Friday, January 10, 2014

(Peoria) Central Illinois Gluten Free and Vegan GREAT Date Night and Family Restaurants

When I think of the typical Midwestern Diet ... what comes to my mind is "Meat and Potatoes".
Which if you look at my weekly menu as a child growing up in the Midwest... it included lots of meat and a starch of some kind.

Monday Night  - Tacos  with Ground Beef and Cheese
Tuesday Night - Spaghetti with White grain pasta and Lots of Meat and tomato sauce
Wednesday Night - A Roast (Beef or Pork), Potatoes, Carrots and Lots of Gravy
Thursday Night -  Chicken type casserole with Egg Noodles, Carrots and Thick Onion/Gravy Sauce
Friday Night - PIZZA Night!!!  Supreme Meat Lovers!!
 Saturday - Hot Dogs, Macaroni and Cheese and/or Ravoli in a can.

So now as an adult... many of us by default serve the same menu to our children.  It is hard to break these type of learned behaviors. You know what you know.  

I have learned that many families have developed stomach issues attributed to diet.  Some are seeing that arthritis is starting at a much earlier age.  High Blood Pressure affecting 30 and 40 year olds.  All of which, food has a direct impact on how are organs function and how the body regenerates itself.  When you put crap in your body ... you are going to feel like crap!!!

If you are kicking starting your 2014 with new food choices or a serious lifestyle change.  You are not limited in the Central Illinois area.  It is surprising to me that many Central Illinois families are looking for healthier options and have modified their diets to a more strict gluten free or vegan diet.  

We have several wonderful supermarkets and grocery stores that carry an amazing selection of organic, vegan and gluten free grocery items.

You will find many wonderful products and speciality items to start your Vegan or Gluten Free diet off on the right track.  

The Peoria Hyvee Supermarket even has a Health and Wellness Specialist (Kelsey Knott) who helps customers with personalized shopping assistance and nutritional consulting.  If you want to learn more information or set up a time to meet and discuss your shopping needs, please contact Jan DuBre-Schloz at or 309.686.5920
 The Peoria Hyvee Supermarket will be expanding their health market area by 7 freezer sections and several new produce/dairy free/product aisles.   If you would like to order something in bulk ... you will receive an addtional 10% off your purchase.

 NOW... if you are like me... I LOVE to go out for Dinner either on a Date night with the Hubs or as a Family.

There are some wonderful restaurants and bakeries that provide GLUTEN Free or VEGAN menu options in the Central Illinois Area.

Gluten Free & Vegan LOCAL BAKERIES

Apple's Bakery of Peoria  Gluten Free Options and Some Vegan

Cyd's Gourmet Cafe and Kitchen - Vegan Options Available

Granny Good Witch Bakery of East Peoria - Wonderful Vegan and Gluten Free Options - Provides Gluten Free and Vegan Birthday Cakes!!!  Amazing!!  Highly Recommend!

The Great Harvest Bread Company - Morton and Peoria - Offers certain days of the month GF bread and pastry options.

Gluten Free & Vegan RESTAURANTS

Granite City of East Peoria    Vegan Options and Gluten Free Menu

One World Cafe - Campus Town in Peoria - Amazing options for Vegan and Some Gluten Free

Maxines On Main in Morton  -  Very limited option for Vegan and Gluten Free but ask for substitutes

Rhythm Kitchen Music and Cafe - Downtown Riverfront Peoria - Vegan and Gluten Free Options - Great Atmosphere

Maria's Tea and Cafe Room In Washington  - Such a great place for GF and Vegan Options

2 Chez Restaurant of Peoria - Vegan Substitutes

Biaggi's Restaurant  - AWESOME options for GF and Vegan - Bring your own bottle services too!!!

Two 25 of Peoria - GF and Vegan Options

Blue Bar and Restaurant of Peoria - Wonderful Reviews ... Vegan Friendly - Very healthy options for a date night out at the bar 

PV II Restaurant of Peoria  - Vegan Friendly

Salt in Peoria Heights - Vegan Friendly as well as GF options

June Restaurant - Vegan and GF options

Rizzi's Restaurant - GF Options and Vegan Plates

Her Majesty's English Tea Room of Dunlap - GF and Vegan Options

Sugar Wood Fired Bistro of Peoria - **Highly recommend** additional charge for Gluten Free and has Vegan options

Buffalo Wild Wings - I found Chips and Salsa and (NOT SHOWN On the Menu) A Black Bean Burger with all the fixings.  VEGAN Options and Limited GF Options

Gluten Free & Vegan Pizza Houses of Peoria

Firehouse Pizza  - GF options available (GF Crust) - Vegan Friendly (Still using cheese)

Davis Brother Pizza  - GF options available (GF Crust)

Pizza is available at many of the Italian Restaurants Listed Above - Ask for GF Pizza

There are many wonderful options in our Midwestern towns to easily be able to choice a healthier lifestyle.  If you or you know of someone needing Gluten Free and/or Vegan Friendly Restaurant Options, please share this information!!  Thank you!


  1. Wow!!!! Super informative and GOOD TO KNOW!!! I would like to add that Granny Goodwitch has changed hands but is at the same location (my friend Nicole owns it now and it is still Gluten Free and all that...she also lives about 3 minutes from you at the lake!

    There is a place in Galesburg called Cornucopia that is AMAZING, on Seminary Street, a specialty store w cheeses and organic everything....amaze.

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