Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are Experiencing Nausea from Pregnancy, Motion Sickness, Side Effects from Medications???

In my most recent experiences of Nausea (Unfortunately) I discovered something that can help with easing certain smells that create nausea, calming the central nervous system and is a holistic approach to fighting nausea one vomit spell at a time (Insert Smile here - if ya can!)

For those newly preggo folk out there.  Pregnancy can be rough the first few months especially if you have severe nausea.  Some of the tricks of the trade that I experienced and followed to help ease these very rough few months of upset stomach are

1.  POP some Preggo Pops

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The makers of Preggo Pops and Queasy Drops have created a great little candy to help in combating the nausea sensations.

2.  AIR and Lots of AIR - Blow a fan whenever you can!!!  Go for a Brisk Cold walk to keep your oxygen levels high and moving throughout your body.

3.  Mediation- Mediation is a great way to calm your central nervous system and promote slow breathing to help with settling down your stomach.  I would try mediation early in the morning to kick start your day and then as needed to help with fighting the nausea.

A great website or App to link to ... is

4.  A great item to have in your purse in the event of an emergency to help with any child or adult who is experiencing the awful sensations of nausea is ...

I came upon this little gem after my procedure at the Mayo Clinic.  It was a wonderful way of relaxing my stomach and giving me something to keep my mind off of getting sick.  You can purchase Quease Ease at any pharmacy or drug store.  Here is the link to Quease Ease for product information or where to purchase.

I know how difficult it can be to perform daily functions/tasks when your belly is screaming and you need some relief.  I found another great blog/website that gives additional tips on combatting the everyday nausea.  

Take of yourself and get lots of water!!!! 

Fight the Quease and Get some Ease!!!

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