Saturday, February 2, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Princess Lollipop Favors

Do you have your child's Upcoming Valentine's Day Party?  Wanting to do something fun and special for the princess and princes in his/her classroom.

Try an Easy Valentine's Day Princess/Prince Lollipop Favor

Pick your Style of Scrapbook paper.  We chose regal/royal colors with lots of glitter.  They also have fun Valentine's Scrapbook paper available at Hobby Lobby, Joanne's and Michaels.

All shapes were Cut on a Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine 


Once your shapes are cut (Which you can easily cut these shapes with scissors.  It is a great project to do with your child)  Make sure to add a hole before sending to the Silhouette to Cut.  Otherwise use a Hole Puncher to punch a hole.  Make sure the hole is big enough for the Lollipop stick to fit through.

Use Mod Podge Matte or Glittery Glue and Apply the Shapes onto the Lollipop (I used Tootsie Rolls)

My kiddos had fun glueing and Adding the pretty ribbon to secure the cape from falling down.

We also made Superheroes by creating the cape shape and adding a blue ribbon and a super hero sticker on the cape.  My boys had fun picking the stickers and putting them on the cape.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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