Friday, June 21, 2013

CALM - Great For Meditation, Runners, Anxiety Release, Patients

Do ever get stressed or in need of a mental vacation????  Are you a runner and sick of listening to the same playlist over and over again....?

Have anxiety and need some instruction on how to relax and release the tension???????

I have discovered the most amazing APP ..   CLICK to download the app

I began with the free downloads and have decided that I love this meditation so much that I upgraded.

I love to run and found that the guided CONFIDENCE gave me additional focus to see my goal and be  able to run additional distances.  

The ANXIETY RELEASE option is great for those moms that need a HOT minute to relax and re group on those stressful busy days.

The FOCUS option would be wonderful for those Moms and Dads that work and need to take a lunch break and re group to get the project or task completed before day breaks.

I have read reviews online and the SLEEP option is by far the most popular.  I love it when I can't sleep or wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.  I program 10 minutes into my phone and I am usually out within 5 minutes.  IT IS AMAZING!!!

My fave background pics are usually the Beach or the Lake with the Mountains!

Meditation provides so many wonderful benefits and I have benefitted so much from this app.  I have considered the Transcendental Meditation Program with locations based out of the Chicagoland Area.

Click here for More Information Regarding the Transcendental Meditation Program

HAPPY AND RELAXED and pleased to spread the word on these amazing apps that make a MOM's WORLD so much easier!

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