Monday, February 17, 2014

OUR 1st RHoTC Giveaway - WIN an OrigamiOwl Jewelry Piece and Pledge Your Commitment to Heart Heath

I am a mom of three and recently was diagnosed with Essential Hypertension.  What does that mean.. well.. it means that I am genetically pre-disposed to hypertension, heart disease and stroke.  My uncle had passed from a massive heart attack, my sister had a congential heart defect that was related to her passing, and have a family history of high blood pressure.  I mostly likely had high blood pressure in my teens and 20's and did not treat this condition.  The longer I left my high blood pressure untreated the greater risk I am for stroke, heart attack or major organ damage.  Now, I am very serious about treatment and life style changes.

First signs of understanding this condition, was when I was pregnant with my first born.  I developed pre-clampsia during the mid of my pregnancy.  My blood pressure increased rapidly to numbers over 150/90-100.  It was very scary because it put me and the baby at risk for kidney failure, stroke or a coronary event.  Hospitalized and being monitored allowed for me to see to the risk involved with high blood pressure.

Here is an article that explains PreClampsia Patients are 2x likely to have Heart Related Diseases down the road.

If you are a mom or dad that has had a history of hypertension or preeclampsia while pregnant, I strongly urge you to check and keep track of your blood pressure and consult with a doctor.  I recently took the pledge through the American Heart Association to better understand my numbers and what I need to do to prevent heart disease and future heart related problems.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is not just a problem that many develop later in life.  It can start earlier in life and it must be managed appropriately and as soon as possible!!!

For some people (like myself), diet, excerise alone is not enough to lower blood pressure.  You may need to get on blood pressure lowering agents to help better control your blood pressure.

(**MEDICAL DISCLAIMER*** - Any information provided in this blog is written by a non-medically trained person and all medical related information must be consulted with a certified trained physician ****)

With that being said... I am super excited to announce our first RHoTC Giveaway!!!!   Since this month is American Heart Awareness Month - I thought that I would giveaway something heart related and get others inspired to make the commitment to get heart healthy!!

We decided to give away a beautiful heart charm and $$ towards additional Origami Jewelry!!!

Just a little background on Origami Owl... this jewerly company has the sweetest little back story.  It is ran by a 16 year old girl who had a dream of running her own business and creating a multimillion dollar mark on the jewerly industry.  I love her fierce fiery drive and ambition!! I strongly encourage young women to pursue their dreams and create an amazing product that the rest of us can enjoy!!!

Here is the most amazing heart charm that will go in any pendant or beautiful Origami Lock.  If you enter .. you will win this adorable heart charm with a gift certificate that will go towards any additional Origami Owl product.

Origami Owl is such an afforable way to accessorize and the pendants are so so so adorable! 

Here's how to enter to win this adorable GIVE AWAY Charm and Origami Owl Gift Certicate!

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3.  Please share via facebook, twitter or any other social media! 

Leave your email and name in the comment section below and a winner will be chosen this week!!! 

** All images and Information is dowloaded from the internet from websites Origami Owl and American Heart Association in conjunction with images from February Heart Awareness Month - Thank you to Ashley Gordon a consultant of Origami Owl **


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