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Mariah Carey VS Nicki Minaj

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Kelly Osbourne VS Lady Gaga

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Heard of these recent celebrity spats?   Seriously women..... successful ladies throwing shade at one another.  We are in a society that is FILLED TO the BRIM of women competing against each other.. FOR WHAT .. FOR WHAT I ask?

It doesn't just happen with celebrities .... It happens everyday in everyone's lives.  FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and other social outlets just breed opportunities for women to secretly harbor defeat and worthlessness.  (I know a bit extreme but it is becoming more apparent after reading facebook posts and talking with fellow mommies)

LET"S BE HONEST... have you ever found yourself walking through the grocery store head to toe in sweats.... hair pulled back in a greasy ponytail... no makeup and the latest blemish front and center on your chin... glaring at the cute MOM with gorgeous curls, fresh makeup and a fresh to death outfit rolling through the supermarket seeking out her organic grocery needs?

Do you find yourself judging her... or wishing you could duck into the other aisle avoid the side by side standout over the selection of cereal with this flawless lady?  COME ON...

Or get "ANNOYED" at the Moms who get up in the morning ... dressed, perfectly put together, and with a gusto in their step ... dropping off their offsprings at the same school that your kids go to..while you roll up with bags under your eyes, your PJ's on, with crusty droll on the side of your face, coffee breath and just hint of B.O. smell.  IT HAPPENS... just admit to it?

Lately I found the annoyance goes many steps further... the moms who find jealousy in other moms that seemingly have the best organization or have the best abs post pregnancy or seem to have perfected the most amazing snack offerings at their kids school.

I personally have found that we are in a society that likes to throw Shade.  When a person seems to be up or have a postivie message to give... another likes to cast a shadow.  Let's stop!!!

I was at a Mommy talk the other day and I was given the best idea.. She suggested for Mommies to celebrate our fellow mommies by telling them what they are good at and what we love about them.

AN EXAMPLE would be....

CALL YOUR FELLOW FEMALE FRIENDS and tell them what they are good at...  
THEY need to hear this.  I know many have lost sight of who they are ... and it is a nice reminder that they have self worth and are an important part of this world.

FOR example, I would call my Girlfriend, Beth and tell her... HEY BETH..You have an amazing way of letting people know that you care.  YOU are a wonderful friend and always create opportunities to get together.   
Or my dear friend, Laurie... "Hey Laurie... I really admire the way that you focus on your children and give them one on one.  I also enjoy the way you listen and have such a caring heart when a friend needs some advice or just an ear to vent to." 
Or to my Amiga across the globe, Nicole..."Hey Nicole.. I want you to know that I admire the way you devote your everything to your family and have such great loyal and lasting friendships.  You have amazing ideas and make the best tasty desserts."
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Simple and easy and can brighten anyone's day.  To take it to a whole other level, send a note in the mail letting them know these things.  Hand written notes seem to be a thing in the past ... however, I think they are the most meaningful.  

 Take some time for yourself and write down just a few things that you can remind yourself of what you are good at and what makes you special and unique.    Write them on some cute stationary or notecards and post them where the world can see them.   On the days when you feel like throwing shade... read those notes and remember you have many great attributes and instead call a friend and remind them of the things that make them great.

A wonderful give away challenge for those who are ready to make a change in the world.

Click here to enter in the GMC TV Uplifting Challenge

This also works great on husbands too... take some time to compliment and write little reminder notes to let them know how wonderful they are. 

STOP throwing shade and

 Start giving light to the loves in your life!

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