozen butter cream transfer is as easy pie.  All you need is a printed out design, Wilton cake decorating tips, parchment paper, tape and a clear plastic picture frame.  Layering your frosting is the key to creating beautiful shapes and designs.

Jess has opened her own business here in Central Illinois.  She has begun creating beautiful masterpieces for birthday parties, events, weddings etc.  Her cakes are amazing and her frosting recipe is to die for!  Check out her new business and google her at

I Love Cakes By Jess in East Port Marina, East Peoria.

I love Moms who know their passion in life and are not afraid to take risks to make her dreams come true while prioritizing around her family!!!!  She is truly an inspiration!

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