Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Attention Room Parents: 3 Great Valentine's Day Games

Heads UP 7 UP Game

2.  Mend The Broken Hearts Game

Cut 9 Hearts of Different Sizes and Shapes

On a set of 3 hearts write the sentence (One Word on Each Heart)




Create Puzzles by Cutting Zig Zags down the center of the heart 

Put all pieces in a bag (scrambled)

Create Teams and which ever team can piece all the broken puzzle heart pieces together and creates the above sentences wins.

3.  Valentine's Trivia with Heart Paddles

You will need Foam Colored Paper 

2 Wood Popsicle Sticks


Trivia ??'s

Valentine's Trivia Questions


1.         Who is Cinderella’s Valentine?    

a.         Prince Eric
b.         Prince Charming
c.         King Titan

2.       Roses are red, violets are_________.

a.         Pink
b.         Blue
c.         Green

3.       Who is Mickey Mouse’s Valentine?

a.         Goofy
b.         ClaraBelle
c.         Minnie Mouse

4.      Who did Lady eat Spaghetti with in Lady and the Tramp?

a.         The Tramp
b.         Simba
c.         Nemo

5.       Who is Belle’s Valentine in Beauty and the Beast ?

a.         Sully
b.         Captain Hook
c.         The Beast

6.        Who is Daisy Duck’s Valentine?

a.         Bluto
b.         Donald Duck
c.         Mater

7.       What is the most popular Valentine’s Day flower?

a.         Rose
b.         Daisy
c.         Lilly

8.         When is Valentine’s Day?   

a.         March 3rd
b.         February 14th
c.         December 25th

9.         When you think of Valentine’s Day what shape do you think of?

a.              Square
b.             Triangle
c.              Heart

10.       What did Princess Tiana turn into when she kissed the frog prince?

a.         Tiger
b.         Snake
c.         Frog

11.       If you love someone, who might shoot you with an arrow?

a.         Cupid
b.         Harry Potter
c          Easter Bunny

12.        What colors do you think of when you think of Valentine’s day?

a.         Black and Yellow
b.         Orange and Green
c.         Red and Pink

13.       Which Saint is Valentine’s Name After?

a.         Saint Sweetheart
b.         Saint Valentine
c.         Saint   Love

14.       Who is Barbie’s Valentine?

a.         Woody
b.         Buzz Lightyear
c.         Ken

15.       Who does Aladdin want to be his Valentine?

a.         Princess Jasmine
b.         Sleeping Beauty
c.         Jafar

16.       For whom does Ariel want to become human?

a.         Scuttle
b.         Prince Eric
c.         Dorie

17.       What popular sentence or phrase do you tell your sweetie on Valentine’s    day?  

a.              Bippidy Bobbidy Boo
b.             Just keep swimming - just keep swimming
c.               I love You!!!

Separate into 2 teams

Answer the Trivia Questions

Only One Team Member must raise the paddle and answer the question

Keep Score and Have FUN!!!

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