Friday, June 21, 2013

Lone Ranger/Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas


 In light of some recent requests (Thank you to my new viewers via pinterest) .. I was asked to post some pics of my son's 6th birthday Lone Ranger Party.  We are so excited for the upcoming release of Disney's The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer (Double YUMMY!!!) coming out in theaters on July 3rd.

When I learned of an impending Lone Ranger Movie, I began going to the library with my boys to show them the old Lone Ranger Shows.  I swear we rented them weekly because the boys were sooo fascinated by the old west, Lone Ranger and Tonto.  I loved how wholesome and pure the shows were and the great messages behind each episode.

My oldest decided he wanted a Lone Ranger Themed Birthday Party.  We had to plan all activities indoors due to the weather.  However, if your son or daughter has a warmer weather birthday ... the possibilities for outdoor games are endless.

First let me start with the invites!  


My new silhouette was amazing to create functional/adorable masked invites.  These invites are great for any type of masked celebration.  If you own a Silhouette Cameo, I downloaded (MASK) - The Shape to use for your invite.

Remember to replicate, invert the image (Mirror)  and merge the two together to create the fold at the base of the Masked image.  Remove the two eye holes on one side of the mask.  Here you will use sketch pens to create invite information for the parents.

Enlarge your masked image to the size of the invitation you would like to use.  Keep in Mind Envelope sizes and the length of string you have to tie onto each end of the mask.  You can create a serrated fold so that your guest can wear the holed mask side while the parent keeps the party information side of the invitation.

I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed Long Brown Envelopes as well as long stretch string (go to the sewing department for this).  The paper I used for the actual mask was thick cardstock.  DO NOT GET THE GLOSSY SCRAP BOOK PAPER... it is terrible to cut and fold.  


Food preparation is a breeze... KEEP it simple

Click here for Great Cowboy Birthday Party Food Ideas and Recipes

My son's friends .... LOVED... having Root beer Floats out of Cowboy Glasses

You can purchase these amazing Plastic Cowboy Boot Mugs at the link below

We had fun decorations hanging everywhere.   Salon Door Entry Way Curtains, An Old Lone Ranger Movie was playing on the television

Wanted Posters of My Son were hanging all around the toy room


Boots for Decor and Cowboy Slang Signs 

Incorporate the Lone Ranger Creed into your decor 

What you will need:
Cowboy Boot Pinata
Chocolate Gold Coins 
Paper for Clues
Candy for the Pinata
Balls, Balloons, Plastic Snakes, Frogs, Bugs

Provide a Back Story about Wild Bill West whom stole a Boot full of Loot from the Lone Ranger and the Lone Ranger Squad must get it back.  Make sure they have their finger guns out and ready just in case Wild Bill West decides to take his loot back.
Hide Chocolate Gold Coins (Like the ones pictured above) with clues.  Each Clue leads to the next one.  
For example,  
1.  First Clue - Go to the place where Your little lone ranger sleeps (hide gold coins with clue under the pillow- in your child's bedroom)
2. Second Clue - Fill A large tub up with balloons, balls, plastic snakes, plastic frogs, plastic bugs - (hide gold coins with next clue) They can even use toy grabbers to pick up the clue
3.  Third Clue - Go to the Fire pit (the fire place) and find your next clue
4.  Go to the place where X marks the spot - use party crate paper to create an X on an entry way leading to the Pinata (Cowboy Boot) full of Loot (Candy or Candy Gold Coins)


What you will need:

Brown Paper Grocery Sacks
Star Cutouts
Cowboy Scrap Book Paper or Construction Paper

Last but not least, Parting Favors!  


What you will need:

Brown Gift Bags
Cowboy Cutouts
Black Masks
Squirt Guns
Sheriff Badges
Red Cowboy Bandanas
Gold Chocolate Coins
Hersey Nuggets
Blue, Red, Black, and White Balloons 

Here are some fun pics of the party!


  1. Thank you..God thank you for saving my sons party. Until thos I had no luck finding odeas for a beloved LR party. You rock

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