Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Power of Moms!

I heard the best advice the other day from a speaker at a Mommy Talk.  We all put too much pressure on ourselves as parents, moms and dads.  Attention: Women and Men ... Your Children Want YOU!!!  

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They don't care about Pinterest or Facebook or Having the Perfect Decor.. 

They Want a Happy Mommy or Daddy and Undivided Attention

I have found that Facebook has created a frenzy of frantic people.  Wondering whether their lives suck in comparison to others.  Due to what is being put out there.  Don't get me wrong, I get sucked up into the mix as well and find myself scrolling on today's news feeds wasting too many precious minutes that could be spent with my kiddos.  


Baking the perfect desserts, creating adorable Valentine's gifts, the most amazing decor ideas.  Scouring through boards and boards to find different ways to clean things or planning the most elaborate parties.  I am guilty of doing all those things!  

Being Perfect and DOING everything right is Not what we should be teaching our children.  Teaching them to be messy with the paints while doing a fun paint project or pulling all the sheets out of the linen closet to make a MASSIVE Fort is what we need to be doing with our children.

My sister in law Kelly said the other day when we were out having a Girls Nite out dinner that she spent a half hour eating graham crackers with her son, Sam and that was the highlight of her morning.  She focused undivided attention to him and enjoyed watching him enjoy a tasty treat.    LITTLE Moments like these you won't forget!  They are fleeting and precious.  

If you are struggling with connecting with your kiddos ... get on their level!  Stop what you are doing and ask them what they would like to do.  DON'T Tell them no.. unless it's something completely outrageous.  Encourage a fun game...... a walk with your teenager, have them read to you, turn the music up and dance or sing.  BE a kid again and learn to give all of yourself.  It will make a HUGE difference in the relationship you have with them, their behavior and will make a lasting effect on how they have relationships with others and someday their kids.

A wonderful Blog that I came across that is very inspiring and helps put things in perspective.  Take some time to read, get inspired and get off the computer, iphone and ipad and GIVE your kids what they want....


I encourage you to check out...

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